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2011 Jun 02
Paid R Help pay someone to help write some R code. Inputs: Study identifier: ID Number for the study, each ID number is for one study only each block set should only be used for that study. This will require that you store the results from the blocks someplace on the file system. Trait #1: dichotomous rural / urban Trait #2: dichotomous sick / healthy Assignment Ratio: a number between 0 and 1, usually .5 but, for this study it would be .67. Indicating the % of participants to be randomized to the intervention arm. 1-the Assignment Ratio will be the number of participants to be randomized t...
2003 Oct 17
Asterisk in a rural project
We have working in a rural project and I have selected Asterisk. Because * will work with a prepay system we need a precise answer supervision for outgoing calls. The pilot system will have 8 trunks to PSTN. The Telephone Company provides EURO BRI and analog CO trunks. On CO trunks the answer supervision is reversal pola...
2019 Oct 24
calculo porcentaje de subcategirías para individuos diferentes
...menos de 1000 datos. Necesito saber el % de uso de hábitat natural. Es un sencillo cálculo de porcentaje, pero me gustaría hacerlo mas automatizado para no tomar tanto tiempo en correrlo manualmente. Entonces tengo una columna con la ID de cada perro, y otra con las categorías de ambiente (urbano, rural y mar). He calculado el promedio con este script para el perro 1: ## encontrar el numero total de zonas naturales por perro P01 <-subset(TODOS, TODOS$ID=="P01") ruralP01 <- subset(P01,P01$Zone=="rural") marP01 <- subset(P01,P01$Zone=="mar") nrow(P01) nrow(r...
2009 Oct 31
OT - Number Portability
Sorry for the off-topic, but perhaps this will be of interest to other asterisk based ITSPs. We are starting service in a rural area where the ILEC has the rural "monopoly". From what we have read in the FCC docs this does NOT exempt them from number portability, but what does it take for us to qualify to receive their numbers? To date we simply have a few voice trunks to them, and a set of DID numbers we pu...
2009 Feb 02
Broke ggplot...
...a silly little issue.   For some reason the following does not produce a histogram with fill due to the Person's characteristics: (Note that VADeaths_flat_df$Data works fine...)     VADeaths_df<-data.frame(VADeaths) VADeaths_flat_tmp1<-data.frame(Data=as.numeric(as.character(VADeaths_df$Rural.Male)), Person="Rural.Male") VADeaths_flat_tmp2<-data.frame(Data=as.numeric(as.character(VADeaths_df$Rural.Female)), Person="Rural.Female") VADeaths_flat_tmp3<-data.frame(Data=as.numeric(as.character(VADeaths_df$Urban.Male)), Person="Urban.Male") VADeaths_flat_tm...
2009 Mar 25
live audio feed via telephone link
I'm looking into costs and feasibility of moving a live feed from a FM radio station from the station to a point that's past the usable range of their radio signal. It's a rural location and Internet service is not available at the station. If the destination was closer or their transmitter was more powerful, I could avoid this step and just plug in a radio, but.... My best idea so far is to rent a dedicated phone line from the station to the point where we need the feed...
2008 Jul 16
Likelihood ratio test between glm and glmer fits
...need to test the difference between the ordinary logistic regression from a glm() fit and the mixed effects fit from glmer(), basically I want to do a likelihood ratio test between the two fits. The data are like this: My outcome is a (1,0) for health status, I have several (1,0) dummy variables RURAL, SMOKE, DRINK, EMPLOYED, highereduc, INDIG, male, divorced, SINGLE, chronic, vigor_d and moderat_d and AGE is continuous (20 to 100). My higher level is called munid and has 581 levels. The data have 45243 observations. Here are my program statements: #GLM fit<-glm(poorhealth~RURAL+SM...
2012 Oct 28
Tabular datos de Encuesta Continua de Hogares rutina de R para poder generar la tabla. El data.frame se llama ECH2009. Cuenta con las siguientes variables para este caso: idhogar region estrato integranteshogar expansor ingpercapsvl Computador TvAbonado Internet 1 capital 1 2 33 62944 1 1 1 2 interior urbano 2 3 25 4949 1 2 2 3 interior rural 3 6 32 6185 1 1 2 4 capital 4 2 18 8041 1 2 2 5 interior urbano 5 3 13 12100 1 2 1 6 interior rural 6 3 26 6950 1 2 2 7 capital 7 4 33 35716 1 2 2 8 interior urbano 8 4 17 29575 2 2 2 9 interior rural 9 4 24 4656 1 2 2 10 capital 1 3 26 1733 2 1 2 11 interior urbano 2 6 27 2800 1 2 1 12 in...
