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2011 Jul 14
SQldf with sqlite and H2
...across sqldf ( a great idea and product) and was trying to play around to see what would be the best method of doing this. csv file is comma delimited with some columns having comma inside the quoation like this "John, Doe". I tried this first ####### library(sqldf) sqldf("attach testdb as new") In.File <- "C:/JP/Temp/2008.csv" read.csv.sql(In.File, sql = "create table table1 as select * from file", dbname = "testdb") It errored out with message NULL Warning message: closing unused connection 3 (C:/JP/Temp/2008.csv...
2006 Jun 18
Problem using "rake db:migrate"
Hi all, I am facing a problem while using rails "migrate" feature for creating tables in a database. Following are the details. I have 2 applications say "app1" & "app2". I want both of them to use same database say "testdb". For "app1", I create 3 models which in turn create 3 migration files with prefix, 001_, 002_ & 003_. Now I execute "rake db:migrate" so that 3 tables corresponding to 3 models will get created in database "testdb" & schema_info table will have version =...
2005 May 02
RMySQL query: why result takes so much memory in R ?
...AM and with the code below it even fills the whole 1G of swap. I just don''t understand how 12e6 * 3 can fill such a huge range of RAM? Thanks for clarification and potential solutions. ## my code library(RMySQL) drv <- dbDriver("MySQL") ch <- dbConnect(drv,dbname="testdb", user="root",password="mysql") testdb <- dbGetQuery(ch, "select id, group, measurement from mydata") dbDisconnect(ch) dbUnloadDriver(drv) ## end of my code Cheers Christoph
2008 Nov 25
"mysql" 2.7.3 gem install for Windows appears incomplete
When I install the 2.7.3 "mysql" gem on Windows XP (trying to prepare for the requirement to use the mysql gem in Rails 2.2.2) by using: gem install mysql I get a mysql-2.7.3-x86-mswin32 directory under gems, but underneath that, only a docs directory, an ext directory, and README, Rakefile and .require_paths. I then cannot do any connecting to my MySQL databases. Shouldn''t
2010 Jan 26
Subclassing ActiveRecord::Base
...ent to connect to multiple databases, and I''ve found the following (single database) to cause me an error. Note that params is my database settings and omitted for obvious reasons. pages, components, and books are all tables in the same db. require ''active_record'' module TestDB class Inherited < ActiveRecord::Base self.logger self.default_timezone :utc self.establish_connection(params) end class Page < Inherited puts puts self.table_name end class Book < ActiveRecord::Base puts puts self.table_name end e...
2003 Aug 25
ODBC access
...39;followed'' the instructions in the manual. COuld someone please help me? I have a MS Access database in my computer and I went to the control panel in order to create a DSN file linked to that database. When I''m in R I tried to coneect to it using the command odbcConnect("testdb") but it doesn''t work. I received these messages: Warning messages: 1: [RODBC] ERROR: state IM002, code 0, message [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified 2: ODBC connection failed in: odbcDriverConnect(paste("DSN=", dsn,...
2010 Sep 26
Asterisk ODBC Insert issue
Hi guys, Having issues with doing an insert statement using ast 1.4.24: [START] dsn=mssql-asterisk write=INSERT INTO testdb (callarrival,callerid) VALUES (''${VAL1}'',''${VAL2}'') SET(ODBC_START()${TIMESTAMP},${CALLERID(num)}) No errors pop up on execute, but nothing gets inserted. Read and update work fine, Wondering where I''m going off track with this, Thanks,
2010 Apr 28
Trying to get Rails working with Sybase ASE
...setting or the classpath setting, but I''m using Open Client, so should there be any need for the JDBC settings? Ok, things looked promising, and I started creating a test rails app. rails testapp I then edited the database.yml to fit Sybase ASE development: adapter: sybase database: testdb username: username password: password host: sauron The host, sauron, is defined in the sql.ini file. Running rake db:create tells me that the database testdb already exists. (true) ruby script\generate scaffold person first_name:string last_name:string WORKS OK rake db:migrate --trace FA...
2011 Feb 02
Connectivity Code
...SQL Server with ruby on rails on windows XP but while executing the following code, only the coloured code is executing, i want the exact procedure, how to connect from database step by step procedure.. require "dbi" begin # connect to the SQL server dbh = DBI.connect("DBI:ODBC:TESTDB:localhost", "testuser", "test123") # get server version string and display it row = dbh.select_one("SELECT VERSION()") puts "Server version: " + row[0] rescue DBI::DatabaseError => e puts "An error occurred" puts "Error code: #{e.err}&q...
2006 Jan 03
Am I going too far or Rails is just confusing? was {validates_presence_of *_id attributes}
...ou have time, please follow this (the question still relates to the previous posts by me): I have provided full steps to reproduce the symptoms. If it matters, I''m running Ruby 1.8.2, Rails 1.0, and MySQL 5.0.15 on Windows XP Professional. 1. First, the setup MySQL ----- create database testdb; create table ranks (id tinyint unsigned not null auto_increment, description varchar(50) not null unique, primary key(id)); create table customers (id mediumint unsigned not null auto_increment, name varchar(50) not null, phone varchar(25), address varchar(50), rank_id tinyint unsigned not null,...
