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2006 Aug 25
horizontal direct product
...oduct function called the horizontal direct product (*~), which is some sort of variant on the Kronecker product. For example if x is 2x2 and y is 2x2 the horizontal direct product, z, of x and y is defined (in the Gauss manual) as: row 1 = x11*y11 x11*y12 x12*y11 x12*y12 row 2 = x21*y21 x21*y22 x22*y21 x22*y22 Or in R code if: x <- matrix(seq(1,4,by=1),2,2, byrow=TRUE) y <- matrix(seq(5,8,by=1),2,2, byrow=TRUE) The resulting matrix, if I had an operator, would be the following matrix z, here formed in a contrived manner: z.1 <- c(5, 6, 10, 12) z.2 <- c(21,24,28,32) z &lt...
2000 Aug 14
Writing a workable function
After searching in R- Introduction, FAQ, help... I don't understand this: I write a function in a file (.R): tt <- function(mc) { date() mc<-read.csv2("machines.txt",na.strings="") date() } I source it in R and I type tt(). The answer is > tt() [1] "Mon Aug 14 11:18:25 2000" > The instructions following the first "date()" are ignored. Why?