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2009 Aug 11
I don't get --link-dest, at all
...#39;s a log from the 2PM script run: [root at arthur /var]# cat rsync.log sending incremental file list created directory /home/backup/home.14 archon/IMAPdir/Apple Mail To Do/ archon/IMAPdir/Deleted Messages/ archon/IMAPdir/Deleted Messages/bincimap-cache 2.22K 100% 0.00kB/s 0:00:00 (xfer#1, to-check=1943/2336) archon/IMAPdir/Deleted Messages/bincimap-uidvalidity 75 100% 0.60kB/s 0:00:00 (xfer#2, to-check=1942/2336) archon/IMAPdir/Deleted Messages/cur/ archon/IMAPdir/Deleted Messages/cur/,S 24.44...
2006 Sep 08
post-xfer exec -- more juice!
Hello, I'm attempting to use the pre-xfer exec and post-xfer exec utilities to replace a complicated script which tails the rsync log and does A Bunch Of Stuff at the beginning and completion of rsync transfers. (It will also allow us to throw away a nasty hack which forces rsync to log the fact that is exiting - trying to provide a catch...
2007 Jan 02
DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4320] New: Daemon should send stdout, stderr of {pre, post}-xfer command to client Summary: Daemon should send stdout, stderr of {pre,post}-xfer command to client Product: rsync Version: 3.0.0 Platform: All OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: enhancement Priority: P3 Component: core AssignedTo: ReportedBy:...
2001 Jul 27
(fwd) Re: rsync and named-xfer
...welcome, but please cc: to me because i'm not subscribed to either list. craig ----- Forwarded message from Craig Sanders <> ----- Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 10:30:20 +1000 From: Craig Sanders <> To: Subject: Re: rsync and named-xfer User-Agent: Mutt/1.3.18i X-Mailing-List: <> archive/latest/7138 On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 05:51:03PM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote: > has anyone used rsync to transfer zone files? > > i'm thinking of writing a wrapper script which runs rsync to transfer &g...
2007 Feb 01
pre-xfer exec fails in FreeBSD
Hi I want to use pre-xfer exec function in rsync for permition checking. In my Linux boxes, it successed. But today, I tried to put them in my FreeBSD box, it failed. I've checked the log, but found the pre-xfer exec returns always be -1, which means waitpid failed to get the return status. After doing a little ugly...
2008 Jun 20
pre/post-xfer exec not executed ?
Hi, I've got an issue since about a week and I still can't solve it after a thorough research. I've setup a rsync server on my backup host, with shares using post/pre-xfer exec options but the scripts seems not to even be called : they should write a lockfile, and write in a logfile some information about the transfer request / report. I'm using rsync through stunnel and here's the server-side configuration. If someone had an idea I'd be really glad t...
2008 Nov 19
chdir / chroot after pre-xfer ?
Hello, I am trying to configure rsyncd to mount destination encrypted FS (using EncFS) before syncing. In my rsyncd.conf : [test] path = /home/dest <...> pre-xfer exec = sleep 30 ; echo mypassword | encfs -S /home/ encrypteddir /home/dest ; sleep 30 (I have put "sleep 30" instructions just to make some tests) /home/encrypteddir is correctly mounted by rsyncd to /home/dest But rsyncd make a chdir() to /home/dest before executing pre-xfer. I can s...
2005 Feb 08
How to xfer calls or is my setup wrong?
I am having problems transferring calls from one sip extension to another - the extensions use various phones hardware/software. From what I can tell I should just be able to press # and then dial an extension to blind xfer a call right? How do I do attended xfer? Either the phones (for this test I have tried xlite and budgetone102) are not sending DTMF correctly or something else is amiss... The call comes in from an external number via IAX2 (0870xxxxxxx) which I can answer on any of the ringing extensions no prob...
2005 Feb 16
Attended xfer
...patches. Cheers, Ben -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Mark Benson Sent: 16 February 2005 14:44 To: Asterisk Users Mailing List - Non-Commercial Discussion Subject: Re: [Asterisk-Users] Attended xfer CVS in a production environment? Is that advisable? wrote: > > > > >>I am running 1.0.5 and can happily blind xfer from extension to >>extension, but I can't blind xfer. I have read various snippets about #2 >>or #8 or other s...
2004 Jun 19
Another way to transfer zones
Hi, I've been working on a replacement for nsd-xfer/bind-xfer for the use with NSD for some evenings now, and since I believe that at least some of you do have the same problem I experienced during my transition to NSD (that is, bind-xfer is only available in BIND8, which is sometimes a little bit peeky in being compiled, plus the many invokatio...
