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2006 Aug 13
learing to make shell scripts
Is there a good book out there that a newbie can understand to learn how to make shell scripts professionally and properly? Mr. X
2008 May 30
LinkWord Language Learing Software W/ ActiveX error
Hi all, I am new to Wine and Linux. I am currently running Ubuntu 8.04 with Wine 1.0-rc2 on an old Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. For the last couple of days, I have been trying to get my Linkword language learning software to work on my laptop (Rosetta Stone seems like a lost cause at this point). A little about this program, it is a "stand alone" type program, and by that I mean you don''t have to install anything. You can just throw in the CD-Rom and click on the *.exe file and off...
2007 Sep 07
SQL like function?
Hi RUsers, I am wonder if I can search observations whose IDs matches any of the values in another vector, such as in MySQL. While I am learing MySQL for future database management, I appreciate if anyone could give me a hint. Suppose I have one 5*1 vector containing observation IDs and frequencies, and one 3*1 vector containing observation IDs. observation<-c(1,2,3,4,5) ID<-c(1,3,4) Then, I would like to program a code that...
2004 Feb 01
I can''t make .C(...) web-page example.
Hi everyone! I''m trying to lear how to call external C code in R but even the R help web-page example is drive me crazy. I copy-paste the example at: here is the example: void convolve(double *...
2008 Apr 02
BRI hardware supported by 1.6 libpri ?
Hi, Has anyone information about BRI hardware supported by 1.6 libpri ? In another thread, I was told a basic BRI card with HFC chipset (Bewan Gazel 128) was supported but I would delighted to lear about other harwarde (and specifically about Digium B410P). Regards -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2005 Nov 19
Looking to develop for scriptaculous
Hello All, I have just joined rails-spinoffs mailing lists and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Casey and I am a professional Web and J2EE developer currently working out of New York. I am very interested in contributing to the Scriptaculous javascript library. For the past few months I have been using certain functions in the library and I have to say that it has taken my
2006 Jan 11
Help -- NoMethodError in
Hi, I am just learing Rails and I am going through the Agile Web Development with Rails book. I am receiving: NoMethodError in Store#add_to_cart undefined method `add_product'' for #<StoreController:0x3764d80> RAILS_ROOT: ./script/../config/.. Application Trace | Framework Trace | Fu...
2016 Apr 27
R Script Template
Hi All, I am addressing this post to all who are new to R. When learing R in the last weeks I took some notes for myself to have code snippets ready for the data analysis process. I put these snippets together as a script template for future use. Almost all of the given command prototypes are tested. The template script contains snippets for best practices and leav...
2006 Feb 28
Question abour Draggables & Droppables - my code example
...37MKcQCpIf0INCOvqR/ > > When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific > than "Re: Contents of Rails-spinoffs digest..." > > > Today''s Topics: > > 1. Re: Disabling anchor clicking in a draggable (Chris Lear) > 2. status = 200 something wrong??? (Grzesiek Slusarek) > 3. RE: Re: [Rails-spinoffs] Question abour Draggables & > Droppables (::Alex Rengel::) > 4. Re: Disabling anchor clicking in a draggable (David Z?lke) > 5. RE: Re: [Rails-spinoffs] Question abour Draggables...
2006 May 14
Wine cvs How do I injstall this??
