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2010 Aug 13
Squid and first-level subdirectories & second-level subdirectories on ext3/4
Squid, a proxy, is by its nature, storing large amounts of relatively small files in it's cache. As config optins it's offering: # 'Level-1' is the number of first-level subdirectories which # will be created under the 'Directory'. The default is 16. # # 'Level-2' is the number of second-level subdirectories which # will be created under
2011 Jan 23
tar-ing subdirectories separately
I want to backup a directory using tar, but want separate tarballs for each subdirectory. For example: # ls dir1 subdir1 subdir2 subdir3 Will it possible to do it using only tar command? Or will I need another separate piece of logic/control? I thought of writing a shell script with three tar commands for each subdirectory, but that's not elegant way of doing it. Also, it may...
2010 Jul 23
Equivalent of for (USB key based) syslinux
Hello list, I am trying to prepare a USB disk with syslinux that is meant to be able to offer a choice among many different distributions. The goal is that I should be able to dump each distribution's CD contents into a separate subdirectory, and have a master menu that hands off to each distribution's subdirectory. A while back, when faced with a similar task on a PXE server, I came across which elegantly solves this issue. With I can say the following in my master pxelinux.cfg/default: default menu...
2015 May 01
rsync backup to fileserver - mystery
...e been using for several years to backup my home directory to. I have a daily cron job that runs the following command: rsync -av --delete /home/frankcox/ /mnt/fileserver/backup I have a directory named misc/sheet-music/classical. About a week ago I created a new subdirectory there, /home/frankcox/misc/sheet-music-classical/Russian\ and\ Eastern\ European/ Notice the spaces in the subdirectory name; I don't know if that's relevant or not. I store a number of bzip-ed pdf files in that subdirectory, like this: BARTOKA.pdf.bz2, BARTOKB.pd...
2002 Aug 11
How to rsync selective subdirectories
...nd deleted) list of files in /abc/dir/20020811 toid toil etd dt (all the date directories contain the directories as above and there are many subdirectories in the aboce directories) I want to rsync all the dates directories but only the "toid" subdirectory. MY QUESTION IS: How can i rsync only the selected subdirectories? Please help in this matter... Thanks Nitin
2011 Jan 12
[PATCH] Documentation: introduce the working directory
...syslinux.txt @@ -56,11 +56,11 @@ In order to create a bootable Linux floppy using SYSLINUX, prepare a normal MS-DOS formatted floppy. Copy one or more Linux kernel files to it, then execute the DOS command: - syslinux [-sfrma][-d directory] a: [bootsecfile] + syslinux [-sfrma][-d subdirectory] a: [bootsecfile] (or whichever drive letter is appropriate; the [] meaning optional.) -Use "" (in the dos subdirectory of the distribution) for +Use "" (in the DOS subdirectory of the distribution) for plain DOS (MS-DOS, DR-DOS, PC-DOS, FreeDOS...)...
2014 Sep 03
How to have a directory and its subdirectories as a storage pool
Hi, I would like to use btrfs subvolumes as storage place for VM images to use snapshots. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work in virt-manager at least since the "filesystem directory" storage pool type does not allow me to descend into subdirectories. Is there a trick to do this? Can I do it with virsh, or in the XML? Greetings Marc --
2003 May 07
Sink for a subdirectory
Hi, how do I sink output to a subdirectory under which R is running? For example, suppose R is running in ~me and I would like to sink output to ~me/Subdir/filename. The obvious sink( "Subdir/filename" ) does not seem to work. Thanks very much.
2006 Jan 25
Routes working with subdirectories repeat subdirectory...
Hi all. Views associated with admin controllers must always specify both :controller and :action when using link_to. Example: <%= link_to ''Edit'', { :controller => ''/raid_manager'', :action => ''edit_raid_template'', :id => } %> The above is being called from within the Admin::RaidManagerController. The
2004 Jul 30
Large File Copy to Large ext3 RAID5 Array Often Stalls
...rive per cable) RAID level 5, 128Kb chunk size, EXT3: "mkfs -t ext3 -b 4096 -m 0 -R stride=16 /dev/md2" I'm running Samba 3 and I first noticed this problem when 3 out of my 5 Windows clients (2 XP machines and 1 Server 2K3 machine) failed to copy any large files (~1GB) to a subdirectory on the server containing about 220 other such large files. Two XP machines on my network have no problems whatsoever copying large files to the very same subdirectory on the server. A failing file transfer begins at a reasonable data rate (~6 MB / sec) but grinds to a near standstill after...
