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2004 May 05
Newbie trying to throttle bandwidth
...on. I''ll keep going through them to see if something clicks, but meanwhile I was hoping someone might point me in the direction that I should focus my efforts. The server at our church is running Gentoo Linux and has ~500Kbps up/down SDSL connection to the world. We offer online sermons both for RealAudio streaming (16Kbps per stream) and downloading via HTTP. The problem is that someone with a fast pipe of their own (DSL/cable/etc.) can download 1 or more sermons and slurp up all the bandwidth, reducing the RealAudio streams to a trickle and causing lots of "re...
2017 Jun 15
Changing font of a certrain column in an excel file
Hi all! I need an example/reference to show me how to change the font of a certain column in an existing .xlsx document. Thank you in advance
2004 Jan 13
Manova for repeated measures
Hi everyone, I''m posting again, since I haven''t got an answer (yet :( ). According to R help, manova does not support the inclusion of the Error() term in the formula call. I have repeated measures data for two dependent variables, so this means I can''t account for subject variance in time?. Any lights? Thanks in advance, Rodrigo Abt, Department of Economic Studies,
2009 Mar 13
1MB/s gigabit transfers on dell poweredge
Hi, I have installed samba on a dell poweredge server. It uses integrated NetXtreme II BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet card. My issue is that i am getting extremely slow speeds (about 1.2MB/s) on the gigabit network from linux as well as windows clients using when reading from the samba share. On the same setup (same server, client, network) using scp,rsync,nfs gives me anything between 35-50
2002 Oct 29
error in Fields TPS function
Hello, I was wondering whether anyone out there knows of the solution to a problem that I''m having with the Fields package. I am getting the error message when I try and run the fields function tps (thin plate splines). Namely, for two different sets of variables, I get: > bout <- Tps( bvolcap, bdsm) Error in svd(tempM) : error 159 in dsvdc > wout <- Tps( wvolcap,