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2008 Jan 22
Processed: tagging bugs that are closed by packages in NEW as pending
...402249 pending Bug#402249: please include the necessary headers for libvert Tags were: patch sid Tags added: pending > tags 426108 pending Bug#426108: lvm2: Please add LSB formatted dependency info in init.d script Tags were: patch Tags added: pending > tags 460053 pending Bug#460053: ITP: yorick-yao -- a Yorick-based adaptive optics simulator There were no tags set. Tags added: pending > tags 460481 pending Bug#460481: k3b: unversioned dependency on kdebase-bin There were no tags set. Tags added: pending > tags 460807 pending Bug#460807: ITP: shoes -- Tiny graphics and windowing to...
2009 Sep 20
After I upgraded my Authlogic to 2.1.2 I''m facing an odd error when trying to use my webpage; it comes up with an error ''undefined method `^'' for "e":String''. I''ve double checked the lines in the Authlogic code (see codepad urls for the tracelog), but I can find no trace of any "^" in the code anywhere. The methods that result in
1999 Feb 17
Suggestion - an article about R in Linux Journal
...m only a newbie ... :-) . Would it be a good idea to have an introductory article about R in Linux Journal? I'm half-tempted to look at doing one myself, but I have a suspicion that such a thing would not be "the done thing" for a newbie ....:-) I've seen intro articles on Yorick and Icon in LJ, and I was immediately curious enough to download them and give them a go. I'm just very keen to let others know about this wonderful package, and it would seem a good way to get a good number of new faces "hacking away" and helping out. Has an article on R...
2003 May 28
(no subject)
...yavi data visualization systems o TeXmacs for wysiwyg (La)TeX editing o and various other programs such apcalc, aribas, autoclass, euler, evolver, freefem, gambit, geg, geomview, glpk, gnuplot, gperiodic, gmt, gretl, lp-solve, mcl, multimix, rasmol, plotutils, pgapack, pspp, pdl, rcalc, yorick and xlispstat while at the same time retaining programs and features already in Knoppix: o Auto-configuration of graphics, sound, disks, networking, auxiliary devices which is second to none among computer installations o The current version 3.1 of the KDE desktop environment o The GNU com...
2004 Apr 19
Size of R user base
I have been trying to determine the size of the R user base, and was asked to share my findings with this mailing list. Although I still don't have any definite estimate of this number, I do have some interesting and indicative information: 1. It appears that there are about 100,000 S-PLUS users. Rationale: According to Insightful's 2002 Annual Report, over 100,000 people use