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2000 Dec 06
Re: R or Splus
...n SPlus, and by implication R, >user as these systems have the reputation of being tools for illuminati. I adore Splus when it works. One last thing: ernesto at mentioned: >I had a S+ license during 1998 and I'm now looking again at >S+ because I want to use the S+SpatialStats. I guess you mean the Arc-S+ links? The 8 or 9 functions they were flogging about 5 years ago or so for 800 quid or so? (That's $ 11000 or so to the Yanks). I don't know if the Spatial modeule has been improved wildly, but a friend of mine sat down and wrote one of the functions in an...
2000 Dec 05
R or Splus?
It's been suggested I use R, I suppose because my employer is too skint to pay for a copy of Splus. But.... it doesn't seem to be stable. I was trying to do some ordinary regression and stepping through a model. I was trying to set up a model ('kitchen_sink') in which to put all my model parameters. Then I wanted to use step() to see what it would reduce the model to. I