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2002 Feb 27
Newbie question
Hello All, I have two Internet link and two LAN networks I have Redhat-7.1 linux-2.4.17 kernel and 2 NICs In eth0 and eth0:1 in eth1 are public ips of isps as eth1 a.b.c.d and eth1:0 w.x..y.z I want do source routing using ip rule command. echo 200 isp1 >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables ip rule add from table isp1 ip rule ls 0: from all lookup local 32765: from lookup isp1 32766: from all lookup main 32767: from all lookup default ip route add defaul...
2007 Jul 05
Load Balancing , MSN and SSL
...7;howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html # # # IF0=eth1 function interface_interna() { VALOR_IP=0 while [ $VALOR_IP -lt 254 ] ; do if [ $VALOR_IP -ne 33 ] ; then P0_NET=192.168.${VALOR_IP}.0 IP0=192.168.${VALOR_IP}.1 ip route add $P0_NET dev $IF0 src $IP0 table T1 ip route add $P0_NET dev $IF0 src $IP0 table T2 fi VALOR_IP=$(expr $VALOR_IP + 1) done ip route add via dev eth1 src ip route add via 10....
2007 Mar 05
Polycom Questions
...irmware, if that matters. from sip.cfg: <dialplan dialplan.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.removeEndOfDial="1"> <digitmap dialplan.digitmap="9[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|91[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx" dialplan.digitmap.timeOut="3"/> <routing> <server dialplan.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.routing.server.1.port="5060"/> <emergency dialplan.routing.emergency.1.value="911" dialplan.routing.emergency.1.server.1="1"/> </routing...
2006 Dec 27
Advanced Policy Routing not working properly
Hi list, I''m trying to setup a Linux box with a complicated source routing and could use a hand from you. The box has 4 NICs and lots of VLANs attached. It is a firewall and router in the following scenario: (obs: IP addresses have being changed for security purposes) - eth0 holds the default route (GW:, Firewall:; - The box is routing and som...
2005 Apr 29
problem with nth patch, counter parameter...I think labeled as status ''works''. I have tunnels back and forth across the internet, using ''nth'' to balance packets between different public networks (over the tunnels). I need to access some networks over two tunnels, and some network over three tunnels. I cant get routing working correctly when combinations of two and three tunnels are involved. *now for the more techincal explanation* Tunnel Server 1 (kernel 2.4.28, iptables 1.2.11 with nth and route) Network A is delivered over three tunnels to Tunnel Client A (works fine) Network B is delivered over three tunn...
2006 Nov 14
netmask vs ip route add via ... (bug?)
Greetings routing folks, I want to use the netmask to insulate (not quite isolate) machines on a shared subnet from each other. This works just fine on win XP, but Linux iproute will not acccept the gateway address in one step -- neither on the command line nor via DHCP: Here''s the...
2003 Oct 30
default route
Hi, Is it possible to use more than one default route? I believe yes. Any comments on them. If I use more than one, where will the trafficc be diverted from? With warm regards, -Payal -- For GNU/Linux Success Stories and Articles visit: _______________________________________________ LARTC mailing li...
2007 Jan 10
dst cache overflow (bridged wan interfaces)
...nal (eth1 and eth3) interfaces with balanced links (as described in nato-howto) bridged as wan0 with static IPs assigned to wan0 and wan0:1 b) 2 internal ineterfaces (eth0 and eth2) in bridge zlan0 with STP enabled and configured. IPTABLES relevant configuration: # iptables -t nat -vn -L POSTROUTING Chain POSTROUTING (policy ACCEPT 185 packets, 16649 bytes) pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination 26 1529 MASQUERADE 0 -- * wan0 0 0 MASQUERADE 0 -- * wan0:1
2006 Jan 05
multiple links and nat
...#47; fairly clear and straightforward. I implemented those, and a couple of trivial iptables commands and tried it. Persistent masqueraded connections (like ssh) weren''t very happy. The frequently hung, and I saw the "MASQUERADE: Route sent us somewhere else." error. googling for that, I see lots of suggestions to use connmark, but no examples of how connmark and the multiple link stuff interact. Does anyone have a pointer? The rules I''m using are roughly: /sbin/ip route add P1_NET dev IF1 src IP1 table 2...
2002 Oct 29
the routing cache and route selection; is this correct?
