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2009 May 14
Why my DomU OS'' State is always blocked? Thank you very much!!
...ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s) Domain-0 0 1317 2 r----- 75.5 Fedora5 1 200 1 -b---- 6.9 centos.5-2 3 500 1 -b---- 2.0 Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! _______________________________________________ Xen-users mailing list
2010 Feb 20
l2arc current usage (population size)
Hello, How do you tell how much of your l2arc is populated? I''ve been looking for a while now, can''t seem to find it. Must be easy, as this blog entry shows it over time: And follow up, can you tell how much of each data set is in the ar...
2005 Dec 16
''Code table'' best practices?
...le: CATEGORY_CODES ID int DESCRIPTION varchar(200) "category codes", to the user, are 6-digit numbers, sometimes with leading zeroes, that have specific meanings. My customers usually want a metric truckload full of reports. Often, there are more reports than actual business logic. So much fun. Reports get much, much easier when you don''t need to join over into a lookup table constantly. It would be nice to able able to simply say: Plans.find_all_by_category_code ''123456'' If I follow the ''pure'' ActiveRecord intent for this, it would inst...
2008 Oct 14
Profile loading/saving on gigabit network only runs at fast ethernet speeds! Help!
...ave large files in their profile (virtual machines actually = ~3-4GB per profile & will grow...). I know the best option is to save the work elsewhere, like their mapped home directory, but it would be highly inconvenient to copy the VM back and forth every time they wanted to use it (although much faster than the logon/logoff speeds). Let me elaborate: I have done speed tests transferring files and directories directly to writable shares. I have monitored the network speeds with iptraf on the server while downloading/uploading a 1 GB or file or large directory on the relevant interf...
2006 Jul 06
memory uses
Hi All, I have this small doubt. Does backgroundrb have anything to do with dispatch.fcgi? some dispatch.fcgi are taking memory as much as 186 MB .... this is monstrous man... Also, if i put load rails environment with backgroundrb.yml file to be false.What will happen? i just loses access to db through ActiveRecord right? I can still use normal mysql gem to access db and modify the tables..correct? I should be able to create Mid...
2010 Aug 30
Dom0 down ...
Hi , There is some tips for avoid a virtual machine (domU) down Dom0. My xen Dom0 restart when one virtual machine have much stress (CPU) , is possible configure XEN for isolate a virtual machine ? Thank very much . -- Bruno Steven - Administrador de sistemas. LPIC-1 - LPI ID: lpi000119659 / Code: p2e4wz47e4 MCP-Windows 2003 - TranscriptID: 793804 ...
2006 Feb 23
Performance problem due to ruby or fcgi or mysql?
when i "siege" a particular page on my site, my site just crashed under a very light load, and cpu usage quickly goes up to 99%. But my other pages are doing much better with load testing. So my guess initially was that sql statements with this page is the cause. However, from "tail -f production.log ", it seems that sql is doing ok and not taking much time, and "Top" also confirms that mysql takes up small percentage of CPU, but...
2007 Jan 23
RedCloth and SuperRedCloth
...quite unhappy with the state of RedCloth and am reluctant to release the code in the repository. I can''t say if the code works with any confidence because I can''t generate the (Poignant) Guide with the current RedCloth. I know some things are fixed, but I''m afraid that much is still broken. I think I''d rather re-release 3.0.3 as 3.0.5, you know? So, my first question is: what to do with the RedCloth 3.x series?? --- The next pressing item is SuperRedCloth.[1] This library is much faster, much cleaner, but also much smaller. I don''t plan on supp...
2010 Jul 16
Recommended RAM for ZFS on various platforms
I''m currently planning on running FreeBSD with ZFS, but I wanted to double-check how much memory I''d need for it to be stable. The ZFS wiki currently says you can go as low as 1 GB, but recommends 2 GB; however, elsewhere I''ve seen someone claim that you need at least 4 GB. Does anyone here know how much RAM FreeBSD would need in this case? Likewise, how much RAM...
2006 May 17
BACKPACK: There was a problem processing your email
...mmediately, you can be sure it''s been put on the high priority list and we''ll be getting to it shortly. If after a few minutes you continue getting this response to emails you''ve sent to your Backpack pages, please send an email to explaining in as much detail as possible what caused you to see this message. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and help. - The Backpack Team
2006 May 06
How much memory is need to host a rails app?