2012 Oct 29
Tabular datos de Encuesta Continua de Hogares} la tabla. El data.frame se llama ECH2009. Cuenta con las > siguientes variables para este caso: > > idhogar region estrato integranteshogar expansor ingpercapsvl Computador > TvAbonado Internet > 1 capital 1 2 33 62944 1 1 1 > 2 interior urbano 2 3 25 4949 1 2 2 > 3 interior rural 3 6 32 6185 1 1 2 > 4 capital 4 2 18 8041 1 2 2 > 5 interior urbano 5 3 13 12100 1 2 1 > 6 interior rural 6 3 26 6950 1 2 2 > 7 capital 7 4 33 35716 1 2 2 > 8 interior urbano 8 4 17 29575 2 2 2 > 9 interior rural 9 4 24 4656 1 2 2 > 10 capital 1 3 26 1733 2 1 2 > 11 interior...
2008 Jul 11
Sipura 3000 replacement ---> SPA3102 how reliable is it?
I need another Sipura 3K and the replacement I think is Linksys SPA3102. Any input on how reliable is it? -- #Joseph GPG KeyID: ED0E1FB7
2011 Mar 03
PCA - scores
I am running a PCA, but would like to rotate my data and limit the number of factors that are analyzed. I can do this using the "principal" command from the psych package [principal(, nfactors=3,rotate="varimax")], but the issue is that this does not report scores for the Principal Components the way "princomp" does. My question is: Can you get an
2005 Jun 15
Bill seconds
Hi all, We've installed Asterisk on a rural development project and we're testing a prepaid phone service. As far as now we're having terrific service results but there's a problem with the calls billing at our local telecom. For instance, a farmer buys a 1 dollar phone card and use it to dial a USA number, the call should lasts...
2009 Aug 27
Universal Services Fund taxes now apply to VoIP end-users.
...7;USAC-USF-overview.pdf -The FCC now requires all VoIP telecom providers terminating and originating to the PSTN to charge Universal Services Fund tax to end user customers. -USF is 8.4% of revenue for VoIP Telco's. -Last year USAC collected and dispersed seven BILLION dollars for libraries, rural health care centers, high cost rural Telco's and low income subscribers. -The vast majority of funds go to rural Telco's. I guess it was inevitable. -Karl
2010 Mar 24
...n after minimizing the function with the nlm function and that produced the following error: Error in UseMethod("vcov") : no applicable method for 'vcov' applied to an object of class "list" Any thoughts on this would be welcome. Thanks, Brian Essentia Institute of Rural Health Duluth, MN 55805 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2012 Jan 10
problem installing packages
...tried downloading the version 2.14.0 and I had the same problem. I re-installed the old version, and now it works again. Is this a problem with 2.14? Thank you for your help. Natalia Norden Natalia Norden Profesor Asistente Departamento de Ecología y Territorio Facultad de Estudios Ambientales y Rurales Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogotá, Colombia Tel: 320 83 20 ­ Ext: 2448 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Nov 20
Fwd: Festival of Pacific Arts web cast
...and can be a good example of maintaining transparency in methods of operation and acquisition. Many thanks for any thoughts, and experience which people can relate, which could encourage this discussion. Regards. Sean Linton ~ FYI: Earlier Correspondence between David Leeming (Solomon Islands Rural Link) , Andrew Lano (SIBC) and myself. ~ Hi David, Andrew, I have been thinking about whether the upcoming FPA in Honiara 2012 would benefit from having a webcast. There is other FPA material available online, and yet it tends to come out as archive material? Can you think if this would be pos...
2004 Jul 18
CID, international style?
I'm thinking of doing an app to work with the CID that's gotten from the Zap channel. All the CID's I see from within the US are 10 digit numbers. I'm out in the rural areas of the US, and no-one ever calls me from overseas. If they did, what would the CID look like? What does the CallerID look like overseas? How many countries provide it? murf
2006 Apr 05
Sending Access codes to a 5EE switch.
...e call is dialed, we get a second dial tone and I need to enter a 4 digit access code, then the switch will place the call. Does anyone know how I can do this? Or does anyone know how to tell asterisk to send to 4 digit code after it is dialed? Gary,, Gary Ritter, SCSA Network Technician Leaco Rural Telephone Coop. Inc. (505) 433-4326 office phone (505) 399-0062 cell phone -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Jun 07
Analog Line "Static" and Low Volume
...rty PBX implementation based on Asterisk, not utilizing SIP inbound and outbound calls I believe are coming through a Digium TDM2402B. They are utilizing Polycom phones. They are experiencing frequent static on the line, and overall insufficient volume on conversations. They are in a bit of a rural area, I was curious if anyone thinks it could be an issue with their POTS provider, or if it is PBX related? Would adding echo cancellation perhaps alleviate static on the line, I did not think it would, just looking for some feedback. They have tweaked the gain settings and this has not produced...
2017 Jul 13
Leer archivos con read.csv
...o el día 5 del mes de febrero hace falta. Al tratar de leer los archivos FALTANTES con read.csv() me arroja el siguiente error: Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection In addition: Warning message: In file(file, "rt") : cannot open file 'C:/R/Zonas rurales/Corponor/2017/7. PUNTO DE CONTROL/Febrero/27-02-2017.csv': No such file or directory Lo que es logico, debido a que no estan. Sin embargo al arrojarme este error se rompe el ciclo for y no me permite continuar trabajando. Mi pregunta es: *¿Existe alguna forma de indica...