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2006 Oct 30
Asterisk and Panasonic KX Model
If Someone did that, How I connect extensions.conf with this type of Hybrid system to work with asterisk inside this schema: PSTN--->PANASONIC KX <------> Asterisk | |--------->send internal call Thanks.
2005 Jul 18
Panasonic KX-TD500
Anyone have any luck with connecting Asterisk to the Panasonic KX-TD500. I have Asterisk connected via crossover to the TE110P. We are able to make internal calls into the Asterisk Box but the PBX vendor (I know nothing about the KX-TD500) tells us it is not possible route DID over the trunk. I find this hard to believe. Anyone have any luck with this?...
2004 Nov 24
Asterisk/Panasonic PRI Integration
Hi Guys, I'm looking for a light on the next problem integrating an Asterisk server with a Panasonic PBX using a PRI. The follow config has been working for two weeks and works almost fine, except for some little problems... 1- PSTN provides the E1/PRI (EuroISDN) 2- Asterisk receives the PRI 3- Asterisk provides a second PRI to Panasonic 4- Panasonic receives the asterisk PRI People can r...
2005 Jan 04
integrating with panasonic td-1232
Hi, Anybody have an idea how to integrate * with a Panasonic td-1232? We one at the main office, and are installing * in a branch office. We'd like to be able to make calls from * extensions to Panasonic extensions and the other way around. Making outgoing calls from extensions one one side to lines on the other would be nice too. I can put another *...
2005 Oct 01
chan_zap vs. Panasonic DTMF integration
The Panasonic KX-TA624 series PBXes (and similar models) support a DTMF integration feature that can be enabled for dedicated voice mail ports. What I want to do is connect an X100P FXO port to a jack on the Panasonic and make use of the Panasonic's DTMF call progress tones that it provides in DTMF integ...
2007 Jul 03
Asterisk and Panasonic TDA200
We have a setup running Asterisk interconnected to a Panasonic TDA200. The Asterisk server has a two port E1 card, one connected to the phone company and the other to the Panasonic. Everything is running fine and we can send and receive calls from the Panasonic and phone company. We are using MFC/R2 for both links on Asterisk 1.4.4 and Zaptel 1.4.3. Th...
2005 Mar 04
* intergation with Panasonic D500 and strange echo
Hi, all ! I have a situation like this: [SIP Terminals] <-> [*] < -ISDN-PRI-> [Panasonic D500] <-> Telecom (conn to Telecom is with second PRI card in Panasonic and 16 POTS lines). Panasonic has 2 ISDN PRI cards (one to Telco, and second to Asterisk), 16 POTS lines to telco and 32 (advanced hybrid telephone type) extensions. Idea is to have possibility to have some users on S...
2007 Nov 15
asterisk integration with panasonic analog pbx
Hi all, I have an existing panasonic analog pbx in use and a asterisk server with digium tdm400p(2 fxs and 2 fxo). channel 1 -> fxs -> telephone channel 2 -> fxs -> telephone channel 3 -> fxo -> extension 15 at panasonic pbx channel 4 -> fxo -> phone line from telco We call in to fxo (channel 4) and ente...
2004 Sep 20
panasonic KX-TD1232
hi everyone, Is it possible to serially connect my panasonic KX-TD1232 with a Linux box(Asterisk installed) and have it working? -- P. K.
2008 Oct 14
Panasonic x Asterisk if I can emulate Panasonic fast!
Im a 3-days-asterisk-newbie. In 3 weeks, I must have a PBX installed in a new office of ours: Panasonic or Asterisk. Asterisk would be, if I can emulate some Panasonic functions on Asterisk fast, to convince the executives. What I have done until now: Bought 1 Linksys pap2 (2 FXS), 1 Linksys SPA3102 (1 FXS + 1 FXO) for making asterisk tests. Configured Asterisk/Fedora 9 so I can make SIP->PST...
