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2017 Aug 11
package building problem Centos 7 & R 3.4.1
...without "--as-cran". In some cases, package check passes. Other times, it fails differently. Here are some details, I hope you have guesses about where to check for trouble. I suspected I had an error in my packages, so I picked some at random from the CRAN list, things which depend on openxlsx. It turns out they don't survive check either. Hopefully this makes it easy for you to replicate (copy/paste :) ) $ wget $ R CMD check --as-cran reproducer_0.1.9.tar.gz * using log directory ?/tmp...
2017 Dec 07
Please to remove the warning when trying to check a package.
....packageXXX: no visible global function definition for 'new' Undefined global functions or variables: as new Consider adding 3) * checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... NOTE Packages listed in more than one of Depends, Imports, Suggests, Enhances: 'e1071' 'nlme' 'openxlsx' 'pheatmap' 'RColorBrewer' 'R.rsp' A package should be listed in only one of these fields. Can anybody help me to short out those problem please ? Thank you very much. regards Pijush [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2016 Apr 27
R Script Template
The subject of your email is missing. Perhaps you need to read the Posting Guide (again?) about attachments. Embedding your example directly in the body of the email is generally more accessible in archives than attaching it. -- Sent from my phone. Please excuse my brevity. On April 27, 2016 1:14:17 PM GMT+01:00, G.Maubach at wrote: >Hi All, > >I am addressing this post to all
2016 Apr 23
Java memory error when reading a small xlsx file
Hi, I tried to read a (small) xlsx file by "readWorksheetFromFile" function of "XLConnect" package and "read.xlsx" function in "xlsx" package, but I got this error message: Error: OutOfMemoryError (Java): Java heap space I tried to follow the solution on the web
2017 Nov 06
Multiple CSV files in different sheets of an Excel file
Hi Team, I am tried "WriteXLS" package for merging 2 csv files. R script runs successfully but does not create CSVmerge file. Appreciate our help. ?Best Regards, Kamlesh Khollam? [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2018 Jan 16
Packages couldn't load
You need to make sure that the rJava package is working. Consider using the readxl package instead of xlsx. Best regards, ir. Thierry Onkelinx Statisticus / Statistician Vlaamse Overheid / Government of Flanders INSTITUUT VOOR NATUUR- EN BOSONDERZOEK / RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR NATURE AND FOREST Team Biometrie & Kwaliteitszorg / Team Biometrics & Quality Assurance
2017 Aug 14
workaround for "package building problem Centos 7 & R 3.4.1"
...checking whether the namespace can be unloaded cleanly ... OK * checking loading without being on the library search path ... WARNING Error: package or namespace load failed for ?kutils? in loadNamespace(j <- i[[1L]], c(lib.loc, .libPaths()), versionCheck = vI[[j]]): there is no package called ?openxlsx? Execution halted It looks like this package has a loading problem when not on .libPaths: see the messages for details. * checking dependencies in R code ... OK ###################################### However, I promise all of the packages are installed, in "/usr/share/R/libra...