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2007 Jul 11
NFS and Filesystem quota
Hi, I've recently moved my mailboxes to a NFS share (on an emc Celerra), and, as expected, the quota extensions no longer works. However, I've read that adding to $DOVECOT/src/plugins/quota, adding a line to $DOVECOT/src/plugins/quota/ and rebuilding, it should work again. Unfortunately, it doesn't compile in my RHEL 4.0: /usr/bin/gcc4 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../.. -I../../...
2009 Jan 22
disable rquotad and pop
Hi all, I am trying to find out how to disable rquotad and pop (port 443) for rquotad /etc/sysconfig/nfs has it quoted out but yet it is running? How do I disable it? also what about pop? Jerry
2010 Feb 18
NFS client firewall config?
...00000 2 udp 111 portmapper 100021 1 udp 48996 nlockmgr 100021 3 udp 48996 nlockmgr 100021 4 udp 48996 nlockmgr 100021 1 tcp 47195 nlockmgr 100021 3 tcp 47195 nlockmgr 100021 4 tcp 47195 nlockmgr 100011 1 udp 4004 rquotad 100011 2 udp 4004 rquotad 100011 1 tcp 4004 rquotad 100011 2 tcp 4004 rquotad 100003 2 udp 2049 nfs 100003 3 udp 2049 nfs 100003 4 udp 2049 nfs 100003 2 tcp 2049 nfs 100003 3 tcp 2049 nfs 100003 4...
2011 May 31
Unable to mount Centos 5.6 Server via nfs4 - Operation Not Permitted - MADNESS!
...r returns the following message: [root at sl01 log]# mount -t nfs4 /mnt mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted As nearest as I can tell, I was able to setup the ports correctly in /etc/sysconfig/nfs [root at centos sysconfig]# grep -v \# nfs RQUOTAD_PORT=875 LOCKD_TCPPORT=32803 LOCKD_UDPPORT=32769 MOUNTD_PORT=892 STATD_PORT=662 As well as my /etc/services file: # Local services rquotad 875/tcp lockd 32803/tcp lockd 32769/tcp mountd 892/tcp statd 662/tcp rquotad 875/udp lockd 32803/udp lockd 32769/...
2012 Oct 24
Why portmap is needed for NFSv4 in CentOS6
...ervice to make NFSv4 works. My /etc/sysconfig/nfs # # Define which protocol versions mountd # will advertise. The values are "no" or "yes" # with yes being the default MOUNTD_NFS_V2="no" MOUNTD_NFS_V3="no" # # # Path to remote quota server. See rquotad(8) #RQUOTAD="/usr/sbin/rpc.rquotad" # Port rquotad should listen on. #RQUOTAD_PORT=875 # Optinal options passed to rquotad #RPCRQUOTADOPTS="" # # # Optional arguments passed to in-kernel lockd #LOCKDARG= # TCP port rpc.lockd should listen on. #LOCKD_TCPPORT=32803 # U...
2006 Feb 03
rquotad (NFS) quota plugin
The attached patch is an updated version of my quota-rquotad patch for the quota plugin. Like quota-fs, it only does quota reporting, not enforcing or changing. It also only works on FreeBSD, and possibly other *BSD's. It lacks any and all configure-time tests to see if RPC is even supported, and hardcodes the (Free)BSD way of getting at the NFS server o...
2003 Oct 27
EXT3 deadlock in 2.4.22 and 2.4.23-pre7 - quota related?
...+655/1264] [nfsd+566/944] [arch_kernel_thread+40/56] that are waiting on j_wait_done_commit. However they are doing that from journal_stop *after* journal_stop has decremented t_updates, so it doesn't seem likely that kjournald is waiting on that. Outside of nfsd, there is an rquotad program (locally written, not the standard one) that is : rquotad Call Trace: [sleep_on+75/124] [start_this_handle+205/368] [journal_start+149/196] [ext3_dirty_inode+116/268] [__mark_inode_dirty+50/168] [update_atime+75/80] [do_g...
2001 Apr 25
2.2.0 panics with quotas and no rpc.rquotad on NFS server
...SPARC Solaris 8 Configured with: ./configure --with-pam --with-syslog --with-quotas --with-msdfs --with-acl-support I am accessing the share \\server\mgerdts, which is itself an automounted (NFS) directory. That is, /home/mgerdts on server really exists on nfsserver. On nfsserver, rquotad is commented out of inetd.conf. Using smbclient (2.0.7, yeah I know) I do: smbclient //server/mgerdts smb: \> ls ... Error in dskattr: code 0 smb: \> read_socket_with_timeout: timeout read. read error = Connection reset by peer. Broken Pipe With debuggin...
