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2005 Mar 24
Yum problem CentOS 3.3?
I''m still using CentOS 3.3 as our install mechanism, then adding some packages from a tarball of RPMs we need. Then I run # yum update yum which sometimes takes a while. Yesterday it took many hours. I like to run these from behind a firewall in our office before taking the server to the datacenter, but the delay meant a whole day''s delay in our trip to the datacenter
2007 Jan 26
Microsoft makes hard call for input
...made. Mr Jelliffe's disclosure of the offer on his blog sparked a flurry of criticism. He denied he was pro-Microsoft. "Full disclosure was part of the deal! I wouldn't have been interested otherwise," he wrote. Mr Jelliffe has refused to add to his published comments. A Microsoft spokeswoman, Catherine Brooker, said no money had changed hands, but did not say whether the contract had been withdrawn. source _________________________________...
2012 Jan 13
Troubles with stemming (tm + Snowball packages) under MacOS
Dear all, I have some troubles using the stemming algorithm provided by the tm (text mining) + Snowball packages. Here is my config: MacOS 10.5 R 2.12.0 / R 2.13.1 / R 2.14.1 (I have tried several versions) I have installed all the needed packages (tm, rJava, rWeka, Snowball) + dependencies. I have desactivated AWT (like written in