Hello all, I do not read C very well (especially kernel C). Though I have tried to muddle my way through an understanding of what''s going on in fib_hash.c, fib_rules.c, and route.c, I have not succeeded to my satisfaction, hence my post. I''m trying to document the general process of route selection, and have come up with the following overview. Could somebody point out any flaws in my understanding of the use of the routing cache during route selection and the...
2006 Aug 18
iproute2, alternative tables, no default route: routing trouble for localhost
Hi. The task: 1. There 3 servers and a router with 2 PPPoE connections (let call them: ppp0, ppp1). 2. There are several groups of Inet-clients to be served (Servers, Clients and Club). 3. The task is: - to route Club through the ppp1; - to Servers and Clients through ppp0; (Next is reproduced from memory and may be slightly incorrect...
2006 Oct 14
Problem with two providers:Need to route packets on the interface on which they arrives.
Hello, i would like to know how to resolve a problem. I have a debian router with 3 interfaces (LAN, and two internet providers (Provider A, Provider B)). The default route is configured to use the provider A The problem is that, When an external connection arrives from provider B to an internal server (with nat), the packet is routed to the default route: I ex...
2006 Mar 02
Problem with duplicate route entry
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hello! I have a problem with a duplicate route entry, when using a pre-installed route and automatic take-over by the "heartbeat" daemon, which adds an address and the kernel adds an route automatically. Maybe anyone has an explanation... > ip addr 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP> mtu 16436 qdisc noqueue inet scope...
2008 Jan 29
Network routes
I am unable to ping NE.TW.RKB.IP1 from an outside network. Other machines which do not have access or routes for NET.WOR.KA.0 respond just fine. How do I get it to respond on both NET.WOR.KA.0 and NE.TW.RKB.0 given all default traffic should go through NET.WOR.KA.1 unless it is in reply to traffic from NE.TW.RKB.1 or there is an outage. [root@host20 ~]# route -n Kernel IP routing table Destination...
2007 Dec 12
bgp require in multigateway routing
hi all, first i wann to explain my network & it''s problem, i am using a redhat el5 for multigateway routing, i have 3 adsl lines which is connected with eth0, eth2 and eth3. eth1 is my local network. those 3 lines comes with adsl modem from same isp with equal bandwidth (512 Kbps). In this adsl modems there is one lan and one wan port, adsl modem''s lan ip is gateway for my linux box, some tim...
2009 Nov 10
Un-recognised routes that do exist, using namespaces & subdomain checking
I''m getting really cheesed off with RSpec not matching some of my routes when controller testing when I have subdomain checking (courtesy of subdomain-fu) on namespaces. These routes appear in the rake routes output, and work fine via HTTP requests . The really annoying thing is it''s working fine for routes that aren''t at the root of the namespace....
2006 Mar 19
need help with route tables and policy routing please
Hello folks: I am trying to set up a router machine to handle all my network connections to the internet and my local network. I have five interfaces in total, three to ISPs (two adsl and one cable) and two interfaces to my local network one to a switch and one wireless card. I have some of the routing working acceptibly but another porti...
2004 Jul 12
Multipath load balance issues
Hi All, I''ve configured a mutlipath as detailed in the HOWTO. For the most part it''s great, but when the cheap DSL line drops it''s connection, as it regularly does, the outbound routing doesn''t automatically use the remaining path for internal outbound traffic. Ip route show lists no default route once the default path dies, and if the ppp connection is revived we still lack a default route. I''ve tried adding connection specific up-down scripts to the ppp con...
2007 Sep 01
2 ISP connection sharing problem
...en then is around 1:30. both connections are from dhcp that is dynamic. configuration from 1 ISP remains same and from 1 changes. EXTERNAL_IP_2="" EXTERNAL_NETWORK_2="" EXTERNAL_GATEWAY_IP_2="" echo 200 T1 >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables echo 201 T2 >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables ip route add dev eth1 src table T1 ip route add default via table T1 ip route add $EXTERNAL_NETWORK_2 dev eth2 src $EXTERNAL_IP_2 table T2 ip route add default via $EXTERNAL_GATEWAY...
2013 May 05
My new Polycom 450's can't xfer to 4-digit extension
...tmap="" dialplan.3.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.4.digitmap="" dialplan.4.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.5.digitmap="" dialplan.5.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.6.digitmap="" dialplan.6.digitmap.timeOut=""/> <routing> <server dialplan.1.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.1.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.2.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.2.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.3.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.3.routing.server.1.port=...