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2003 Sep 15
Persp and color
How can I control de "wrap-around" color behaviour in the persp function ? I am using something like : persp(bb[1:100,2:97], col= rainbow(8,start=0.1, end=0.8))) Depending on the rainbow length value I get several "wrap-around" blocks of the selected color range...something that I wanted to avoid... My idea is to use the color in order to make a separation from a certain
2012 Oct 07
variances of random effects in coxme
...e in order to build Cox models with complex random effects. Unfortunately, I sometimes get surprising estimations of the variances of the random effects. I ran models with different fixed covariates but always with the same 3 random effects defined by the argument varlist=coxmeMlist(list(mat1,mat2,mat3), rescale = F, pdcheck = F, positive=F). I get a few times exactly the same estimations of the parameters of the random effects whereas the fixed effects of the models are different: Random effects Group Variable Std Dev Variance idp Vmat.1 0.10000000 0.01000000 Vmat.2 0.02236068...
2007 Nov 14
Generating these matrices going backwards
I have generated the following: x= E1 E2 E3 D1 0 0 1 D2 1 0 3 D3 0 2 0 y= E1 E2 E3 D1 0 0 1.75 D2 1.75 0 1.3125 D3 0 3.5 0 Where x and y are linked by: y =sum(x) * x / (rowSums(x)%o%colSums(x)) N=x[x[1:3,]>0] R=y[y[1:3,]>0] Now suppose I
2011 Apr 24
random roundoff?
...numerous matrix multiplications, I have a situation in in which the result depends on the nature of nearby I/O. Thus, with all arithmetic done with type double, and where values are mostly in the range [-1.0e0,+1.0e0] or nearby, I do: cerr << "some stuff" << endl; mat3 = matmult(mat1,mat2); I get a difference of the order 1.0e-15 depending on whether the cerr line does or does not end in "endl" as shown. I am imagining that there is some "randomness" in the roundoff that depends on the I/O situation. Is this credible? Any other suggest...
2007 Mar 25
HI, I am trying to perform ANOVA with 2 factors: material (3), temperature(3). The interaction is significant. I tried something like, ( summary(avt, split=list("temp:mat"=list("15"=1, "70"=2, "125"=3))) is not correct). Thanks, av <- aov(time ~ mat*temp, data=dados) avt <- aov(time ~ temp/mat) summary(avt,
2010 Aug 25
approxfun-problems (yleft and yright ignored)
Dear all, I have run into a problem when running some code implemented in the Bioconductor panp-package (applied to my own expression data), whereby gene expression values of known true negative probesets (x) are interpolated onto present/absent p-values (y) between 0 and 1 using the *approxfun - function*{stats}; when I have used R version 2.8, everything had worked fine, however, after
2016 Apr 23
[Bug 95095] New: NV46 (G72) Full screen artifacts in Freespace 2 SW OT mod Bug ID: 95095 Summary: NV46 (G72) Full screen artifacts in Freespace 2 SW OT mod Product: Mesa Version: git Hardware: Other OS: All Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: medium Component: