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2001 Apr 29
files not found
i am getting closer!! now when i run the program (as root), wine --debugmsg +file,+dosfs tc2000.exe i get a messagebox: 'Files were missing that are required for TeleChart 2000. Telechart 2000 will attempt to restore your system.' it then bombs-out: Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object' the only modification to...
2018 Apr 22
[Bug 351] Conntrack loses connection entries
...<arlenslambert at> --- Comment on attachment 134 --> tcpdump of communication during which conntrack seems to "forget" packets 14:39:54.925957 IP Y.Y.Y.Y.1818 > X.X.X.X.2000: S 849153605:849153605(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> 14:39:57.943185 IP Y.Y.Y.Y.1818 > X.X.X.X.2000: S 849153605:849153605(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> 14:39:58.241750 IP X.X.X.X.2000 > Y.Y.Y.Y.1818: S 3217892892:3217892892(0) ack 849153606 win 15972 <mss 1452,nop,nop,sackOK> 14:39:58....
2015 Nov 05
[PATCH 0/4] Provide better fake virtio-* test data for virt-v2v.
Patch 1 moves the v2v/fake-virtio-win and v2v/fake-virt-tools directories to the recently created test-data/ hierarchy. This is just refactoring with no functional change at all. Patches 2-4 then extend the available (fake) virtio-win drivers: - Patch 2 adds all of the drivers from the virtio-win RPM. - Patch 3 adds all o...
2008 Jan 02
4 commits - libswfdec/ libswfdec/swfdec_movie.c libswfdec/swfdec_shape_parser.c test/dump.c test/trace
...clip-version-5.swf differ diff --git a/test/trace/movieclip-version-5.swf.trace b/test/trace/movieclip-version-5.swf.trace new file mode 100644 index 0000000..8f59430 --- /dev/null +++ b/test/trace/movieclip-version-5.swf.trace @@ -0,0 +1,111 @@ +_level0 +WIN +WIN +_level8 +WIN +WIN +_level7 +WIN +WIN +_level6 +WIN +WIN +_level5 +WIN +WIN +_level8 +WIN +WIN +_level7 +WIN +WIN +_level6 +WIN +WIN +_level5 +WIN +WIN +_level8 +WIN +WIN +_level7 +WIN +WIN +_level6 +WIN +WIN +_level5 +WIN +WIN +_level8 +WIN +WIN +_level7 +WIN +WIN +_level6 +WIN +WIN +_level5...
2006 Aug 26
DRbFire / ActiveRecord performances
...he "flowers" table. With a direct or ODBC connection, I guess you get that data in about 50 ms. Here is the tcpdump that shows all the round-trips when fetching and displaying the data. 20:55:09.128686 IP > S 2403473258:2403473258(0) win 65535 <mss 1444,nop,nop,sackOK> 20:55:09.128734 IP > S 1607928261:1607928261(0) ack 2403473259 win 65535 <mss 1460,sackOK,eol> 20:55:09.148167 IP > . ack 1 win 65535 20:55:09.167041 I...
2004 Jun 30
changing password with a windows client
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi, I have a SAMBA (samba 3.0.0) with PDC configuration where users are stored with smbpasswd in /etc/samba/smbpasswd. When I change a user password from a windows client, I get a error that the domain can't be reached, but the password actualy changes. How can I fix this problem? How can I make windows show that the password was succefuly changed? TIA, Joao Reis. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQFA4rnncfD...
2009 Dec 30
[Bug 627] New: NATed TCP-connections fail arbitrarily at It looks like incoming TCP packets are not always matched against a conntrack rule. The result is that the NATing linux box sends TCP-reset packets upon receiving an incoming TCP packet which should be NATed, which in turn kills the connection. Consider following setup: client has IP address router1 has IP address dev eth0 (connected to client) router1 has IP address dev wlan0 (connected to router2) router2 has IP address (connected to router1) router2 is connected to the public...
2002 Nov 08
bug on openssh 3.5p1
...gain. root at victim's password: Permission denied, please try again. ......... root at victim's password: Read from remote host Connection reset by peer Connection to victim closed. tcpdump session: 12:17:32.650039 attacker.32804 > victim.22: S 1378959426:1378959426(0) win 5840 12:17:32.650538 victim.22 > attacker.32804: S 671772074:671772074(0) ack 1378959427 win 5792 12:17:32.650627 attacker.32804 > victim.22: . ack 1 win 5840 12:17:32.651741 victim.22 > attacker.32804: P 1:24(23) ack 1 win 5792 12:17:32.652078 attacker.32804 > victim.22...
2011 Dec 22
mongodb Map/reduce grouping
...} ] } Here i have to select top 5 challenges having highest task score. I am using mongodb as database and i come to know there is concept of "Map/reduce grouping" but not able to figure it out. i was writting this code in my controller but it become more complicated. def whowins @challenge = Challenge.where(:_id => "4ef1a6a454b53001a4000067").first $wins ={"first"=>{"id"=>"1", "score"=>"1"},"second"=>{"id"=>"2", "score"=>"2"},"third&...
