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2009 Feb 03
lapply and aggregate function
Dear list, I have two things I am struggling... # First set.seed(123) myD <- data.frame( Light = sample(LETTERS[1:2], 10, replace=T), Feed = sample(letters[1:5], 20, replace=T), value=rnorm(20) ) # Mean for Light myD$meanLight <- unlist( lapply( myD$Light, function(x) mean( myD$value[myD$Light ==...
2010 Oct 12
aggregate with cumsum
Hello everybody, Data is myd <- data.frame(id1=rep(c("a","b","c"),each=3),id2=rep(1:3,3),val=rnorm(9)) I want to get a cumulative sum over each of id1. trying aggregate does not work myd$pcum <- aggregate(myd[,c("val")],list(orig=myd$id1),cumsum) Please suggest a solution. In re...
2008 Jul 08
Question: Beginner stuck in a R cycle
Dear All, I have a database of 200 observations named myD. In the dataframe there are a column named code (with codes varying from 1 to 77), a column named "prevalence" with some quantitative measurements are given and an column named Pr_mean, with no values. I would like to set a cycle to compute the average of prevalence values for each diffe...
2013 Mar 20
highlight overlapping region of two densities
Hi all. I would like to highlight overlapping regions of two densities and I could not find a way to do it. Here is the sample code: myd <- c(2,4,5, 4,3,2,2,3,3,3,2,3,3,4,2,4,3,3,3,2,2.5, 2, 3,3, 2.3, 3, 3, 2, 3) myd1 <- myd-2 plot(range(density(myd)$x, density(myd1)$x), range(density(myd)$y, density(myd1)$y), type = "n") lines(density(myd), col=1, lwd=4) lines(density(myd1), col=2, lwd=4, lty=2) So, I am t...
2012 Jan 20
--link-dest doesn't work if target file exists (but needs updating)
...append, ACLs, xattrs, iconv, symtimes rsync comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the GNU General Public Licence for details. Given two files: # /bin/ls -li {source,dest}/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD 44695517 -rw-rw---- 2 sshd messagebus 5492 2012-01-19 00:31 source/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD 49676928 -rw-rw---- 1 sshd messagebus 5492 2012-01-18 12:00 dest/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD Their md5sums: # md5sum {source,dest}/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD b87dafdcf5...
2012 Jan 20
[Bug 8712] New: --link-dest doesn't work if target file exists (but needs updating)
...Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P5 Component: core AssignedTo: wayned at ReportedBy: brian at QAContact: rsync-qa at Given two files: # /bin/ls -li {source,dest}/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD 44695517 -rw-rw---- 2 sshd messagebus 5492 2012-01-19 00:31 source/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD 49676928 -rw-rw---- 1 sshd messagebus 5492 2012-01-18 12:00 dest/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD Their md5sums: # md5sum {source,dest}/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/jobqueue.MYD b87dafdcf5...
2009 Jul 06
How to make big MySQL database more diffable/rsyncable? (aka rsyncing big files)
Hello group, I'm having a very hard time rsyncing efficiently a MySQL database which contains very large binary blobs. (Actually, it's the database of Mantis bug tracker [], with file attachments stored directly in the table rows. I know it's a bad idea from many other reasons, but let's say it was given to me as such.) First, I was dumping the
2005 May 13
List and Column Names in a Function?
In this simple function, how can I pass strings for index and column names to the function? I've posted this type of question before and received no response. Maybe this example will be easier to understand and troubleshoot. ds <- function(myds, vec) {myds[[vec]]*2} ds1 <- c(X=list(1:10), Y=list(11:20)) ds(get("ds1"),get("Y")) khobson at Kenneth Ray Hobson, P.E. Oklahoma DOT - QA & IAS Manager Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3204
2007 Mar 09
dendrogram again
Hi all, ok, i know i can cut a dendrogram, which i did. all i get is three objects that a dendrograms itself. for example: myd$upper, myd$lower[[1]], myd$lower[[2]] and so on. of course i can plot them seperately now. but the lower parts still have hundreds of branches. i?ll need a 30 " widescreen to watch the whole picture. what i?d like to is group the lower branches , so that i get a dendrogram with a few bran...
2017 Apr 05
Transfer hangs, both sides waiting on receive
...32GB file, already a couple of GBs into the total transfer. Host A reports: .... 04:41:03 [6281] [receiver] send_msg_int(100, 1701) 04:41:03 [6281] recv_files(mysql/innodb_table_stats.ibd) 04:41:03 [6281] sender finished //mysql/innodb_table_stats.ibd 04:41:03 [6281] send_files(1749, //mysql/user.MYD) 04:41:03 [6281] sender finished //mysql/user.MYD 04:41:03 [6281] send_files(1750, //mysql/user.MYI) 04:41:03 [6281] sender finished //mysql/user.MYI 04:41:03 [6281] send_files(1806, //some_dbase) 04:41:03 [6281] send_files(1808, //some_dbase/actions.ibd) 04:41:03 [6281] > mysql/innodb...