2012 Mar 13
Filelocking and rquotad
Hi, Can someone give me some pointer or links to understand how Filelocking and rquotad works on NFS ? I searched a lot on google , didn't get any good articles on that. -- Regards Basil
2017 Apr 03
NFS Client with quota
...ired for NFS mounting from CentOS 6 as with Solaris. Is it still impossible for CentOS 6? koji On Sun, 2 Apr 2017 14:44:59 +0200 Patrick B??gou <Patrick.Begou at> wrote: > Quota are managed at the filesystem level, so they are managed by the > NFS server. > rquotad allow NFS clients to display users quotas when the filesystem is > mounted. > Be carefull withe autofs, if a remote filesystem is not mounted on the > client, nos quotas are displayed by the quota command. > > Patrick > > koji.morikawa a ??crit : > > Hello. I am &quot...
2007 Aug 02
NFS rquota support
For v1.1, probably applies to v1.0 code pretty easily too: The other rquota patches had authunix_create_default() call. Is this needed/useful? The client is now always created+destroyed for each quota lookup. I'd think it would be faster if it was created only once, but does it then break something? If the above
2008 Jul 16
fs quota check with server does not support, rquotad
I think the problem is in these few lines: ---------------------------- dovecot: Jul 15 18:13:21 Info: IMAP(01234567g): fs quota add storage dir = /home/h1/sc/01234567g/mail dovecot: Jul 15 18:13:21 Info: IMAP(01234567g): fs quota block device = homesvr:/h1 dovecot: Jul 15 18:13:21 Info: IMAP(01234567g): fs quota mount point = /home/h1
2017 Apr 04
NFS Client with quota
Thank you very much. Previously, when I examined rquotad, I did not work as I expected. I will try to verify again. Best regard. koji On Mon, 3 Apr 2017 11:31:24 +0200 Patrick Begou <Patrick.Begou at> wrote: > man rquotad: > > rquotad is an rpc(3) server which returns quotas for a user of a local > fil...
2006 Feb 03
passwd-userdb with args
I'm not sure why the 'passwd' userdb didn't allow args, but it meant (for instance) that the quota plugins weren't usable. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get my new quota-rquotad plugin to work, only to find out that it was my 'quota=rquotad:<filesystem list>' argument that wasn't being passed to the imap child :) The attached patch implements arguments for the 'passwd' userdb, just like it exists for the 'static' userdb (in fact, mostly c...
2009 Dec 28
NFS problem
I'm trying to NFS-mount a CentOS directory on my Fedora laptop, but I find I can only do this is I turn off the firewall on the CentOS server. If instead I go to system-config-securitylevel-tui on the server, and allow NFS4, this does not do the trick. Nor does allowing port 2049. What do I need to allow? [I should say that the CentOS server is remote, and difficult to access directly; that
2007 Oct 10
NFS and Firewall
Hi Folks, I'm using VMWare on a Linux Host (CentOS) with a Linux-Guest Sidux). And I'd like to use NFS. Furthermore I'd like to use the Firewall in CentOS with this little GUI. If I activate this firewall then my Guest says "no route to host" on mounting nfs. Firewall disabled -> no problem occurs. Is there a solution to use firewall _and_ nfs ? Please, no iptables
2008 Jul 10
fs quota check with server does not support rquotad
Hi, Last time, I have got no reply, hope this time is better. OS: Solaris 10 Dovecot version : 1.1.1 file system of /var/mail : NFS from Solaris file system of /home : other NFS server that not support rquotad. Here is my setting that works: ---------------------------- plugin { quota = fs:INBOX:mount=/var/mail quota2 = fs:home:noenforcing:mount=/home/h1 } The above settings works. Dovecot able to report the quota information on /var/mail. However, when I try to append some...
2009 Jul 04
[Fwd: Re: Getting started with NFS]
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2005 Mar 15
If anyone's interested about implementing quota code for Dovecot (there were a few of you before! :), now it's finally your chance to do it quite easily. With the API changes committed today to CVS, it's now much easier to write plugins that modify mail-storage behavior. So, I finally fixed my half-working quota plugin that had been lying there for a while. It implements the RFC2087
2010 Apr 21
Help with NFSV4 server /etc/sysconfig/nfs # # Define which protocol versions mountd # will advertise. The values are "no" or "yes" # with yes being the default #MOUNTD_NFS_V1="no" MOUNTD_NFS_V2="no" MOUNTD_NFS_V3="no" # # # Path to remote quota server. See rquotad(8) #RQUOTAD="/usr/sbin/rpc.rquotad" # Port rquotad should listen on. #RQUOTAD_PORT=875 # Optinal options passed to rquotad #RPCRQUOTADOPTS="" # # Optional arguments passed to in-kernel lockd #LOCKDARG= # TCP port rpc.lockd should listen on. #LOCKD_TCPPORT=32803 # UDP...