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2000 Aug 23
WinAmp Streaming
I'm currently working on adding streaming capabilities to the WinAmp plugin and was wondering if I'm duplicating anyone else's work. Right now it's about half done. I'll be submitting the changes when it's finished (if I can figure out how to work CVS :-). Aaron Porter --- >8 ---- List archives: Ogg project homepage:
2012 Jan 13
Troubles with stemming (tm + Snowball packages) under MacOS
...- First time: Error in .jnew(name) : java.lang.InternalError: Can't start the AWT because Java was started on the first thread. Make sure StartOnFirstThread is not specified in your application's Info.plist or on the command line Refreshing GOE props... - Second time: Stemmer 'porter' unknown! Stemmer 'english' unknown! Stemmer 'porter' unknown! Stemmer 'english' unknown! Stemmer 'porter' unknown! Stemmer 'english' unknown! Stemmer 'porter' unknown! Stemmer 'english' unknown! Stemmer 'porter' unknown! Stemmer &...
2011 Nov 27
Monitoring services
What's available to remotely monitor services? What I'd like is something that can run scripts for each service to connect to a port and verify that it's up, and then send me an SMS message (phone text) to let me know which, if any, are down. Also, does a script exist that checks all the services listed by chkconfig and reports those that should be up but are down?
2011 Jul 08
Triggering script from cron or web client
I have a Bash script, currently run a couple times an hour from cron, that pulls data from an old Windows DB by rsync, converts it to SQL, and injects it into a MySQL DB for display in a LAMP-based app. (Make and Perl are also involved to minimize the number of tables touched and to clean up the SQL generated by Pxlib.) I'd like to add the ability to refresh the data immediately from the
2008 Aug 15
SpamAssassin and Maildir with Dovecot
A patch has been proposed for SpamAssassin to process Maildir folders of spam: <> Is this patch compatible with Dovecot's implementation of Maildir? For example, is anything needed to avoid stepping on Dovecot's metadata?
2008 May 19
Disallow folder delete
Is there a straightforward way to disallow the deletion of all IMAP mailboxes? I have a user who's deleted an important IMAP mailbox and I'm now recovering a recent copy from the backup. But I'd rather just blanket disallow all folder deletions. The user is using Thunderbird and this has happened more than once so I suspect Tbird is willing to let a folder get deleted too easily.
2013 Oct 15
Firewall/Gateway Hardware Question
I've given up on getting the other machine to work so I'm looking at building a new one. The machine will be a firewall/gateway running NAT, Web Proxy with Dansguardian, DHCP, DNS, NTP and VPN (~6 clients). I read so much about VPN encryption and the processor needs, now I am unsure if this will work. I can get this for AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core Desktop
2005 Apr 28
Shorewall - Long Starting Times
We have been using Shorewall for years and are extremely grateful for the work that has been put into the system. It has never disappointed us once. For the first time this week, we have run into an issue. I am almost absolutely sure it has something to do with the configuration of the servers where it has been deployed. I am hoping someone on the list can assist. Some of our servers
2017 Jun 09
using autofs on C-7
On Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 04:02:05PM -0700, Kenneth Porter wrote: > Automounting is now done through systemd. In my use, we continue to use autofs for automounts of CIFS volumes, because as best I can tell, systemd doesn't support using the request-key infrastructure to use a user's kerberos ticket to set up the automount. -- Jonathan Billing...
2017 Oct 04
systemd-networkd issue
On 4 Oct 2017 3:13 pm, "Kenneth Porter" <shiva at> wrote: On 10/3/2017 8:14 PM, Phil Manuel wrote: > systemd-networkd doesn't use those files at all. > > If you look at the appropriate ifcfg files eg > /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-em1 do you see IPV6_FAILURE_FA...
2020 Aug 26
Viewing changelog for packages to be updated
On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 2:54 PM Kenneth Porter <shiva at> wrote: > > Is there some way to see the RPM changelog entries for a prospective yum > update? Ideally I'd like to see just the entries that are newer than the > version of the package I already have. > > I saw a new kernel in today's yum-cr...
2011 Aug 19
PHP 5.3: IUS vs CentOS repos
I need to upgrade PHP because the latest WordPress requires one at least at 5.2.4. What are the tradeoffs of using the php53 packages provided by CentOS versus IUS? I've seen that installing the RHEL-derived php53 requires removing php first and it creates package conflicts because it doesn't provide a virtual php-common package. That suggests I should install the IUS package. Is
2007 Aug 04
Is an RPM for Asterisk (the PBX system) available for CentOS 5? It looks like RPMforge is supposed to have one, as I can see dependent packages like asterisk-sounds, but the base package seems to be absent from the repository.
2019 Jan 07
Upgrade CentOS 7.4 to 7.5 and don't want to upgrade it to 7.6
On Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 5:49 PM Kenneth Porter <shiva at> wrote: > On 1/6/2019 10:51 PM, Kaushal Shriyan wrote: > > the product does not support the latest CentOS Linux > > release 7.6.1810 (Core) version as of now. > > What product and what, specifically, about 7.6 does it not support? > C...
2008 Jun 25
R alternative to SAS PROC REPORT
...nderful graphics but I am wondering whether there is anything in R to provide customization of tables like PROC Report does in SAS. A Smile costs Nothing      But Rewards Everything Happiness is not perfected until it is shared                                                               -Jane Porter   [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2013 Oct 14
3.11.5 kernel compile
Hey all, I have just compiled the 3.11.5 kernel from to fix the ACPI wont shutdown issue, but I have a couple errors in dmesg I am trying to figure out. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The errors are: 1: dm_mod: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel 2: [drm] VGACON disable radeon kernel modesetting.
2002 Oct 31
ipac/iptables + mrtg accounting
i''ve installed mrtg to make graphics of the trafic from the interfece throw the snmpd, and the same with ipac witch put iptables accounting rules colect them and store, and gets the output, but the "problem" is that ipac graphics are 3 times smaller that the snmpd. Why??? i did catch all the trafic with ipac so no problem here, and i know that ipac/iptables is at level 3,
2004 May 23
Serve list archives by dovecot IMAP
Has anyone considered setting up a Dovecot public server to serve the list archives by IMAP? Or does Dovecot not do anonymous read-only access? (I note by comparison that the Cyrusoft Mulberry list archives are served by an IMAP server. <>) It should be sufficient to set up Dovecot on some server in the
2014 Sep 20
Help with xapian
...evelopement work for xapian. I have built the xapian core library on my system and also tried my hands on a few features of xapian. For the past few days I have been going through the code base of xapian. I am trying to understand how the features are implemented ( i tried looking into the codes of porter stemming and list encoding) but I've not had any significant progress. I am new to open source but have some experience with IR projects. Could you please suggest some proper place to start with? Regards Karthik
2020 May 26
ip6tables equivalent for NAT?
with ipv6, you just allow the specific ports destined to the specific local machine(s) in on your WAN side, they don't need translating. same sort of rule as if you had a internet-facing service running on the routing system On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 11:55 AM Kenneth Porter <shiva at> wrote: > I finally got an ISP connection with working IPv6 and now I need to add > firewall rules for forwarding connections from my LAN to the WAN. I'm > using > firewalld to handle the high-level description that gets translated to > iptables...