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2006 Apr 18
adding lines to scatterplot3d
...t actually I'm able only to draw points (I grabbed an example from the web) Could anyone post a line of code with an example? Thanks a lot -a- Andrea Valle DAMS - Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione Università degli Studi di Torino [[alternative text/enriched version deleted]]
2008 Feb 29
...nal folder, my documents... then we can install any specified package? Best regards, ========================================================= Daoping Mo Via Real Collegio 30, CORPIE 10024, Moncalieri, Italy. Tel: +39 - 329-1865124 (Better after GMT 15:00, thanks!) Email: at
2006 Feb 01
3d from file
...3d plot representig my object' s positions? I guess that I can but I don't know how. Any help is much appreciated Thanks a lot -a- Andrea Valle DAMS - Facolt?? di Scienze della Formazione Universit?? degli Studi di Torino andrea.valle at
2010 May 07
Cluster procedure using geographical neighborhood
Dear Dario Sacco, >>>>> "DS" == Dario Sacco <dario.sacco at> >>>>> on Thu, 06 May 2010 17:45:30 +0200 writes: DS> Dear Dr. Maechler, DS> I am an agronomist and a researcher at the University of Turin. I am DS> also teaching "Applied statistics", then I have some knowledge in DS> Statistics, b...
2000 Jan 19
R for the Mac
Hello, usually work with S-plus and/or with R, which I do prefer, on a Window paltform. Now I downloaded R for the Mac (I run it on a G4 at home) but I found that many, too many functions are not available (svd, lm, glm and so on... but still the lapply is missing...!). I have ProFortran a C++ routine of my own but I can't pass them to that version of R. Is there anybody going to give a