2003 Sep 19
extracting the levels of a subset of data
Hi, > tmpdata<-subset(myd, TYPE=="A") > levels(tmpdata$TYPE) > [1] "A" "B" "C" I'd like to get only "A" as output... Thanks for your help Marc
2009 Sep 13
(no subject)
How would I make a histogram using R from a table in excel that has 4 variables, but I only want to use 2 of the columns to make the histogram? [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Apr 27
scope of variable/object ?
...code works if it's standalone, but doesn't work if it's divided into two functions. The code that works is: ################### WORKS ############### library(pamr) set.seed(120) x <- matrix(rnorm(1000*20),ncol=20) y <- sample(c(1:4),size=20,replace=TRUE) mydata <- list(x=x,y=y) mytrain <- pamr.train(mydata) new.scales <- pamr.adaptthresh(mytrain,ntries = 1) ######################################## But if I split the lines into two functions, then I get an error message that reads : 'Error in pamr.train(data = myd2, threshol...
2009 Jan 09
rpart with interval censored data crashes R
Hi Everyone, This example code results in R 'crashing'; that is the R application closes with no warnings or error messages. #----------------------- myD <- read.table(stdin(), header=TRUE, nrows=20) Broth Salt pH Temp N Y Growth 1 310 9.0 2.92 10 90.0 NA 0 2 615 6.0 7.82 30 1.0 2 1 3 217 2.0 7.34 10 7.0 8 1 4 338 10.0 4.44 10 90.0 NA...
2005 Dec 01
Snow & rvpm
...brary snow under R I have the following situation clusterCall(cl, function()[c("sysname", "release","nodename","machine")]) [[1]] sysname release nodename machine "FreeBSD" "5.4-RELEASE" "uffbsd.myd" "i386" [[2]] sysname release nodename machine "FreeBSD" "6.0-RELEASE" "NbBSD.myd" "i386" NOW, using the example of boot in the end of page
2004 Aug 18
[Bug 1599] New: copy-unsafe-links cann't take affect
...08/11 12:19:23 [2912] rsync on db from db@beijingdb ( 2004/08/11 12:19:23 [2912] file has vanished: "/phpinfo.php" (in db) 2004/08/11 12:19:23 [2912] file has vanished: "/mms/Downmmslog.MYI" (in db) 2004/08/11 12:19:23 [2912] file has vanished: "/mms/Downmmslog.MYD" (in db) 2004/08/11 12:19:23 [2912] file has vanished: "/mms/Downmmslog_20040420.frm" (in db) 2004/08/11 12:19:23 [2912] file has vanished: "/mms/Downmmslog_20040420.MYD" (in db) 2004/08/11 12:19:23 [2912] file has vanished: "/mms/Downmmslog_20040420.MYI" (in d...
2013 Apr 17
Package VIF is greatly appreciated. library(VIF) coal <- read.csv("e:/freekvif/cqa1.csv",header=TRUE) y <- as.numeric(coal$AI) x <- as.matrix(cbind(coal$Gyp, coal$Pyrite, coal$Sid, coal$Calcite, coal$Dol, coal$Apatite, coal$Kaol, coal$Quartz, coal$Mica, coal$Micro, coal$Rutile)) myd <-list(y=y,x=x) vif.sel <- vif(myd$y, myd$x, subsize=11, trace=FALSE) vif.sel$select Response from R: logical(0) Thank you so much, Jacob
2010 Apr 09
How to use tapply for quantile
I am trying to calculate quantiles of a data frame column split up by two factors: # Calculate the quantiles quarts = tapply(gdf$tt, list(gdf$Runway, gdf$OnHour), FUN=quantile, na.rm = TRUE) This does not work: > quarts 04L 04R 15R 22L 22R 27 32 33L 33R 0 NULL Numeric,5 NULL Numeric,5 NULL Numeric,5 NULL Numeric,5 NULL 1 NULL
2003 Jul 17
line colors in lattice.xyplot with png device.
...R users could get help without annoying this huge mailing list ? In following code, I'd like to choose the color for each of the curve diplayed. png(filename = filename, width = 950, height = 600, pointsize = 10, bg = "white") xyplot(HITS+MS1*3+FREQ~TIME |SERVER*LOCAL, data=myd,allow.multiple = TRUE, scales = "same", type="l") another problem is that I don't get a white backgroud, which is quite problematic when printing the output. (I works on WIN2K) and last but not least, is there a way to use 2 different y axis, i.e. curve 1& 2...
2011 Aug 16
Dashboard table resource_statuses growing uncontrollably
...107 | +----------+ mysql> select count(*) from resource_statuses; +-----------+ | count(*) | +-----------+ | 188068011 | +-----------+ Yeah, that''s over 188 million rows. Currently, the entire mysql data directory for the dashboard database is taking up 51 GB; the resource_statuses.MYD file is 47 GB of that. We''ve got a weekly cron job that runs "/usr/share/puppet-dashboard/ Rakefile RAILS_ENV=production reports:prune upto=2 unit=wk", and I''ve run it manually, but it doesn''t seem to impact that table. Is there a "safe" way to reduc...