2013 Feb 15
Build win-pv Error
Hi XEN-Community, I''m trying to build the actual version of the XEN gplpv (win-pv) drivers. I use the a Windows XP machine with the WinDDK 7600.16385.1 and Wix 3.0 like suggested in the BUILD.txt The building process itself seems to be working, at least there are no compiler error. (I just made the "makedist") Instead, the final *.msi files and the drivers itself...
2015 Oct 05
[PATCH 4/6] tests: use fake virtio-win drivers
In order to test the copying of virtio-win drivers into the guest during v2v, create a set of fake virtio-win drivers and make use of them in the corresponding v2v tests. Signed-off-by: Roman Kagan <> --- tests/fake-virtio-win/drivers/i386/Win7/ | 1 + tests/fake-virtio-win/...
2015 Oct 08
[PATCH v2 4/5] v2v:tests: use fake virtio-win drivers
In order to test the copying of virtio-win drivers into the guest during v2v, create a set of fake virtio-win drivers and make use of them in the corresponding v2v tests. Signed-off-by: Roman Kagan <> --- changes since v1: - moved fake-virtio-win under v2v - referred to fake-virtio-win stuff via $PWD in test scr...
2008 Jul 23
Word 2003 "insufficient memory to display or print graphic"
Hi there, I've got a document with 6 sides and 2 graphics which I'm trying to open with Word 2003 through wine 1.0-rc3. Whenever I do so it opens, but the graphics are blank and I get an error message: "insufficient memory to display or print graphic"; the same document opens with no problem under Win 2k on the same machine, same office installation cd; Architecture: Athlon 2500XP, openSuse 11.0...
2013 May 16
Failure to join existing domain Windows 2003 Server domain
I compiled samba-4.0.5 from source on Ubuntu 12.04 and was following the instructions here: The exact command I executed was: root at va-dc:/usr/local/samba# bin/samba-tool domain join<> DC -Uadministr...
2006 Aug 23
Lotus Notes 7.01 crashes after 30 seconds
Hi there, I try to install Lotus Notes 7.01 via Wine0.9.19 on Suse 10.0. I can put all the setup items on Lotus Notes and login to my mailbox, but after 30 seconds Notes crash. This is the output what I see in console: fixme:uniscribe:ScriptRecordDigitSubstitution 1024,0x621341ec fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter message filter has been registere...
2009 Mar 31
CentOS5U2 waiting too long when ssh login to other linux servers
...0 -nn port 22 tcpdump: WARNING: peth0: no IPv4 address assigned tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode listening on peth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 1520 bytes 18:53:04.999533 IP > S 1156562748:1156562748(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 5097684 0,nop,wscale 7> 18:53:04.999610 IP > S 875773864:875773864(0) ack 1156562749 win 5792 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 20270023 5097684,nop,wscale 7> 18:53:04.999654 IP > ....
2011 Mar 02
Samba WINS issues over VPN
I am running Samba 3.4.8 as a PDC on Solaris 10. I recently made this the WINS master- previously the BDC (Samba 3.0.37 on another Solaris 10 server.) I also use Sonicwall ipsec VPN for remote access (Windows XP clients.) The sonicwall client creates a virtual NIC on the client so that the client can have an IP address directly on the company LAN (ie. the same LAN as...
2002 Dec 05
WINE Configuration for MDK 9.0!
I run MDK 9.0 which has Win 98 as well installed. I did NOT do any changes to the configuration file. However, I am able to run freecell.exe and notepad.exe applications. However when I try to run iexplore.exe after cd'ing into the mnt/windows/program Files/ directory. The wine just collapeses with bunch...
2006 Feb 08
[Bug 443] New: 2.6 kernel failing in NAT with significant outbound traffic
...tfilter/iptables Version: linux-2.6.x Platform: i386 OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: blocker Priority: P2 Component: NAT AssignedTo: ReportedBy: the following do NOT exhibit the problem: knoppix 3.3 (kernel 2.4.22-xfs) either eepro100 or e100 drivers for the Intel card the following DO exhibit the problem: knoppix 4.0.2 (2.6.12) Fedora Core 4 (stock kernel) Fedora Core 4 (2.6.15-1.1830_FC4smp, iptables v1.3.0) both eepro100 and e100 drivers for Inte...
2008 May 06
Problem with qip 8050 and wine 0.9.61
Hi, since i installed the new version of wine on my kubuntu 8.04 i get a problem when i start qip here the mssage displayed in the console: err:seh:raise_exception Exception frame is not in stack limits => unable to dispatch exception. can anybody tell me how to fix this? thanks