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2009 Sep 28
Basic Rails problem with has_many nil values and permalinks
Hi, I have a model property with has_many. I find the property and then I need to find the name of the building or the neighborhood that the property belongs to. The property is not always assigned a building or neighborhood. This becomes a problem when createing permalinks with permalink_fu. has_permalink [:neighborhood_name, :building_name, :address] The neighborhood name and building name are defined here in property.rb...
2006 May 09
Servers disappear from Network neighborhood
I am using Samba-PDC-LDAP with samba-3.0.20b-1. On my file servers I am using samba-3.0.10-1.4. I'm not sure exactly what is happening but every couple of weeks the file servers disappear form network neighborhood. I checked browstat on my Windows system and it points to my PDC as the master browser and I checked the wins.dat file on my PDC and the systems were there. I did not check the browse.dat file before correcting this latest problem (by restarting the nmbd service on the systems in question)....
1998 Jul 28
Network Neighborhood shows Linux icon doesn't allow to open, debug Marathon
After going through the /usr/doc/samba-1.9.17p4/DIAGNOSIS.txt file (GREAT debug/diagnostic tool!!!!!!!) I'm closer than ever!!!!!!!! I now SEE THE Linux machine name in my Network Neighborhood!!!!!!!!! I can ping both machines without any problem from both machines (W98 and Red Hat 5.1). I have edited the registry to allow plain text passwords. When I try net view from my W98 machine I see the two computers: \\Diane Diane's Computer \\Spanky S...
2004 Nov 18
Empty Network Neighborhood"
Hello. My problem is not samba realted, but I might hope that it can help me to solve it. Our network is about 200 users. Some of them are using windows. But today Network Neighborhood on all computers became empty. I've tried smbtree and its listing is empty too. If I enable -d10 I can see in the last string: "Unable to find master browser by broadcast" The only idea I have, some one have configured samba server, and so it may become master browser and then clos...
2009 Dec 20
Cannot see samba in win Neighborhood
Hello u all, sorry to bring this issue back again, but I?ve been searching and trying all the advices suggested in previous posts and I still can?t see the samba server in the win network neighborhood. I can see the samba shares from win via net view \\servername but if I issue a plain "net view" samba won?t show up. only the win machines, the same i can see on the Neighborhood... and when I select local master = no Samba would stay without master! I issue smbclient -L servername -...
1999 Aug 02
computer not showing up in Network Neighborhood
Hi, Has anyone had this problem with Samba? I have been having trouble getting my Samba server to show up in my Network Neighborhood list. It is in the right workgroup, and when I do a search for computer, it is found. Yet, it never shows up in my NN list. Can someone give me some advice on how to make this work? Thanks, Ken _____________________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Free instant me...
1999 Dec 24
SAMBA Server's Description displayed on Windows NT explorer network neighborhood
How do I display Samba Server's description on NT network neighborhood. The default description displayed "Samba 2.0.5a". Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Tom Ho
2004 Feb 22
SAMBA/Network Neighborhood problem
...SAMBA gurus, I have SAMBA installed on a Linux box behind a Linux firewall. Also running behind the same firewall on the same class C sub-net is a NT 4.0 box. After starting up SMBD/NMBD I could see the remote SAMBA system and the file and printer shares displayed as icons in the NT 4.0 Network Neighborhood Explorer file system. Right clicking and displaying the menu over the highlighted printer share icon I selected the: printer test for the shared printer in question. The NT 4.0 system requested that I install the printer driver for the shared printer. The printer driver install was successful but a...
2010 Aug 09
New build 2.0.5
Just applied some changes from Adam and Dylan and uploaded a new build. Good stuff guys, thanks. Get 2.0.5 here: Derek -- Derek Fowler m. +44 (0) 7966 512 369 e. dezfowler at -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2005 Dec 29
Help with Kriging
R Experts, I'm looking for some help with the geoR package. I'm trying to krig some data without using a global neighborhood. I would like to set my moving neighborhood to a distance, say 100 meters, where I know my data is spatially correlated. I have tried the ksline function, but that only allows my moving neighborhood to be set to a number of data points. But, since my data is not equally spaced it makes more...
