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2008 Jun 18
How to seperate pop3 and imap user lookup?
Hi, all. I have two column in MySQL user table: - enablepop (NOT NULL default '1') - enableimap (NOT NULL default '1') How can i config dovecot to seperate pop user lookup and imap user lookup? Thanks very much. -- Best Regards. Zhang Huangbin - Mail Server Solution for Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux & CentOS 5.x:
2006 Apr 27
Seperating Client and Internal Users
...nternal users who will manage the client accounts, these users will need access to several or all of the client accounts. I''d like to keep my Authentication as DRY as possible, but I''m a little unsure of the best way of keeping the internal representation of these different users seperate. Would using Model inheritance work well here. Perhaps having a ClientUser that belongs to a Client and having InternalUsers that HABTM Clients? How easy would it be to reuse the authentication code? Any ideas about how I could go about this would be apprecitated. Best Regards, Steve Tooke
2003 Mar 26
[Bug 521] PAM authentication not working in privilege seperation mode running in trusted system on hp-ux Summary: PAM authentication not working in privilege seperation mode running in trusted system on hp-ux Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 3.5p1 Platform: HPPA OS/Version: HP-UX Status: NEW Severity: major Priority: P2
2009 Jan 08
Macro arguments seperator
Hi! I am in the process of upgrading our 1.2 servers to 1.6. We have a lot of realtime extensions with app=Macro and appdata=stdexten|080512|SIP/080512 But this does not work in 1.6. It is expecting , and not | as the argument seperator. If I change the | to , then it does not work in 1.2. Is there any backwards compatible switch you can enable in 1.6, so it accepts | as a argument
2011 Oct 31
Slow Game movies in seperate X server
I've searched for an answer on this one, but couldn't find a topic on this. Today I read something about running games in a seperate x-server. This could have benefits for some games so I was told. I already managed to get the seperate x-server to start, and for wine to run a executable in there. Now here comes my problem, which is that playback of game video's (cutscenes etc.) is very slow in this seperate x-server. I went...
2005 May 04
Segmenting wireless traffic
I''m considering adding a seperate subnet to my loc network making loc1 ( and loc2 ( with the goal of seperating my wireless traffic from my wired LAN traffic. Has anyone had success doing this, or is it still possible to sniff the traffic of a seperate zone on the same interface with tools...
2006 Feb 08
Bandwidth: to seperate or not to seperate
Hi everyone, RE: Bandwidth. We have an asterisk server sharing bandwidth with other [web] servers in cabinets that we rent in a large data-center and all is working fine. But I'm concerned that web traffic could affect the VoIP quality (my tests so far haven't showed this [yet!]. Currently I'm running a server with Netfilter (iptables) between all the servers and the Internet
2002 Jun 24
OpenSSH 3.3 & privlege seperation?
Wondering --- I know theo sent out a message asking vendors to get off their butts to get privlege seperation working, so what I'm wondering is whether this is happening/working/etc with Solaris? (specifically 8)...I know this is a portability question, since Sun doesn't support SSH on solaris 8. not on the list, so please CC me. thanks. adam
2007 Nov 23
Wanting to seperate MTA and Imap
Hi Current my set up is that the MTA and Dovecot (maildir) is on the same machine. Ive been asked to seperate the services from the same machine (too would like to add a secondary MTA - but thats future ideas). I read the documentation on NFS, but from other sites i have read. Most say this is NOT the best solution. My question is, how do some of the fellow dovecot users,or other companys, e.g. google et...
2005 Dec 25
App access privileges
Hi all, I''m about to go wild on my new application under Rails. I''ve got a hosting company and want to build a complete administration app. Are there any pitfals to avoid, when for instance in the future I want a seperate account (or group) for managing contact details etc, and a seperate acount (or group) for managing prices. I do not have clear yet what I want seperated (or hidden) based on accounts in the future. Should I just start and see where it leads me (good practice btw), or are there thing to already...
2010 Dec 01
[LLVMdev] Problems with paged registers and seperated program and data memory
...ases are only used by load and store operations. Right now I can use 64 registers and the aliases are hard coded, for most apllication this is ok, but there are some applications that require more registers. Is there support for paged registers or is there a way to describe it in a simple way? 2. Seperated program and data memory I have the possibility to load data from program memory and data memory, that are seperated. I have different load operations in assembler for these two cases. Right now, I already create code, that loads data from both but I don't know how to check, which load operatio...
