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2013 Jul 01
Asterisk 1.8.20 AGI function SAY DATETIME does not play anything when mode in say.conf is changed to "new"
Hi I am using following say.conf file. Its a default file, which comes with Asterisk installation. When I call SAY DATETIME AGI function, it simply returns without playing date & time. Where as if I use mode=old setting, it works. Is this a bug or mode=new is not implemented for SAY DATETIME AGI function? [general] mo...
2004 May 16
Re: say.c compilation error
Hi All, I am using PWLIB-1.6.6-1 and Openh323 1.13.5-1 and running a RH7.3 machine and I am unable to compile asterisk due to these errors. say.c: In function `powiedz': say.c:1633: parse error before `int' say.c:1636: `i1000E6' undeclared (first use in this function) say.c:1636: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once say.c:1636: for each function it appears in.) say.c:1638: parse error before `int' say.c:1641: `...
2010 Sep 02
agi playback to execute say.conf settings
Hi all, I am using asterisk- I changed say.conf script for customized number reading. In the extension.conf: -------------------------- [number-to-voice] exten => 8765,1,playback(num:344345,say) exten => 8765,n,hangup It executes corresponding say.conf script and produces good results for me. but when I write it in agi does not...
2003 Sep 12
say number question
I searched for "say number" in the * google archives and have not found reference to options for "say number". I would like to have * say digits instead of the hundreds and thousands. EG, "1234" would say one two three four.
2006 Feb 03
can asterisk to say chinese like say english
this is not just playback recorded voice. this is let asterisk say chinese. how to do this. there have any ideas? -- Jeffery iaxtel Num: 1-700-576-1311 fwdnet Num: 728150
2011 Mar 08
[1.4] Reading phone number the French way?
...number, and then read it back to them as confirmation: ======= extensions.conf [robocall] ;Expect 10-digit number excluding final #, 2 tries, 20s time-out exten => s,n(nbr2call),Read(NBR2CALL,please-type-number,10,,2,20) exten => s,n,GotoIf($[${LEN(${NBR2CALL})} != 10]?end) ;exten => s,n,SayDigits(${NBR2CALL}) exten => s,n,SayNumber(${NBR2CALL}) exten => s,n(end),Hangup() ======= Besides the fact that my Asterisk setup only has US sound files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/digits/, I was wondering how to get Asterisk to read back the number the French way,...
2005 Mar 05
SAY DIGITS problem
Hi, I have a problem using AGI cmd "SAY DIGITS". For some reason I cannot here any thing when the script got executed. However if I use the cmd "SAY NUMBER" I can here * reading the number fine. I am running asterisk-1.0.6 and below is my PHP script. Help please. - Natt #!/usr/bin/php -q <?php...
2011 Aug 16
8 --> this web page isnot availabe
hi all, I''m very new to ruby on rails. and i have a problem while trying to run my first application. i''m created a rails application and controller called say conains action called hello and put some html code in app--view--say--say.rhtml and when i run i get this message "this webpage isn''t available" and also tried to remove " index.html" from the application and remove say.rhtml and put in...
2020 Oct 10
Replication process Out of memory error
...7;replicator(_start+0x2a) [0x55933ecc2d1a] 2020.10.11 01:43:39 replicator: Fatal: master: service(replicator): child 7834 killed with signal 6 (core dumped) Setting vsz_limit doesn't change behavior, the OOM error indicates that it seems trying to allocate even more memory: vsz_limit = 64M says says OOM Error when trying to allocate 67108904 bytes which is 40 bytes more than what is set vsz_limit = 128M says says OOM Error when trying to allocate 268435496 bytes which is 40 bytes more than twice what is set vsz_limit = 256M says says OOM Error when trying to allocate 268435496 bytes w...
2006 Jun 24
apache2 on red hat linux need help anyone Well after 15 hours, I''m completely stuck and ready to give up on RoR. I''m hoping somebody can give me some guidance. I''ve pulled out my hair and am bald like others who have tried to get RoR running without any luck. When I run, I keep get application error: Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html I''m trying to get RoR running on Apache2 on Red Hat Enterprise 4. By the way if Apache2 is no good with...
