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1997 Aug 13
Incomplete backups with tar option of smbclient.
We use the tar option of smbclient (Samba 1.9.16p9, SunOS 4.1.3) to backup Windows 95 PCs: smbclient "\\${server}\backup" -U COMPUTING -d 1 -D "\" -Tc tarfile >! logfile backup is set as a share of c:\ The backups are incomplete (as shown by the logfile and gzip -tf tarfile). Typically, only very roughly 5700 of 6600 files get copied. I expect I've got a bad
1998 May 11
Hi I'm becoming a bit confused. I have been trying out the Samba PDC code from BRANCH_NTDOM on Solaris 2.5.1 (with great success !). I now want to download the latest version and messages on the samba-ntdom list say to download from the main branch. What exactly do I put in my cvs command ? The NTDOM FAQ says 'cvs -d co samba '. When I
1999 Apr 28
License manager
Has anyone successfully incorporated a Win95 app that uses FlexLM license manager on a Samba file system. I would be extremely interested in talking with you as we are trying to install Parametric Technology's ProEngineer on our Samba file server. We do have a copy of the Unix version of the license manager, but I am not sure how I can get the Win95 client to talk to it. Any and all
2006 Jan 27
Basic Many-to-One association
Sari, I got the list display working without doing an explicit find. It took a bit of a conceptual convulution to get it to work. I was thinking of it has Many Cases have One status. There is no support for Many-to-One so I was a bit stumped. Then I realized you just have to turn around your thinking to say One Status has Many Cases. Thus it is a One-to-Many relationship. That is descriped
2010 Jul 10
internal-sftp and logging not working with Fedora and chroot using 5.5?
Hope ya'all can help! Been reading and reading, and adjusting... to no avail. We need to have chroot'd SFTP activities logged on a file server and for whatever reason, I simply cannot get it to log with users that are chroot'd (this is necessary for auditing and HIPAA - so it is pretty important) I have tried with Fedora 11/12 and even an older Fedora 8 server, the same results: 1. We can log ALL activities for users on SFTP when **not** chroot'd 2. As soon as I re-enable chroot'd settings in sshd_config, those users are onl...
2002 Feb 11
Conversion to ext3 failed.
...d the disk device (e.g. be suid root) for this to work. One can set such a label for ext2 or ext3 using the e2label(8) utility, or for XFS using xfs_admin(8). -n Mount without writing in /etc/mtab. This is necesĀ­ sary for example when /etc is on a read-only file system. -s Tolerate sloppy mount options rather than failing. This will ignore mount options not supported by a filesystem type. Not all filesystems support this option. This...
2013 Feb 11
Ubuntu cran2deb PPA
Dear Michael, I was looking up the status of the cran2deb effort and notice that you now have a PPA where new packages are landing and being built for Ubuntu. It looks like this is still a work in progress, but is already a fantastic resource for me and I hope it is something that you can continue to operate. I'm now installing many of these packages but some things I need are missing.
2004 Mar 25
domain admins and Samba 3.0.2
Hi I've been running Samba 2.x for years but decided to move up to 3.0.2. I've set up a new samba server with a workgroup NEWBIOSS and netbios name PARETO. Im having problems setting up my domain admins. I used 'net groupmap modify "Domain Admins" unixgroup=domadmin' my 'net groupmap list' shows : System Operators (S-1-5-32-549) -> -1 Replicators