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2015 Nov 25
LZ4 mailbox corruption;^@^_DZ^B^D &^@<F2>^KMessage-Id: <200411220942.^Y^A^Dq^@^O<F1>^B <FF>^BTo: Renaud AllardB^A^E<B2> Then, I randomly see errors like this in maillog: truncated lz4 chunk at 555395 Given I am still able to read the mails using imap, I think there might be a way to recover them to a proper format. However, using dsync to make a mirror throws a lot of errors like below. # dsync -v -u recover -o "mail_plugins=zlib" mirror dbox:~/ndbox dsync(recover): Error: corrupted lz4 chunk at 43551 dsync(recover): Err...
2004 May 11
recover should send messages to stderr, not stdout
Hi, recover() sends all its messages, which I consider to be error messages, to stdout. I think they more properly belong to stderr. This is an important difference for those of us who use R in batch mode to generate ASCII files. Thanks, Vadim [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Jul 26
data recovering in EXT3
...ot;fsck -y" on one of our raid disks (with ext3 file system). After that we have found that SOME files disappeared (they are not seen in the directories where they have been before). The data are extremely important and contain a lot of programs, scripts for some data analysis and very hard to recover by hands. I have run ''fsck -y" once more and it recovered just few files.. Is there any way, any tool that would allow to recover the data? Probably there is some specific options for the recovery ralated with journaling in ext3? I have used debugfs, it produced following, if it he...
2009 May 30
'options=utils::recover' not working in .Rprofile or within R
For years I have been using options(error = recover) either in .Rprofile or from within R for debugging purposes. The functionality of this appears to have changed and I can't recover it (no pun intended) using the ?options help page. How can I get the old functionality back, particularly from within .Rprofile? A specific line entry would be a...
2006 Feb 01
recover() (PR#8546)
After using options(error=recover), it takes a long time (too long) to get back to the prompt. Look at: Browse[1]> recover() Enter a frame number, or 0 to exit 1: window(test, start = c(15, 1), end = c(17, 1), extend = TRUE) 2: window.ts(test, start = c(15, 1), end = c(17, 1), extend = TRUE) 3: as.ts(window.default(x, ...))...
2006 Sep 14
Problem setting options(error=recover) in my
I'd like to be able to set options(error=recover) in my file. When I do this I get the message "Error in options(error = recover) : object "recover" not found I assume this is because the utils package (where recover and dump.frames are defined) has not been loaded at the time I make this call. I suppose I could...
2010 Dec 16
Recover data Mac
Still looking for a Recover data Mac ( which supports storage media like ,usb flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards. Be compatible with portable device:mp3/mp4 player. And supports Mac OS X 10.3 or later. I highly recommend you this one to . Recover data Mac is th...
2019 Mar 10
Exit status of Rscript when setting options(error=utils::recover)
Hello, I've noticed that Rscript didn't exit with error code if I set options error = utils::recover in .Rprofile . for example Rscript -e "asdf" Error: object 'asdf' not found No suitable frames for recover() echo $? 0 if didn't set options in .Rprofile, Rscript exit with error code 1, is this expected behavior ?
2019 Mar 18
Exit status of Rscript when setting options(error=utils::recover)
Thanks for explanation, so recover in non-interactive session exit with 0 is expected behavior . dump.frames said that it always write to file (workspace , or specified file). I have a R script run as a auto build stage, so I want to print detail backtrace to console (with source file, line number) for quickly debug, without sav...
2011 Feb 03
Recovering LVM volumes
...Both were LVM volumes with three or four physical disks, with ext3 fs. One disk, maybe even the boot one may even be missing, either from one or both sets and we do not know the disk order. I got these left from an earlier sysadmin who left the company & nobody know what's what. I need to recover data so I need to backup each of the disks to a disk image file first, then find block-size/recover lvm metadata on the volume, mount the volume to my current server and recover whatever files can be recovered manually. My question is: - what switches to be used with dd in creating the image, s...