2017 Jun 29
The undef story
On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 11:53 PM, Peter Lawrence via llvm-dev < llvm-dev at> wrote: > Philip, > email responses are varied, some say what you do, but > others say give the guys a chance and listen to what he has to say. > > I say that I have a mild personality disorder such that I can’t say > things in politically correct style, and that this is a disability that I > have had for the last third of my adult life. &...
2013 Jan 19
load balancer recommendations
...necessarily CentOS-specific - but there are lots of bright people on here, and - quite possibly - the final implementation will be on CentOS hence I figured I'd ask it here. Here is the situation. I need to configure a Linux-based network load balancer (NLB) solution. The idea is this. Let us say I have a public facing load balancer machine with an public IP of, say, It is to receive the traffic (let's say, HTTP traffic) and then route it to two private HTTP servers, let's say, and It has to have persistence - i.e., be state- and session-awa...
2018 Nov 01
SAY command (mis)behaviour?
On Thu, Nov 01, 2018 at 04:51:46PM +0000, Ady Ady via Syslinux wrote: > > ... > > Now, is it normal that _every_ SAY command is executed no matter which > > LABEL block is being booted? > > > Indeed, "SAY" is a "global" directive, not a "per-label" directive. Oh thanks, this is what i was suspecting... that was the missing piece indeed. > ... > There are se...
2013 Mar 21
5.10 DISPLAY files (and SAY directive) issues
Hello Syslinux Team, The following scenario shows some issues when using DISPLAY files (and the SAY directive). *** help.txt start *** LINE 1 OF help.txt LINE 2 OF help.txt LINE 3 (one before last) OF help.txt USE F1 TO TEST *** help.txt end *** Note: in "help.txt", there are no initial nor ending blank lines. After the last line: " USE F...
2006 Jan 16
Question about self and private
Hi! There''s something I don''t understand yet about static/private methods. I hope someone can explain... E.g.: class SayHello def hello(who) puts "Hello, " + who + "!" end def self.say(words) puts words end end hello = hello.hello "World" : Hello World! hello.say "hi" : Error SayHello.say "hi" : hi OK, this is clear to me, but now...
2001 Aug 14
Redhat Roswell
Hi all i installed Redhat beta Roswell, then i updated to Kernel 2.4.8 patched him and installed the newest util-linux + e2fprogs without any custoumized Options. Bootloader is Grub. Now when i boot he says mount -O or -0 is an invalid Option. tune2fs -j /dev/hdXX says "The filesystem already has a journal" lsmod says that no jbd or ext3 Modules is loadet but i have pachted the Kernel with ext3 as Module. Depmod -a is done. It seems its mounted as Ext2. Modprobe after booting says...
2009 Jul 06
Rspec book issue (mastermind example)
Hey Everyone, Just a simple question. I have read and re-read the examples and I''m not getting the proper output. I''m on page 73/74 of the Rspec book and it says I should have "4 steps passed". I think the problem is within my /step_definition/mastermind.rb" file. It''s definitely not beyond me to make a mistake, but I have checked and double checked my code and it all looks fine via the book examples. Here''s the out...
2005 Dec 08
Prototype.js Hash Methods
...e library? To be precise the following methods - 1. keys 2. values 3. toQueryString 4. inspect 5. Merge I am trying to play around with them and have come up with the following examples - var h = $H({name: "john doe", email: "", msg: "say hello to me"}); var h_in = h.inspect(); alert(h_in); //returns #<Hash:{''name'': ''john doe'', ''email'': '''', ''msg'': ''say hello to me''}> var qs...
2009 Jul 31
ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/say/hello" with {:method=>:get}): 40 of Agile Development with Rails 3rd edition and trying to get the missing template error to show but until I restart webrick I only get the following: Processing ApplicationController#index (for ::1 at 2009-07-31 12:56:22) [GET] ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/say/hello" with {:method=>:get}): /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/httpserver.rb:104:in `service'' /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/httpserver.rb:65:in `run'' /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick&...
2005 Jun 27
AGI "say number" but in french
Hello, does anyone know how to get the say number (say.c) agi "application" to work in french [assuming that I have the French voice files] I have looked in the code and about a 1/3 of the way thru there is : /*--- ast_say_number_full: call language-specific functions */ /* Called from AGI */ int ast_say_numb...