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2013 Feb 17
zfs raid1 error resilvering and mount
hi, i have raid1 on zfs with 2 device on pool first device died and boot from second not working... i try to get flash and load from it with zpool import when i load zfs.ko and opensolaris.ko i see this message: Solaris: WARNING: Can''t open objset for zroot/var/crash Solaris: WARNING: Can''t open objset
2011 Apr 24
zfs problem vdev I/O failure
Good morning, I have a problem with ZFS: ZFS filesystem version 4 ZFS storage pool version 15 Yesterday my comp with Freebsd 8.2 releng shutdown with ad4 error detached,when I copy a big file... and after reboot in 2 wd green 1tb say me goodbye. One of them die and other with zfs errors: Apr 24 04:53:41 Flash root: ZFS: vdev I/O failure, zpool=zroot path= offset=187921768448 size=512