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2008 Jul 10
file mail-transaction-log-view.c: assertion failed (v1.0.12)
...error to care about much, "assertion failed" is something new. maibox are accessed only by dovecet and dovecot's LDA. -------sart of log --- dovecot: Jul 02 11:27:21 Error: IMAP(neko at Corrupted transaction log file /srv/vmail/.cache/ Append with UID 19202, but next_uid = 19203 dovecot: Jul 02 11:27:21 Error: IMAP(neko at Corrupted transaction log file /srv/vmail/.cache/ Append with UID 19202, but...
2009 Jun 02
Not received any E-MAIl from listserve???
I have been a while did NOT received E-MAIL from "centos" listserv. Any problem on CENTOS listserv? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ?????????Yahoo!??????2.0?????????????
2020 Oct 20
[EXTERNAL] Is there a new way to search the listserv archives?
>>> I see the link here, but clicking it results in a 404. Before I waste everyone's time posting my question, I really wanted to search to see if it's been solved already. I don't know of a baked-in official method, but the "" search modifier should work with both DuckDuckGo and Google. Example:
2006 Apr 25
looking for a PHP developer/listserv
I run a small web development company on the north side of Chicago and we''re looking for an experienced enterprise-level PHP developer to consult on a project or hourly basis. I know this forum is a Ruby group, but I know that a lot of you know PHP people - or started out as PHP coders. I''f you''re interested, shoot me an email. If this post is inappropriate
2020 Oct 20
Is there a new way to search the listserv archives?
I see the link here <>, but clicking it results in a 404. Before I waste everyone's time posting my question, I really wanted to search to see if it's been solved already. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2003 Jun 12
ATA losing registration problems solved by setting tftp
For all thos Asterisk users not on the FWD list, it works for me!: -----Original Message----- From: Free World Dialup - The Future of Dialing [mailto:FWD@LISTSERV.PULVER.COM] On Behalf Of Leonidas Piagkos Sent: donderdag 12 juni 2003 0:58 To: FWD@LISTSERV.PULVER.COM Subject: Re: [FWD] FWD losing Registration Hi Don, All you have to do with your ATA is to set the following parameters as : UseTftp = 1 CfgInterval = 1800 TftpURL = 192.168.0.x (any internal...
2009 Aug 10
How do you access all the column attributes associated with a column reboot instance? The variables poisson2 ~ a matrix with 10,000 rows and 8 column attributes. Things I tried: This command only returns a vector for one of the column attributes x1_prob <- poisson2$Probability[poisson2$Reboot.Id=="Reboot 1"] The command below gave an error: all_column_attributes_for_reboot_1
2008 Dec 09
Duplicate suppression from remote lists?
Hi, I have a setup where users on my server who are subscribed to several lists on a (remote) weirdly-configured listserver are getting many duplicate e-mails. I know why this is happening; but I don't have control over that listserver so I can't fix it. Is there a way for me to suppress duplicates from within Dovecot? The duplicates do all have the same (otherwise-unique) message ID. "dovecot --...
2007 Oct 25
DNS CNAME question
Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question (and if so, please point me to a better listserv), but is there anything "wrong" RFC or best practice wise with pointing a CNAME record to a DNS server? (I'm using, and I'd like to make my CNAME records ns1-> correspond to ns1-> -------------- next part -------------- An HTML...
2011 Mar 22
Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Statistica, S-PLUS updated
Greetings, I've just put out the latest version of "The Popularity of Data Analysis Software" at This update includes complete data for 2010, the addition of number of blogs for each software, more coverage of Statistica, and, where possible, measures regarding the implementations of the SAS Language: Carolina and the World Programming
2006 Jan 30
non linear 3SLS with constraints
hi, i am new here and wanted to know, before i start learning yet another statistical package: I want to estimate a system of equations that is non linear in the parameters, using 3SLS. However, i will probably have to constrain some of the parameters to be between, say, zero and one. Is this possible with R, and better, is this easy? If so, since i am an absolute beginner, any pointers where
2011 Apr 16
Rotating the x-axis labels of a barplot
Dear listserv, Here is my latest formatting problem. I would like to rotate the x-axis labels by 45 degrees on a _barplot_. Apparently this is slightly different from the example given in the R FAQ, which is for rotating the x-axis labels on a scatterplot (
2007 Feb 15
OT - IP Network Call Recording
Apologies in advance as this is not directly Asterisk related, however I thought I might be able to leverage the experience of particiapants on this listserv for some advice. I have a client who is utilizing Talkswith PBX appliances, which have no native call monitoring/call recording capabilities. They are looking for an additional application, service or appliance that can sit on the LAN, and allow an administrator to monitor or recording inboun...
2004 Jan 09
Development Process comment and Email list suggestion
...this is not a good idea because there will be even more cross posting than there is now between -dev and -users. Several years ago I was a moderator on the SAP-R3-L list hosted by MIT. This list had several thousand subscribers and averaged 300 messages or so per day. This list was run on the ListServe software from Lsoft. The various modules of R/3 (ie: topic areas) were managed by using (and inforcing) topic keywords in the subject line. Enforcing the list guidelines was a 2 hour or so task each night for the moderators (we had several that rotated weekly shifts) but it made the list usag...
2006 May 26
Quick question: In the Samba-by-example, (Chapter 5, Page 188 of PDF) ---quote--- 4. Edit the /etc/smbldap-tools/smbldap.conf file so that the following information is changed from: # Where to store next uidNumber and gidNumber available sambaUnixIdPooldn="cn=NextFreeUnixId,${suffix}" to read, after modification: # Where to store next uidNumber and gidNumber available
2012 May 09
ultimate markdown editor wishlistbowerbirdd
i should probably just let this listserve die, but... *** anyway, it's that brett terpstra fellow again... > -bowerbird -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2009 Apr 17
Sieve "redirect"
Is there an alternative to the "redirect" Sieve capability? For example: if header :contains "Subject" "Listserv" { redirect "list-user1 at"; redirect "list-user2 at"; redirect "list-user3 at"; stop; } How can I do the above without using "redirect"? Unfortunately, "redirect" seems to be unsupported by Dovecot...
2009 Jun 17
Postfix question: How to reject email with a certain subject header
Hello everyone, Occasionally I get emails which have a subject header of "Rejected posting to Blah", from a listserv I am on. Without going into a 10 page diatribe of why, I'd like to reject these automatically, sending them to /dev/null. I used to run Sendmail and that was pretty easy to do. How can I do this under Postfix under CentOS 5.3? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Gilbert *************...
2004 Jan 08
Mailing list growth
So far in January, we've had 726 messages on -users. December 2003: 2.978 messages November 2003: 3.410 messages October 2003: 3.177 messages December 2002: 741 messages December 2001: 67 messages ...the project is growing. /Olle
2012 Jul 13
Multiple Wifi Profiles
This may not necessarily be the best place to ask this, but I''ve tried the Admin Guide, LinuxQuestions and Debian forums and no one knows. Running Debian Testing, and I need to set up two profiles for my wifi adapter, one for home and one for any open AP. I''m using the manual method of configuring, editing the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and