1999 Dec 20
Few questions 2.0.6 is there a network neighborhood like app for linux(KDE) and tweaking more speed on moving files.
...o NT Server which was previously installed. I am using a backwars way of testing the speed and that is using thumbsplus to browse all the cached images from netscape. anyone now of a better means ? The second question: Is there a means by which to browse a network graphically, much like network neighborhood ? I am running KDE 1.? I am looking into how applicable it would be to have a linux desktop on an NT network. So far I haven't seen any utilities that would allow me to graphically browse a domain and so forth. Rowan [TSS] Gerber Scientific Products
2000 Jan 26
network neighborhood not working...
...37) lmhosts file, no luck. we are not allowed to run our own wins here. #9-10 again, works with full name ( also "map network drive" works if i put in the full name it then shows tmp being available any ideas why i cannot "browse" tmc1 from network neighborhood? cc's appreciated. thanks flip
2004 Feb 25
hiding the UNIX system name from Network Neighborhood
Hi, Here's the deal; Currently within our NT domain, Network Neighborhood can see our SAMBA server via both the "netbios" name (set with 'netbios name = vegas' from within the smb.conf file), plus the actual UNIX system name. We want our users to browse our SAMBA server only via the "netbios" name and not the actual UNIX system name. Ho...
2001 Apr 11
Cleaning up Network Neighborhood
I couldn't find anything like this in the archives, although it must be there. We are running Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat Linux 6.0 using Windows 95 clients. Our Network Neighborhood is filled with workgroups that no longer exist. In some cases, someone connected with a laptop that was in a certain workgroup and it was added to the list of our workgroups. Even that that person has been gone for almost a year, the workgroup still remains in the list. If you try to open the wo...
2006 Oct 16
no frills samba server #########################3################### [global] workgroup = MIDEARTH security = SHARE [Plans] path = /plans read only = Yes guest ok = Yes ############################################## This seems to work fine, but I do have a few concerns. First of all, when I go to the network neighborhood on my client xp machine I see nothing there. I can of course get to the samba share by typing in "\\samba\plans" at the run prompt, or by selecting "browse this workgroup" or something like that from within network neighborhood. But shouldn't something show up right of...
2010 May 07
Cluster procedure using geographical neighborhood
Dear Dario Sacco, >>>>> "DS" == Dario Sacco <dario.sacco at> >>>>> on Thu, 06 May 2010 17:45:30 +0200 writes: DS> Dear Dr. Maechler, DS> I am an agronomist and a researcher at the University of Turin. I am DS> also teaching "Applied statistics", then I have some knowledge in DS> Statistics, but not
2014 Aug 21
[LLVMdev] Liveness information still usable after register allocation?
Hi all, Sorry to bother those not interested in this problem. I have a problem while I want to reuse the liveness information after register allocation. When I use the livein_begin() from MachineBasicBlock to get the live-in registers after register alloction. I found that the liveness information is sometime incorrect. For example, some registers should be live-in to the machine basic block as
2001 Nov 27
Snap server in Samba PDC domain
...seemed to be able to tolerate it). About a week ago the NT machines stopped being able to see the workgroup that the Snap server was in, so we migrated it to the domain. Now everyone is happy, except the one NT machine that performs our backups of the Snap. It can see the Snap through Network Neighborhood, but after a while (I guess a few hours but I'm at a loss as to how to prove this) it 'loses' the ability to actually access the folders that the Snap exports. Clicking on a folder in Explorer gives a 'File or folder moved or deleted' dialog. I can't find any errors repo...
2008 Jun 16
rspec license plate
I was driving to my parents'' house this weekend and saw this in their neighborhood: Whoever owns this car is awesome in my book. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2006 May 26
has_and_belongs_to_many with fk constraints?
Hi folks, I''m wondering if it''s possible to use foreign key constraints on the join tables of a has_and_belongs_to_many relation. Specifically, I get this error when I try and delete a model I''m using, named saved_search, which is many-to-many with neighborhoods. Any ideas? Thanks for any help. :-) -Eric Code: @saved_search.destroy Error: Mupdate or delete on "saved_searches" violates foreign key constraint "neighborhoods_saved_searches_saved_searches_saved_search_id_fk" on "neighborhoods_saved_searches" DKey (id)=(1) i...