I''m looking to host a low-traffic, personal blog. I already have a VPS Linux host with 192MB of RAM. How much memory is need to run a rails app? Considering that memory is scarce, I assuming LigHTTPD will be a better choice than apache. What about MySql? Do I need more memory to host that or should I consider sqlite instead? Is anyone else hosting a Rails a rails app on a host with 192MB of RAM or less?...
2001 Jan 30
kernel panic with ext3-0.0.5e.
hi. i''m using 2.2.18 with ext3-0.0.5e on a dual p3-550 with 1.5 gigs of ram. the system is redhat 6.2-based but with lots of modifications and a clean kernel build. i''ve been using 2.2.18 and 2.2.17 with ext3 patches on other machines with much success and no problems, up until last night, when the machine mentioned above kernel panicked on me. unfortunately i don''t have much of the info. the console was completely locked and all i could do was cycle power, but the oops message on the screen was in a jfs_something() call within...
2004 Apr 22
ingress policing based on source address?
Hi all I''m new to this list, but not exactly to iproute stuff. I''d like to solve a specific problem with bandwidth coming from different external sources towards the internal network (also the other way around, but I figure that''s not so much a problem, since that is egress traffic shaping). The network looks like this: internet ------ ISP-------[shaping/router] | | +- net1 -------- host1 mirrors host2 +- net2 in text: we connect to the in...
2006 Jan 09
Large select list, speed issues
...ons => "status not containing ''dead''", :order => ''project_name''), "id", "project_name") %><br> <br> When my page was in PHP, in which I ran the search and looped through the results generating option tags, it was much faster than the select_Tag is right now. There are about 1000 projects. In PHP, the page loaded in about half a second, the rails page takes about 4-5 seconds. I tried manually looping and generating option tags instead of using the select_tag method, but it wasn''t much better. Any suggest...
2011 Jun 24
t.38 virtual fax software?
Can anyone recommend some kind of virtual t.38 fax software? I''d like to test/debug some of the t.38 stuff, but it''d be much easier if I had a software client that could just generate the faxes from a workstation, rather than having to sit with the fax machine + t.38 ata to source faxes from. There doesn''t seem to be much out there, and the stuff that''s out there is kind of expensive for me just to be...
2007 Dec 27
(package e1071) SVM tune for best parameters: why they are different everytime i run? train.x and train.y are matrix specified. # output command: >svm.tune$best.parameters$cost >svm.tune$best.parameters$gamma result: cost gamma 0.25 4.00 run A again: cost gamma 1 4 again: cost gamma 0.25 4.00 The result is so unstable, if it varies so much, why do we need to tune? Do you know if this behavior is normal? Can we trust the best.parameters for prediction? Thank you so much to help out!! Best Regards, Maggie [[alternative HTML version deleted]] ______________________________________________ mailing list http...
2006 Apr 25
How much Ruby?
...the pickaxe about 1 1/2 months ago, and I have been reading through it and learning Ruby in my spare time. I''m about 200 pages into it, and I''m starting to think I don''t need to know all of the in''s and out''s of Ruby to get a good hang on Rails. How much Ruby do I really need to be proficient in Rails? Ruby is a great language, I love it, but I don''t see myself ever using it outside of Rails. Thanks a lot, -- Matt -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Jul 07
protocol for "Surge MAX"
I am sorry if this is an FAQ, but there doesn''t seem to be searchable archives, and the supported manufacturer''s list doesn''t include "surge master". Google was also not much help. I have just put a Linux box and the customer has a "surge max " UPS. Anyone any ideas what protocol it uses? There is a Green serial cable. The manufacturers web site is here: But it isn''t much use... -- C...
2006 Feb 08
BACKPACK: There was a problem processing your email
...mmediately, you can be sure it''s been put on the high priority list and we''ll be getting to it shortly. If after a few minutes you continue getting this response to emails you''ve sent to your Backpack pages, please send an email to explaining in as much detail as possible what caused you to see this message. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and help. - The Backpack Team
2010 Jun 03
Comparing a 4-point and 5-point Likert scale
Help with survey data: Hello R colleagues, I hope this is an appropriate place to direct this question. It relates specifically to the comparability of a 5-point likert to a 4- point likert scale. One question in my dataset asks "How much should be done to reduce the gap between rich and poor" Much more, somewhat more, about the same, somewhat less and much less. The second questions ask: "People who can afford to, should be able to pay for their own health care" strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly agree....