2006 May 16
Issue when using MySQL 3.23.41
Hi, Maybe this is off-topic, but I am having trouble using Rails with an older version of MySQL. When I try to run the db:migrate task, I am getting the error: rake aborted! Access denied for user: ''@localhost'' to database ''testdb'' In my database.yml file I have mentioned a username, but activerecord does not seem to recognise it :( Environment: MySQL: 3.23.41 Rails: 1.1.2 Ruby: 1.8.4 Googling has not helped so far, so any tips are highly appreciated!! Thanks, Binil -- Posted via http://www.ruby...
2010 Aug 20
Support for backends in Search::Xapian
The attached adds XS wrappers for back-ends: use Search::Xapian; my $db = Search::Xapian::Remote::open_writable( "biggles", 10252 ); my $db = Search::Xapian::Flint::open_writable( "testdb" ); my $db = Search::Xapian::InMemory::open_writable(); All the best, Tim. _______________________________________________ Xapian-discuss mailing list
2006 Dec 15
Ruby DBD::Proxy
...erating systems. What seems more practical, developing a ActiveRecord database adapter for DBD::Proxy, or would you just target a specific database, and just depend on DBD::Proxy? This is an example connect string: dbh = DBI.connect(''DBI:Proxy:hostname=;port=9001;dsn=DBI:ODBC:testdb'') What does everyone think? It might be too difficult a task for my sub-par programming skills, but perhaps I could use something like the sqlserver_adapter as a starting point. Reference: --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~...
2009 Aug 05
MySQL noob question: Where can I find the database when I create one?
See my screenshot of the command here. When I type the following: mysqladmin create <database_name> --user=root --password=xxxxxxxx Is my command executed simply by pressing "Enter" after the command? Am I missing some syntax? If the command has been executed , what directory can I find this database? How does this
2008 Jul 21
RODBC - problems using odbcDriverConnect without DSN
Hi, I''m trying to use RODBC without having to set up a DSN, using hte direct connection string in odbcDriverConnect. My connection attempt looks something like: > odbcDriverConnect(connection = "SERVER=localhost;DRIVER={/usr/lib/odbc/};DATABASE=myDB;UID=reader;PASSWORD=insecure;") And this returns the message: Warning messages: 1: In
2008 Aug 26
multiple password schemes and sql?
Hello all. Just about to migrate from courier to dovecot, and figured I would as well try and get this working so I could use non plaintext mechanisms as well. I would like to offer at least: plain login digest-md5 cram-md5 and maybe more Everything works but this and have a testdb in sql with passwords like userid, password But get "Password query returned multiple matches" which indicates it doesnt try using any prefix and just get a hit on all "passwords" for that user. Is there any variable I can use in the sql query to use an extra field that contai...
2007 May 11
postgres erros on RHEL 4
...L4.1 postgresql-7.4.16-1.RHEL4.1 postgresql-python-7.4.16-1.RHEL4.1 postgresql-server-7.4.16-1.RHEL4.1 Then, I did below commands to create a user and a database. [root@box root]# su postgres bash-3.1$ createuser -adEP test Enter password for new role: Enter it again: bash-3.1$ createdb -O test testdb CREATE DATABASE bash-3.1$ exit exit Then, I installed phpPgAdmin rpm. [root@LinuxBox etc]# rpm -qa |grep phpPgAdmin phpPgAdmin-4.0.1-1 Then, After I logined to phpPgAdmin via web browser as below http://ipaddress/phpPgAdmin/ Then, I got below erros. *SQL error:* ERROR: re...
2012 Feb 02
sqldf for Very Large Tab Delimited Files
...tting first 10 records Here is the reproducible code that I am trying: # Text data file write.table(iris, "irisNoH.txt", sep = "\t", quote = FALSE, col.names=FALSE,row.names = FALSE) # create an empty database (can skip this step if database already exists) sqldf("attach myTestdbT as new") f1<-file("irisNoH.txt") attr(f1, "file.format") <- list(header=FALSE,sep="\t") # read into table called irisTab in the mytestdb sqlite database read.csv.sql("irisNoH.txt", sql = "create table main.irisTab1 as select * from file"...
2007 Nov 08
Perl make test fails on threads in rhel5
Hi all, I''ve tried building RPMs for RHEL5 and hit this problem in Search::Xapian: make test fails on test 37: ok 34 - check PositionIterator ok 35 - create TermIterator ok 36 - check TermIterator dubious Test returned status 0 (wstat 11, 0xb) DIED. FAILED tests 37-65 Failed 29/65 tests, 55.38% okay $ xapian-config --version xapian-config - xapian-core 1.0.4 $ cat