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2006 Feb 06
Evaluate output after each rep()
...ith the loop if the output contains the value 100, stop if the output lacks a 100. How do I get R to evaluate the output after each rep? >sim <- function(nn){ > for (ii in 1:nn){ > ee=rep(rbinom(6000, 200, .5), ii) > if (any(ee==100)) > } Thanks, Matt MacManes ******************************************************** Matthew D. MacManes PhD Student UC- Berkeley Department of Integrative Biology Museum of Vertebrate Zoology 3101 VLSB #3140 Berkeley, CA 94720 (510)642-7782 EMAIL: macmanes at WEBSITE:
2005 Sep 08
Experimental data analysis (eda) function
Hello, I cant seen to find the equivalent function in version 2.1.1. This always served as a nice preliminary tool for looking visually at data. Thanks, Matt Matthew MacManes PhD Student Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Department of Integrative Biology UC-Berkeley Berkeley, CA. 94720 Office: (510) 642-7782 Fax: (510) 643-8238 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]