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2007 May 05
[1012] trunk/wxruby2/doc/textile: Added docs for AUI Advanced User Interface classes
...:16:01 UTC (rev 1012) </span><span class="lines">@@ -0,0 +1,351 @@ </span><ins>+h1(#wxauimanager). Wx::AuiManager + +AuiManager is the central class of the AUI class framework. + +See also "AUI overview":auioverview.html. + +AuiManager manages the panes associated with it +for a particular Frame, using a pane''s AuiPaneInfo information to +determine each pane''s docking and floating behavior. AuiManager +uses Widgets'' sizer mechanism to plan the layout of each frame. It +uses a replaceable dock art class to do all drawing,...
2011 Apr 20
Mac Phusion Passenger Pane not working
I have a feeling that this is something centered around my apache/Passenger configurations but everything seems to check out. Another off the hand problem I''m having, and might be a clue is w/ my Passenger Pane. I installed the Phusion Passenger Pane and every time I try to add an entry, I get this error: "Your changes couldn’t be saved See the Console log for
2007 Oct 18
problems with nut - openSUSE 10.3
Hallo group, I am running openSUSE 10.3 with nut-2.2.0-20 installed. I have configured it as mentioned in /usr/share/doc/packages/nut/README.SUSE. on starting nut using "rcupsd start" i get following: # Starting NUT UPS monitor done Broadcast Message from root at pane (somewhere) at 22:27 ... Communications
2006 Jun 06
Rails and Framesets
I''d like to use a frameset to separate the content in an app I''m playing with into 3 separate panes. A 1/3 page width left pane will be for general navigation, (so rarely needs reloading). The main content separates into a top and bottom pane, (with the top pane being set by the nav pane, and the bottom pane being set by the top pane). Unfortunately, I''m new to Rails and haven...
2007 May 11
[ wxruby-Bugs-10759 ] Wx::AuiManager.get_all_panes can not get all pane.
...iting: Category: Incorrect behavior Group: v0.4 Status: Open Resolution: None Priority: 3 Submitted By: Chen Peng (auguusstt) Assigned to: Kevin Smith (qualitycode) Summary: Wx::AuiManager.get_all_panes can not get all pane. Initial Comment: require "wx" =begin bug : Wx::AuiManager.get_all_panes can not get all pane. output: ==================================================== aui.get_all_panes------------ #<Wxruby2::AuiPaneInfo:0x2e3c0f4>,name=b #<Wxruby2::AuiPaneInfo:0x2e3...
2010 Nov 30
saving multiple panes to PNG
After searching multiple combinations of keywords over the past two days and downloading n R graphics tutorials, I have not been able to find anything online or in my R books about how to save multiple plot panes to PNG. Specifically, I am using the irf() function in the vars package to generate plots of Impulse Response Functions: > <- cbind(na.omit(returns(p[,2])),na.omit(returns(n[,2]))) > colnames( <- c("p.ret","n.ret") > <-,ty...
2006 Jun 05
RoR on mac OS tiger 10.4.6 latest n greatest?
hi, ive had some trouble trying to install RoR on tiger. during my google search i came across many different installs.. some using apache, lighttpd, or webricks for the web server,,,,,some are using sqlite, or ive tried all and it came to a point where im sure i had multiple libraries etc...installed and everything was not working right compared to my ubuntu install of Ror. so
2004 Dec 27
Disappearing Text
Hi- I recently upgraded my workstation, and in the process upgraded Wine and to the latest stable versions. Wine works fine for all my apps. with one annoying exception. Text is not properly displayed in ListPro (iliumsoft). ListPro is a hierarchical list manager that syncs with Palm Pilot. The problem is that only the first line of text is displayed in the notes pane. The rest of the
2004 Jan 08
Hi! Attached is the current version of my image organizing program. If you dbl-click on a thumbnail, it will show the image (1:1 zoom) in a dialog, and eat some memory.... Gergo -- +-[ Kontra, Gergely<> PhD student Room IB113 ]---------+ | "Olyan langesz vagyok, hogy | | Mobil:(+36 20) 356 9656 ICQ: 175564914
2010 Aug 08
Why Rails 3 installation is so pane full
Hi all Why Rails 3 installation is so pane full...? I am using fedora 10, ruby 1.8.6 rails 2.3.5/2.3.8 Now want to upgrade to rails3 i tried so many links... but nothing find essay.. for Rails 3 problem in ruby installation please suggest good links ... Thanks.... Regards Shyam 971-618-9650 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups
2014 Jul 13
Centos 7 NetInstall: Pane is dead
Hi list, I downloaded the netinstall iso, burned it to disk, and tried to install on my old Dell PowerEdge 2900 (Intel Xeon / 8Gb ram). Machine is connected to a KVM. The Centos 6 netinstall iso worked flawlessly on this exact configuration two days ago. The first thing anaconda does after verifying the media is complain that "pane is dead" in the lower left corner. At this point,
2009 Jul 15
[PATCH server] changed vm details pane vnc uri, removed 'Remote Desktop' virt-viewer-plugin link
virt-viewer-plugin is deprecated and will be replaced w/ ovirt-viewer-plugin, vm details pane uri indicates ovirt-viewer should be used with the specified hostname --- src/app/views/vm/show.rhtml | 18 ++++-------------- 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-) diff --git a/src/app/views/vm/show.rhtml
2009 Sep 22
[PATCH server] small formatting fix to host details pane
currently host detail pane labels / data fields are not matched correctly and nics/bondings/vms shouldn't appear on multiple lines. fixes this. --- src/app/views/host/show.rhtml | 6 +++--- 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-) diff --git a/src/app/views/host/show.rhtml b/src/app/views/host/show.rhtml index
2006 Mar 22
tab panes
Hello everybody, I was wondering whether anybody knows of a prototype/scriptaculous based tab panes script - something similar to this: Thank you in advance for your input _______________________________________________ Rails-spinoffs mailing list Rails-spinoffs-1W37MKcQCpIf0INCOvqR/iCwEArCW2h5@public.gma...
2005 Jan 07
Intrusion Suspected, Advice Sought
...D G4 on a cable broadband connection. I have reason to think my system has been tampered with. Security features in Mac OS X have been left unlocked (Preference Pane - Users) even though a master lock has always been set in the Security Preference Pane. This locks all other important preference panes which could be tampered with. Also permissions have been reset at every boot in my working directory. I''ve worked on this machine for about 17 months, and I know its rhythms and what should be what. The permissions problem is persistent and new. I do not think I am being paranoid or a...
2009 Dec 11
Closing event on a Notebook page.
How do I catch a closing event for a Notebook page. I have added a number of pages (class Panel) to a Notebook and I can remove them via the default close button on the pane. But I what to run some code before the page(Panel) is closed, so I assumed that it gets a ''evt_close'', but that seems not to be the case. How do I get to run some code before the page(Panel) closes?
2005 Feb 12
Flash Pane - Monitor Parked Calls?
Need help with how to configure for parked calls in the Flash Operator Panel's op_buttons.cfg file ... I've looked on the wiki, google and asternic's site and can't seem to find how to setup op_buttons.cfg to monitor parked calls. For example, if someone parks in 701, I'd like to see that represented on the panel. I've tried a number of things ... this is what I have now
2006 May 02
Tab Panes - IE layout issues fixed
Layout issues in IE should be fixed: There still some css issues in Opera I couldn''t figure out yet - maybe somebody using Opera has some insight. _______________________________________________ Rails-spinoffs mailing list Rails-spinoffs-1W37MKcQCpIf0INCOvqR/
2007 Feb 01
Help with RadRails...
Hi everyone, I hope someone can help with some RadRails guidance... ( on WIndows XP ) I''ve been using UltraEdit and it''s Project management is good, but I feel RadRails should be better with the inbuild Ruby and RoR features... I''ve tried working through the tutorials on the web site for example the CookBook tutorial & it tells me to go the Generators Pane, which
2007 Mar 22
[916] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282: More Wx::AUI classes, event hooks and sample
...k style + @notebook_style = Wx::AUI_NB_DEFAULT_STYLE| + Wx::AUI_NB_TAB_EXTERNAL_MOVE|Wx::NO_BORDER + @notebook_theme = 0 + setup_menu + create_status_bar + get_status_bar.set_status_text("Ready") + set_min_size(,300) ) + setup_toolbars + setup_panes + setup_perspectives + setup_events + @mgr.update + end + + # + def setup_menu + mb = + + file_menu = + file_menu.append(Wx::ID_EXIT, "Exit") + + view_menu = + view_menu.append(ID_CreateText, "Create Text Control&qu...