I''m new to linux community and I want to install wine from cvs. I loked here but I understan it... i mean I entered in the console: export cvs login everything fine then i entered: cvs -z 3 checkout wine and I get something like this (this is the end after it stopped doing
2007 Mar 14
Connection Refused
Mailer works fine when I''m running my app locally. But when I deploy it I keep getting this error in the log. Errno::ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused - connect(2)): Anyone have any idea what this could be? Thank in advance, Seth --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails:
2006 Mar 14
in_place_editor_field -- values not clickable
Hallo -- I''ve just installed the latest stable version of rails, and am following the rails recipies book''s first recipie -- using in_place_editor_field. My problem is that the code throws no error, but the resulting fields are not editable -- the values just come up as text, rather than clickable-then-editable fields. Can anyone help shed any light on why this might be the
1999 Jun 30
qr and Moore-Penrose
> Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:12:24 +0200 (MET DST) > From: Torsten Hothorn <hothorn at> > > yesterday I had a little shock using qr (or lm). having a matrix > > X <- cbind(1,diag(3)) > y <- 1:3 > > the qr.coef returns one NA (because X is singular). So I computed the > Moore-Penrose inverse of X (just from the
2004 Oct 14
Hi all I''m new in this list and i hope to lear and to help if possible. But firt i need help :-( I have this messege in my syslog when my classes and qdiscs goes down. Can any one know what does it mean? Thnx in advance. Yannick Arrimadas Bot Oct 14 16:09:27 pototogorri kernel: HTB init, kernel part version 3.17 Oct 14 16:09:27 pototogorr...
2006 Jul 17
Keeping attributes of two models in sync
Hi, I have a Product and a corresponding Keyword (1:1 via belongs_to and has_one). I want to ensure, that two attributes (:name) of the two models alway stay in sync. What''s the easiest way to accomplish that? I did play around with before_/after_save hooks and with AR::Observers but in the end I''d always get infinite recursion... Thanks, Timo
2016 Apr 27
R Script Template
...directly in the body of the email is generally more accessible in archives than attaching it. -- Sent from my phone. Please excuse my brevity. On April 27, 2016 1:14:17 PM GMT+01:00, G.Maubach at wrote: >Hi All, > >I am addressing this post to all who are new to R. > >When learing R in the last weeks I took some notes for myself to have >code snippets ready for the data analysis process. I put these snippets > >together as a script template for future use. Almost all of the given >command prototypes are tested. The template script contains snippets >for bes...
2004 Aug 03
memory error?
...n access the memory logs... Either way, what would xen do upon receiving an NMI? Would it spontaneously reboot? I''m running memtest now, and will run memtest86 once I am back in the office. James eth2: Promiscuous mode enabled. eth2: Promiscuous mode enabled. br2: port 1(eth2) entering learning state br2: port 1(eth2) entering forwarding state br2: topology change detected, propagating Uhhuh. NMI received. Dazed and confused, but trying to continue You probably have a hardware problem with your RAM chips TLAN: eth0: Adaptor Error = 0x180002 TLAN: eth0: Starting autonegotiation. TLAN:...
2006 Feb 27
Disabling anchor clicking in a draggable
Hey guys I have an interesting problem - I have some draggable elements (sortable actually), with links (<A>) inside them. I want the user to be able to click on the link, however if the user drags the element I don''t want the link to get fired. Can anyone think of a way to do this? It only needs to work in Firefox. Cheers -Rob
2006 Feb 14
Problem cooperating with Windows and AD
...47;sbin/nologin webalizer:x:67:67:Webalizer:/var/www/usage:/sbin/nologin xfs:x:43:43:X Font Server:/etc/X11/fs:/sbin/nologin ntp:x:38:38::/etc/ntp:/sbin/nologin gdm:x:42:42::/var/gdm:/sbin/nologin jacob:x:500:500:Jacob Lear:/home/jacob:/bin/tcsh clamav:x:501:501:Clam AntiVirus:/home/clamav:/sbin/nologin pcguest:x:502:502:::/sbin/nologin annie:x:503:504:Anne Gaines:/home/annie:/bin/tcsh mysql:x:100:101:MySQL server:/var/lib/mysql:/bin/bash...
2006 May 09
anyone used the new firefox leak monitor?
One of the Mozilla developer released a new extension to detect JS memory leaks: If it''s accurate, it might be bad news for Prototype. I have some code using prototype 1.4 with no leaks, but other code with 1.5 leaks on every single bindAsEventListener call, and a bunch of other places. Not sure if it''s just