2006 May 30
Panasonic PBX
The place I currently work at has a Panasonic Key system with 9 extensions, and no voicemail. It services 2 PSTN lines. I am hoping to use Asterisk to host voicemail (I would like to use the IVR also, but I don't even know if or how it would work). Do I need to use a PRI between the two, or is there a simple solution? I would...
2005 Sep 14
PRI to PRI passthrough with DID intact
I currently have: Telco-PRI ---- Panasonic DBS576 PBX ---- E&M wink T1 ---- Asterisk. I have configured the Panasonic to forward my Asterisk DIDs to the Asterisk extensions over the T1. I do not get DID nor CID on the Asterisk, so I want to use PRI between the PBXs. I do not want to pay for another PRI card for the Panasonic. (T1 and...
2016 Sep 13
Panasonic PBX connect to Asterisk (Ikka Tirtawidjaja)
Panasonic PBX KX-TDA600 it doesn't support SIP protocol for VoIP technology it only support H323 Trunk through 4 or 16 channels gateway card and TDM technology with ISDN BRI and PRI card. Mc GRATH Ricardo
2003 Jul 21
PAnasonic And Asterisk
Dear Pals One customer has a Panasonic PBX KX-T336 with 60 ext. and a E1 (R2) for Trunks working perfectly now, This customer has 10 wireless links to his branches, wireless working great now, no voice at the present MY IDEA : T1Card into the Panasonic (additional to the E1) connected to a T1 Digium Card into Asterisk as far a...
2007 Jan 24
Panasonic Hybrid Integration Advice Needed
I have a client who has a Panasonic Hybrid system. They are taking in another company as a building tenant and the tenant will be on a new 12 station Asterisk system. This new asterisk system will have 4 FXO ports plus ITSP. The two systems will be separate except that they should tie together for the purposes of dialing extension...
2013 Nov 18
CONNECTEDLINE and panasonic 500
Hello! I have following connections over isdn pri: avaya definity---pri--asterisk--pri-panasonic 500 Just because panasonic 500 can't send user's names. I also want to have reverse callerid for avaya users. But if there is no answer in dial plan: exten => _XXXX,1,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name)=${DB(names/${EXTEN})}) ;exten => _XXXX,n,Answer exten => _XXXX,n,Dial(DAHDI/g4&...
2005 Jul 17
Panasonic KX-T7665 and Asterisk?
Hello, Is it possible to connect the Panasonic KX-T7665 IP phone to Asterisk? Kind regards Michael Felder IT Medic Australia Pty. Ltd. P: 03 9557 2213 F: 03 9557 2214 M: 0419 568 217 E: Keeping your computer systems healthy.
2005 Jun 14
Asterisk and Panasonic KX-TD1232 lin/number at a time to use ip phones. I am new to Asterisk, and haven't done much configuring of the PBX either. So I also wonder how difficult such setup is. We use today 4 BRI lines that connects us to the telephone network, would I then need 2xTE410P to put the Asterisk between the Panasonic and the phone network? BR Amund Nygaard IT-Manager A NOVO Norway AS
2005 Jun 29
X100P connected as extension to Panasonic 616 EASA-PHONE
Hi all. I`ve installed a X100P on my box and is working well with incoming and outgoing calls as a trunk with one PTSN line. I want to connect the X100P to my Panasonic 616 EASA-PHONE as an internal extension to permit to users to make calls to SIP devices from analog phones, the problem is when I dial the ext number where the X100P is connected I get busy tone. What config I need to change to my asterisk files to permit the commented in the last paragraph? Best...
2016 Sep 13
Panasonic PBX connect to Asterisk
Hi, Is there anyone here who has experience connecting Asterisk (ver 13.8) with PBX Panasonic KX-TDA600 ? The architecture more less like this : Telco Sip Trunk ---> Asterisk 13 ---> Panasonic KX-TDA600 ---> Phone / Fax Thanks in advance, Regards, Ikka - Jakarta, Indonesia -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <http://...