2019 Nov 08
Regarding an "earlier" variant of `pre-xfer exec` [feature request and proposed patch]
...this topic yields an old conversation about this from 2008: * * I'll quote Wayne's reply: > That is not currently possible because rsync wants to tell the pre-xfer > process about the options that the client sent (such as what module is > being requested), and that conversation happens after the chroot is all > setup and the protocol data is already flowing. It might be possible to > twiddle this, but it could be less secure, so I don't wish...
2010 Dec 10
1 > blind transfer works but not Xfer on aastra
Upgraded from 16.2.14 to on Fedora 13, with aastra 9133i and 57i. On 9133i and 57i: #<extension># works for a blind transfer. Xfer<extension>Xfer doesn't! All this worked on Nothing useful on cli, verbose 3, DEBUG. Here extension 169 answers an outside call, and tries to transfer it to 145 using the Xfer button: -- SIP/169-0000009c answered SIP/side-sip-0000009b == Spawn extension (longdistance, 145,...
2010 May 14
Error when pre-xfer script is doing a rsync.
...alyzing this report, it's very easy to create a list with deleted and overwritten items. My idea is as follows: by syncing these lists with deleted and changed items to a special "queue" share on the remote rsync server. Now, when the localhost is trying to do the realbackup , a pre-xfer script should check there is a list present in the queue which should be processed first. The rsync command on the localhost just will wait for the pre-xfer script to finish. Now the idea is simple, but I get an error. When I let the post-xfer script of the queue share do the work in stead of the...
2018 Jan 09
[Bug 13207] New: rsyncd doesn't send output of failed pre-xfer exec script to client Bug ID: 13207 Summary: rsyncd doesn't send output of failed pre-xfer exec script to client Product: rsync Version: 3.1.1 Hardware: x64 OS: Linux Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P5 Component: core Assignee: wayned at Report...
2009 Sep 18
Blind Transfer Won't Hangup
...s, 11) exited non-zero on 'SIP/8678-c876bf18' in macro 'hangupcall' == Spawn extension (macro-dial, h, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/8678-c876bf18' Here is the full log output. -- Transferring Local/28688 at from-internal-d4cc;1 to '8532' (context from-internal-xfer) priority 1 -- Executing [h at macro-dial:1] Macro("SIP/8678-c876bf18", "hangupcall") in new stack -- Executing [s at macro-hangupcall:1] ResetCDR("SIP/8678-c876bf18", "w") in new stack -- Executing [8532 at from-internal-xfer:1] GotoIf("Loca...
2005 Feb 15
Dialplan + Registrar DB
Hi; As you probably know, SER style of handling an incoming call is : 1) try to look-up it from registrar DB 2) if not found there, try to do some thing else Is there any possibility of doing the above at "Asterisk Dial-plan"? Regards Mohammad -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2008 Dec 02
rsync / checksum small block / xfer small block
is there a way to somehow force rsync to check checksum in blocks vs the whole file and xfer only part that has changed vs the whole file? for instance i have a few gig file, and it usually keeps adding at the end, maybe a line a day, yet rsync xfer the whole file over and it takes forever... --
2010 Jan 22
FW: Call Xfer issue between DataCenter and User Site
...t Technial Solutions -----Original Message----- From: asterisk-users-bounces at [mailto:asterisk-users-bounces at] On Behalf Of Steven Davison Sent: 21 January 2010 08:41 To: Asterisk Users Mailing List - Non-Commercial Discussion Subject: Re: [asterisk-users] Call Xfer issue between DataCenter and User Site Thanks for the responses on this one.... David Gibbons: reinvite=no is set, as we need the asterisk box to maintain the audio for recording... (I believe even if we didn't have this option, MixMonitor would have the same effect anyway.) Peder: the firew...
2010 Nov 02
(when) does rsync daemon sync ?
Dear rsync-guru's, here's a user question: I want to make sure the files transferred to rsync daemon (running on a linux kernel) are written to media I assume if rsync command returns (with 0) all data has been tranferred to rsync daemon, but it depends on the rsync daemon priority and linux pdflush daemon before the data is truly written to physical media (whatever that is). Is there
2012 Jun 12
rsync takes long pauses in xfer ?
Hey folks, I did some googling on this but did not come up with much. I'm using rsnapshot which uses rsync, and I notice some pretty long pauses in the xfers as you can see on this graph from "munin". THe machine in question right at the moment is doing nothing but rsyncing ( rsnapshoting ) some 12T of NAS storage to local disk, so there is nothing else going on at all.