2014 Jan 07
[LLVMdev] RFC: Does having a separate IPA library still make sense?
We have quite a few analyses that are in the Analysis library despite being module passes, and not very many interprocedural analysis anyways. Should we fold them together? If we do fold them together, should the source code still live in a subdirectory? If the code still lives in a subdirectory (regardless of the library separation) would it make sense to put the header files in a subdirectory as well? It would make it easier for my mental organization of things, but I don't care strongly either way. -Chandler -------------- next part -----...
2014 Dec 10
Renaming directories with subdirectories over IMAP
Hi, I?ve a problem with renaming directories with subdirectories. In root directory I create directory named ?lvl1? with subdirectory ?lvl2? When I rename directory lvl1 to lvl1-new I get: 1. /lvl1-new with subdir lvl2 but I can use only /lvl1-new and not /lvl1-new/lvl2 2. /lvl1 with subdir lvl2 but I can use only /lvl1/lvl2 and not /lvl1 Is it a feature or a bug? If bug is there a fix? PS: Ce...
2006 Aug 03
storing views in subdirectories?
I''d like to organize my project structure by storing certain related views into a subdirectory. For example, I have a bunch of interviews which each contain their own view (the client doesn''t want them content managed, or put in the database). Right now I have them placed inside "app/views/site/interview_one.rhtml", "app/views/site/interview_...
2014 Sep 03
Re: How to have a directory and its subdirectories as a storage pool
...t > > since the "filesystem directory" storage pool type does not allow me > > to descend into subdirectories. > > > > Is there a trick to do this? Can I do it with virsh, or in the XML? > > At the moment, you have to create a new storage pool for each > subdirectory you want to recurse into. Which would mean one storage "pool" per VM, which is not really practical. > Yes, it would be nice if virt-manager could automate this a bit > more. Is there a bug/request tracker for libvirt? Greetings Marc -- --------------------------------...
2018 Jan 17
Help making first dataset R package
...a.frame and documentation. All code can be found at: When I check the package I get four warnings. I will list all warnings in this email because they migth be connected. 1. * checking if this is a source package ... WARNING Subdirectory ?src? contains: convert_from_xml.R These are unlikely file names for src files. 2. * checking whether package ?folkeafstemninger? can be installed ... WARNING Found the following significant warnings: Warning: no source files found See ?/home/mm/gits/folkeafstemninger.Rcheck...
2020 Jun 07
How to use dovecot only as POP3 server / prevent it from creating .imap directories?
...y IMAP functionality. The POP3 part works with the configuration shown below, but nevertheless there is a problem which is a show stopper: Although I think I have turned off IMAP (e.g. no IMAP listener), dovecot still creates .imap directories and does so in a very weird way. It creates one .imap subdirectory in every subdirectory of each user's home directory, and for every file in each user's home directory creates an additional subdirectory with the same name in its .imap directories. It does this recursively, and 1000 files in a user's home directory would mean 1000 additional subdirecto...
2006 Nov 16
syslinux files in subdirectories
I have syslinux booting slax off of a usb stick but in the process I think I may have found a bug in syslinux im using version syslinux-3.31 my syslinux.cfg use to look as follows <== beginning display boot/splash.cfg default slax autoexec=startx prompt 1 timeout 40 F1 boot/splash.txt F2 boot/splash2.txt F3 boot/splash.cfg label slax kernel boot/vmlinuz append vga=769
2016 Jul 27
Mounting NFS subdirectories individually or just the parent?
Hello, does it in any respect (throughput/performance, cpu load, I/O load, resilience, ...) matter, if one mounts subdirectories of an NFS (v3) export into separate directories or if one just mounts the parent directory? I.e. like this: server:/export/base/a -> /mnt/a server:/export/base/b -> /mnt/b
2004 Jul 07
DynamicWindow Patch
We have developed a patch that enables changing the SSH window size using the tcp window size as the source. This allows SSH to obtain maximum use of the bandwidth on high BDP links. We also have a page that describes the changes and performance. The patch against CVS is included here. Common subdirectories:
2008 Nov 28
Dovecot - Vpopmail subdirectories
Hello, I have several thousand domains on a server. I'm doing now migration to Dovecot to replace courier-authlib. Some email accounts are in subdirectories that are automatically created by vpopmail. Example: / var/vpopmail/domains/0/ How do I configure Dovecot? ###################################################### # 1.1.6: