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2020 Jun 17
Duplicate value used in disconnect reason definitons
I could not find anything in the mailing list archive or bug tracker. In ssh2.h, the value (4) is re-used 148 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILED 3 149 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_HOST_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED 4 150 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_RESERVED 4 151 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_MAC_ERROR 5 Is this intentional? Thanks, Noah Zalev
2015 Apr 30
búsqueda y sustitución masiva
...problema que tengo es que estoy intentando hacer un loop para hacer la sustitución de la url comprimida por su equivalente descomprimido, pero no hay manera. Los datos que tengo son: url.origin$V1 es la lista de url originales (más de 15K) url.des$url1 es la lista de url originales únicas url.des$url2 es la lista de url descomprimidas equivalentes a url.des$url1 El último código con el que he probado es el siguiente pero sin buenos resultados: recoderFunc <- function(data, oldvalue, newvalue) { # convertir los factores en caracteres if (is.factor(data)) data <- as.characte...
2006 Apr 11
url_for - results inconsistency ??
Hi all, I recently noticed something really weird in url_for results let''s say that we have something like this somewhere in code <pre> URL1:<%=url_for( {:action=>''foobar''}.merge({''action''=>''ohmy''}) )%> URL2:<%=url_for( {''action''=>''ohmy''}.merge({:action=>''foobar''}) )%> </pre> and then please consider following two cases... case 1. webrick, ruby 1.8.4, rails 1.0 result: URL1:.../foobar URL2:.../foobar case 2: lighttpd...
2006 Feb 21
validates_format_of :url, regexp?
...''\\\+&%\$#\=~_\-]+))*$ ( I also found this one, but, um, well... Thanks, Joe -- Posted via
2005 Nov 24
Request rewriting - regular expressions
...ying to write a rewrite rule that uses the same(tm) syntax as apache mod_rewrite (or at least it understands it) The following works by catching ANY url comfigured in the web server and rewriting it with the correct http status code. The issue is that i need to redirest URL1 to 1st location and URL2 to second location and i'm trying to get my match syntax correct. Can anyone advise on the reg expression that would distinguish betweek URL1 and URL2 thanks! match URL into $ with ^/$ if matched then set SCRATCH:LOC =
2006 Feb 28
Most Popular Searches
Hi, I have an index where each document contains an untokenized ''url'' field. I would like to query the index for the most popular urls. In SQL I would do this via a Group By clause. Is there anything in Ferret that will do something similar? I found this discussion that proposed a solution involving TermEnums:
2005 May 15
Multiple Questions -- Please Help's softphone upon the agent becoming available. So, when a call comes in for queue 1, I'd like the Queue application to send http://url1 to the agent when the call is distributed; when a call comes in for queue 2, I'd like the Queue application to send http://url2 to the agent. 5) Call conferencing for the agents: all agents will be using soft phones and they need to be able to conference calls I have a few questions: a) I'd like to use Xten's soft phone for the agents. I don't know if Xten's soft phone supports being sent a URL and ope...
2010 Jul 21
Command that is conditional upon file retrieval: is it possible?
Hi all, I'm currently working on an R program where I have to access an FTP server to download some of the data I need. However, the people who post up the files I access are at times inconsistent with regards to time posted, if they post at all, etc.... Here's some of the code I use: library(RCurl) url1 = paste("ftp://user:password at",