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2011 May 26
JGR/Deducer Installation
...-285.1 xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis | 1.3.04-285.1 xml-commons-which10 | 1.3.04-285.1 Is anything missing? Anything that should not be installed? Perhaps a different version? The messages while installing JGR are as follows > install.packages (pkgs=c ("JGR"), lib="/home/vikas/R/i686-pc-linux-gnu-library/2.13", dependencies=TRUE) also installing the dependencies ?rJava?, ?JavaGD?, ?iplots? * installing *source* package ?rJava? ... checking for gcc... gcc -std=gnu99 checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out checking whether the C compile...
2009 Feb 25
DID's in a specific rate center
I need 100 DID's in a specific rate center (916-854-xxxx). How do I go about finding who owns the rate center ? If the DID's are available in this rate center ? Thanks Vikas
2009 Aug 11
Fuse problem
Hello all, I''m running a 64bit Centos5 setup and am trying to mount a gluster filesystem (which is exported out of the same box). glusterfs --debug --volfile=/root/gluster/webspace2.vol /home/webspace_glust/ Gives me: <snip> [2009-08-11 16:26:37] D [client-protocol.c:5963:init] glust1b_36: defaulting ping-timeout to 10 [2009-08-11 16:26:37] D
2009 Feb 24
Managing the spiralling costs call bill were: 1. When people call in on the 800 number take the local number they are calling from and then call them back from our unlimited outgoing account from broadvoice. 2. Find a vendor with a better rate. Any idea what we can do to better manage the 800 cost. Thanks for your time, Vikas
2013 Apr 15
[Bug 2090] New: SSH/SSHD hang with a Match User setting in sshd_config .
...: Unclassified Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 6.1p1 Hardware: Other OS: AIX Status: NEW Severity: critical Priority: P5 Component: sshd Assignee: unassigned-bugs at Reporter: vikas.uit10 at Created attachment 2243 --> Detailed Debug info. Problem Description - ====================== SSH/SSHD hang when SSHD is configured to allow only sftp connection requests from a particul...
2009 Jun 11
Problem with new version of GlusterFS-2.0.1 while copying.
Hi, I am having some problem with new version of GlusterFS-2.0.1 while copying using "apache" user. sudo -u apache cp -pvf zip/* test/ getting the message cp: getting attribute `'' of `zip/'': Operation not permitted `zip/'' ->
2010 Apr 16
Hello, Is there a way to monitor a gluster platform server via snmp? Bryan McGuire Senior Network Engineer NewNet 66 918.231.8063 bmcguire at -------------- next part --------------
2006 Jun 26
Compilation error using winegcc
...make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `' Can anybody guide me as to what went wrong? I have following environment setup Solaris 10, gcc, wine sources 0.9.15 built (compiled) using patch released on 2006/05/22 ( regards, Vikas Gera
2001 Feb 28
how can I reduce binary size of sshd?
...put what features, version and crypto algorithm - most of recent ssh clients are using, so that we cover most of them. I already took out SSHv1, RSA and X11 from sshd. I need to reduce more in terms of size. Please guide me what-else I can safely remove without effecting major ssh clients. thanks Vikas
2009 Jun 24
Limit of Glusterfs help
...inactivity (mki-glusterfs at 2. AFR problem (maurizio oggiano) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message: 1 Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 05:48:11 -0700 From: mki-glusterfs at Subject: Re: [Gluster-users] bailout after period of inactivity To: Vikas Gorur <vikas at> Cc: gluster-users at Message-ID: <20090623124811.GL3330 at> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 07:22:31AM -0500, Vikas Gorur wrote: > > So there is a timeout, but whatever the cause i...
2009 Feb 25
3 will not sell me a sip line since the address is in Citrus Heights CA
...that area. On asking further the person clarified that there is no e911 service available in the 916 area code for But other providers like are able to provide us VOIP services in the 916 area code. I am wondering how can I get the service, Thanks, Vikas
2007 Jan 22
7 points of comparison Polycom 430/501 and Aastra 480i. Which one to choose ?
...(arranged in order of priority) 1. Sound quality 2. complete product line with conference phone and receptionist phone (not on Aastra) 3. cordless (not on 501/430) 4. backlit LCD (not on 501/430) 5. Inbuilt POE (not on 501) 6. speaker phone 7. 2 network ports. Which one will you choose ? Vikas
2009 Sep 17
Can i use "form_remote_tag" inside the "form_tag"?
...s value get the value from "discount_code" textbox. perform some operations on these value and result is show in "result_discount_code" div. There are two radio buttons. so user can select one of them see what discount he will get. Is this a right way to doing this? Thanks , Vikas -- Posted via
2011 Sep 16
Can't replace dead peer/brick
I have a simple setup: gluster> volume info Volume Name: myvolume Type: Distributed-Replicate Status: Started Number of Bricks: 3 x 2 = 6 Transport-type: tcp Bricks: Brick1: Brick2: Brick3: Brick4: Brick5: Brick6: I *killed* Brick #4 (kill -9 and then shut
2008 Sep 04
how to match or merge data.frames in this case...
Hi, I'm trying to match two data frames in order to replace the boundary values in a dataframe.1 with values in dataframe.2 ONLY where the pair id1 id2 matches between the two data frames. Eg. > dataframe.1 ... id1 id2 boundary 3307 1095 1108 438.691 3308 1095 1109 438.691 3309 1095 1121 438.691 3310 1096 1109 438.691 ... 3345 1108 1120 438.691 3346 1108 1121 438.691 3347 1108
2009 Feb 12
CISCO 2950 -> 4 connections -> Cap of 512 Kbps -> How to bond ?
The ISP giving net access at our office has installed a 24 port CISCO 2950 switch in our server room. I can buy 24 connections from them and get 12Mbps of Upload but each individual connection is restricted to 512Kbps. Currently we have requirement of 20 simulataneous calls so we purchased 4 connections from the ISP. Giving us a total of 2 Mbps of upload b/w but spread over 4 different
2011 May 17
Box Plot under GUI (R Commander/RKward)
...button under Rkward) I tried to search the mailing list on box plot, but could not find anything relevant. I have also searched in manual and seen this type (or even more complex analysis) being done on terminal. However, I need to do it under (any) GUI. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks Vikas Garud
2010 Apr 14
Exporting nfs share with glusterfs?
Hi all, Is it possible to use a nfs share to serve as a glusterfs server process?? For example: I have a host that mounts a nfs share from a solaris server under /mnt. Can I use this /mnt directory for a glusterfs server?? Thanks. -- CL Martinez carlopmart {at} gmail {d0t} com
2009 Jan 22
...r,CDR,data=b3,colour=Phase,geom=c("point","line"),legend.position="bottom")->p p+scale_colour_gradient2(limits=c(1,2), midpoint=1,low="magenta", mid="magenta", high="darkblue",breaks=c(1,2),labels=c("a","b")->p p Vikas [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Jul 27
mtime handling seems generally buggy for directories
Hello again, as stated earlier there is a problem with mtime setting on directories during healing in replication setup. Today I tested 2.0.5 and found out that the handling is more or less generally buggy for directory mtimes. Simply try this: untar some kernel archive on your local disk and look at the mtime of the created top directory. now untar the same archive on an exported gluster fs and