2004 Feb 27
How to recover t-statistics?
Hi! I'm doing Monte Carlo analyses of the distribution of the t-statistics of the parameters of models evaluated with the lm( ) function. Is there an easy way to recover the t-statistics (similarly to using coef to recover the coefficients)? Thanks, joseph --------------------------------- [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Sep 24
strange fencing behavior
...6079000+14a000] Sep 24 14:07:29 storage0 kernel: [650651.285638] ocfs2: Unmounting device (8,17) on (node 0) Sep 24 14:07:57 storage0 kernel: [650683.535472] ocfs2_dlm: Nodes in domain ("1C1694511D464F16971020CE53D45401"): 0 Sep 24 14:07:57 storage0 kernel: [650683.566388] JBD: Ignoring recovery information on journal Sep 24 14:07:57 storage0 kernel: [650683.566388] kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds Sep 24 14:07:57 storage0 kernel: [650683.566388] ocfs2: Mounting device (8,18) on (node 0, slot 10) with ordered data mode. Sep 24 14:07:57 storage0 kernel: [650683.566388]...
2007 Mar 28
options(error=recover) in .Rprofile
Hi, I'd like to try using "options(error=recover) in my ~/.Rprofile, but it appears that the function "recover" is not defined during R startup when the .Rprofile is processed. "recover" is defined after I get an R prompt, however. Can anyone shed light on why this is, and whether a work-around is possible? I'...
2009 Feb 28
[PATCH 1/1] Patch to recover orphans in offline slots during recovery.
In the current recovery procedure, recovering node recovers orphans from the slot it is holding and the slots that dead nodes were holding. Other online nodes recover orphans from their slots. But orphans in offline slots are left un-recovered. This patch queues recovery_completion for offline slots. Signed-off-by: S...
2015 Nov 19
recovering corrupt file system
Any recommendations for tools to diagnose and recover problems on an ext4 file system? In particular: root@jessie01:~# mount -o ro /dev/markov02/root /mnt/markov02 mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/markov02-root, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in sys...
2009 Feb 28
[PATCH 1/1] Patch to recover orphans from the slot during mount
Currently we only queue recovery during mount if the journal is dirty. If the last node holding orphans in other node's orphan directory dies and is the first one to mount then it only recovers its orphan directory which leaves the orphans in other nodes slots. Since the other nodes journals are clean they will not queue t...
2003 Jul 07
Recovering lost data from a journal
Hello All, I was curious to know if there is any method for recovering data that has been deleted by a user on accident, this occurred prior to the running of the official back-up. Anyway, a user ended up losing a few hours of work, so I need to attempt to recover what I can, if at all possible. Any suggestions? Regards, Robert Adkins II IT Manager/Buyer Impel...
2013 Oct 04
Recovering btrfs fs after "failed to read chunk root"
...boot so I turn it off after some minutes and restart. Now it comes the fun: btrfs: allowing degraded mounts btrfs: disk space caching is enabled btrfs: failed to read chunk root on sdb1 btrfs: open_ctree failed From this point I found no way of accessing my data. Nothing works, including mount -o recovery and even btrfs-restore. I find this discussion: So I tried several times with btrfs chunk-recover: If I keep all the disks, it goes like this: [root@tambura btrfs-progs]# ./btrfs chunk-recover -v /dev/sdb1 > log_2.txt Al...
2007 Mar 06
recover user error
ZFS claims that it can recover user error such as accidentally deleting of files. How does it work? Does it only work for mirrored or RAID-Z pool? What is the command to perform the task? Also for COW, I understand that during the transaction (while data is been undated), ZFS keeps a copy of the previous data. However, once...
2009 Oct 27
recover and "called from" information
Hello, When using recover, the called from information is always "eval(expr, envir, enclos)", which is not particularly useful. > f <- function( ){ g <- function(){ stop( "ouch") }; g() } > options( error = recover ) > f() Error in g() : ouch Enter a frame number, or 0 to exit 1:...