2012 Sep 14
[LLVMdev] Seperating registers in target description string replacement without adding whitespace?
...; let isReMaterializable = 1; } This works, but I have to have the whitespace after $rs (which isn't supported). If I get rid of the space, I get a message like "ArithLogicR doesn't have operand $rsAND" or something similar. The point is that it doesn't recognise $rs as a seperate entity. Is there an encoding that it supports seperating the registers from the operation without adding extra whitespace? -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2006 Oct 20
Documentation Content
...> <body> <p>How would you like me to organize the content for these?</p> <p><br></p> <p>I''ve written up a draft for the Webmin Howto but its mainly ''how to</p> <p>install'' type of information. I did two seperate install instructions,</p> <p>the rpm and tarball. Since there isn''t much to explain about the rpm</p> <p>install that was fairly small but the tarball I included example</p> <p>chunks but this ends up taking a good portion of the page.<...
2007 Jan 09
Shared folder
Hi, first.. i'm new on this list :-) and use dovecot 1.01rc17 under fedora core 5. And i read the list of the last 4 moth and didn't found answers to my questions........ now i work with shared folders and got it running on the following configuration: namespace private { seperator = . prefix = location = maildir:/srv/imapd/user/%u/maildir inbox = yes }
2006 Mar 31
Model and Controller relationship
My question is about where certain kinds of logic sit in the Model and Controller objects or more specifically the relationship between Model and Controllers. Does an Model class contain a Controller class, the otherway round, or are they two seperate classes that talk? 1. Should the Models be treated as the primary objects within a program and the matching controller is simply a way of controlling access to the class via the web. 2. The Controller classes are the primary object and simply use an ActiveRecord class to store data. 3. Other...
2007 Feb 08
How to get p-values, seperate vectors of regression coefficients and their s.e. from the "yags" output? run the geeglm for the same analysis and I did run but did not get the same result as of genmod and don't know how to correct the geeglm codes so that all three will be same!) Questions: 1. How can I get the p-value from yags output ? 2. How can I get the regression coefficients as a seperate row or column vector from the output for my simulation please? Also, how can I get the standard errors of these reg. coefficients as a seperate vector? Notice, as it is highlighted below, beta1=coef(wee) giving me "NULL" and also summary(wee) is not giving me nothing! The following is th...
2006 Feb 14
timing how long a user takes to do a test
...a thread which increments the time for a user. I would like do this for multiple users and so I wanted to use a hash class variable (static). This doesn''t work from my rails app, how ever it works fine in my test code. After doing some research I see that webrick executes each request in a seperate thread. I think this is my issue and it explains some other decisions made in rails (like storing session data in a cookie). I am now thinking that I will have to do a seperate little app that can time items based on an id. Then have a webservice that can be access via my rails app. Does anyone ha...
2004 Oct 04
using %d in passdb
hi, i'd like to seperate the password file for seperate virtual domains into seperate files. i tried specifying: passdb = passwd-file /etc/exim_incoming/local/accounts/pwdb/%d but i get an error message that it couldn't open the particular file, and then Dovecot shuts down. is there a way to...
2005 Jul 14
Seperate RTP server, voice not being received.
...> : 5060 (non-NAT) Found peer 'pacwest-peer' Found RTP audio format 18 Found RTP audio format 0 Found RTP audio format 4 Found RTP audio format 106 Found RTP audio format 101 Peer audio RTP is at port <PacWest RTP>:9610 So I see the second Via line wanting me to send RTP data to a seperate server. I can confirm with tcpdump that there is traffic outbound to this server once the call is up and running. However, I do not hear any audio on the other end of my call (just a plain old POTS phone line, also have tried to a cell phone with the same result). Here are the pertinent entries f...
2006 Mar 13
Seperate music on hold for SIP extensions
I have a requirement to play different hold messages depending upon the extension that originated the call. I noticed a musicclass setting in sip.conf, but it appears this is global. I tried setting this on all of my individual extensions, but it didn't have any affect. Is there a way to achieve this, either through sip.conf or in the dial plan? Thanks, James