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2014 Apr 09
Logrotate errors
Hi all, I have a problem with logrotate and I don't know why. In /var/log/messages appears these errors: Apr 8 15:01:01 plzfnsm02 logrotate: ALERT exited abnormally with [1] Apr 8 16:01:01 plzfnsm02 logrotate: ALERT exited abnormally with [1] Apr 8 17:01:01 plzfnsm02 logrotate: ALERT exited abnormally with [1] Apr 8...
2006 Sep 27
Slightly OT: Cron for Logrotate and Squid
Howdy list, Hey does anyone know what the best cron job is to call logrotate to run the squid logrotations? -Or the subscribe address for a squid or logrotate mailing list (can't seem to find anything other than the usual MARC archives). I have this in /etc/logrotate.conf # rotate log files daily, they get too big otherwise, another story. daily # keep 8 wee...
2005 Aug 23
logrotate broken on 4.1
Hi all: logrotate is broken on my stock 4.1 install. After hunting and hunting I found there is a bug filed with Redhat on the issue. logrotate fails becasue my /tmp partition is mounted noexec. I understand it is that way for security reasons. The box in question is on a dedicated hosting site and that's...
2013 May 21
Asterisk Log rotate not working
Hi, Last year, I installed Asterisk 10.4.2 and enabled logrotate on daily basis which was working perfect. Now in couple of months back, the logrotate feature is not working at all but simply appending the logs in 'messages' file. Listing down down the configuration for logrotate below; /var/log/asterisk/messages { missingok rotate 5 dai...
2009 May 27
[PATCH node] Compress all rotated logs.
Removes the delaycompress line so that every rotation is compressed. Signed-off-by: Darryl L. Pierce <> --- logrotate/ovirt-logrotate.conf | 3 +-- 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-) diff --git a/logrotate/ovirt-logrotate.conf b/logrotate/ovirt-logrotate.conf index 8747f59..8b89a2d 100644 --- a/logrotate/ovirt-logrotate.conf +++ b/logrotate/ovirt-logrotate.conf...
2009 Sep 23
logrotate and regular expressions
I am trying to use logrotate to rotate our web logs for our various vhosted sites to cut down on space and rotate out old logs that are not necessary to keep around personally. What Im curious to find out, is how supported extended regular expressions is within the logrotate.conf file. More specifically, will logrotate be sm...
2008 Jul 31
Logrotate is not happing without -f option
Dear All, Currently i am using CentOS 4.4 Linux Logrotate is not happen without -f option I have executed the following logrotate /etc/logrotate.conf manually and Logrotate command exit without any error messages If i executed with -f option then Logrotate will happen I am not sure why this is happening. Can some one throw light on this...
2015 Sep 24
Logrotate problems
Hi Y'all, We have nginx set up and we are having problems with logrotate. The permissions and users do not seem to be any different from other machines that are working ok however the /var/log/nginx does have a directory in there that we are using to collect some special log stuff. Could this subdirectory be interfering with the logrotate process? ta Andr...
2006 Jan 03
date in logrotate
Quick logrotate question for the group. To comply with a PHB mandate, I need to keep our apache logs for a minimum of 2 years, and will be periodically required to hand over chunks of the logs from specific dates/times. While extending the timeframe of logrotate is easy, I've found that there's no eleg...
2006 Feb 09
Dovecot stops logging of imap logins after logrotation
Hi list, on my Debian box there is a logrotation cron job that will gzip existing /var/log/mail.log file and create a new mail.log. It seems that after running logrotation dovecot stops logging successful POP or IMAP logins to /var/log/mail.log (nevertheless, it still works to login with POP or SMTP). This is bad because pop-before-smtp mechanisms also stop working.
2008 Aug 21
What fires logrotate
I've been taking a look at how RedHat (and CentOS) handles logrotate. According to the man page, logrotate is supposed to be fired by cron. But when I look at root's crontab $ sudo crontab lu root no crontab for root What exactly fires logrotate (and other scheduled events like "logwatch", which ends up in root's inbox)? === Al
2012 Apr 27
fail2ban logrotate failure
I got the fail2ban from epel. There were a number of issues relating to using a log file... logwatch was looking for both fail2ban and fail2ban.log logrotate file fail2ban added looked for fail2ban.log and then reset itself to syslog fail2ban itself went to syslog, over riding its fail2ban.log. took a while, but I use /var/log/fail2ban now, that finally worked through logrotates and logwatch. Problem with centos variant of fail2ban: log...
2016 Jul 28
ElasticSearch Logrotate not working
Hey guys, I have this log rotation script setup in my /etc/logrotate.d folder /var/log/elasticsearch/*.log { daily rotate 100 size 50M copytruncate compress delaycompress missingok notifempty create 644 elasticsearch elasticsearch } And I notice that log files are still being generated that are upwards of 7 or 8...
2005 May 29
I am googgling right now but am unable to find a simpler description of how to get logrotate to do what i want it to do. I have a cs 1.6 server that generates quite a bit of logs. That log generation is going to increase significantly with one of my plugins i am going to be installing(logD and the impressive plugin). I want to tell logrotate to daily rotate all the logs inside my ...
2017 Mar 19
Permission denied when logrotating dovecot.log
Hello guys Having headaches here how to make logrotation for dovecot log files work. Having permission issues: michael.heuberger at xxx /e/l/daily ??? sudo logrotate -fv dovecot.daily ? reading config file dovecot.daily Handling 1 logs rotating pattern: /var/log/dovecot*.log forced from command line...
2015 Sep 24
Logrotate problems
Actually, doing what logrotate suggests causes other problems. We don't have this problem on any other system so I am keen to understand the root of the issue rather than start messing around with the default permissions of the log directories. logrotate only matches /var/log/nginx/*log - /var/log...
2018 Nov 13
error creating output file /var/lib/logrotate/logrotate.status.tmp: File exists
Hi all, I have configured a specific logrotate task to rotate certain logs every hour and everytime this logrotate's task runs, I am receiving an email like this: Auto-Submitted: auto-generated Precedence: bulk X-Cron-Env: <LANG=en_US.UTF-8> X-Cron-Env: <LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8> X-Cron-Env: <XDG_SESSION_ID=4502> X-Cron-Env: &l...
2009 Feb 12
Logrotate base
Hi guys, Logrotate is checked every day by cron.daily, right? I notice in logrotate.conf by default it's weekly. If I change it into monthly (now, on 12 of Feb), when will it do the monthly rotation? a. On 12 of March or b. On 1st of March? Thanks for any insight.
2016 Mar 06
logrotate script error
Hey guys, I'm trying to rotate a logstash log that can grow pretty large. 3.4GB last I saw! And that's because the logrotate script I came up with didn't work. The error I get on a syntax check is this: #logrotate -f logstash size: '100M': No such file size: '100M': No such file size: '100M': No such file size: '100M': No such file size: '100M': No such file size: '100M&...
2009 Nov 09
CentOS 5.4 logrotate and syslog
Anyone having problems with logrotate and CentOS 5.4? Although I have /etc/logrotate.d/mail (contents below) to rotate my maillog file, it fails to do it automatically: /var/log/maillog { compress dateext maxage 365 rotate 60 size=+1024k missingok postrotate /etc/init....