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2013 Feb 17
zfs raid1 error resilvering and mount
hi, i have raid1 on zfs with 2 device on pool first device died and boot from second not working... i try to get flash and load from it with zpool import when i load zfs.ko and opensolaris.ko i see this message: Solaris: WARNING: Can''t open objset for zroot/var/crash Solaris: WARNING: Can''t open objset
2010 Nov 08
Samba 3.5.6: can't follow symlinks on shares
...share. After mounting the shared resource (cifs), I can''t proceed through symlinks (permission denied). Setting options follow symlinks = yes wide links = yes for the share doesn''t change Samba behaviour. Could someone enlighten me on how to handle this? Thanks. Sincerely, Konstantin
2008 Jun 18
...s the best mode -- but there''s no mention of how to get that working. I''ve tried googling it, but can''t seem to find instructions (probably not searching for the right thing) Could someone here point me in the right direction so I could figure it out? Thanks! Regards, Konstantin
2012 Dec 08
nullfs changes MFC
Hi, I am going to merge latest batch of the nullfs improvements into stable/9. This will bring up significant performance enchancements due to use of the shared locks for lookups if the lower layer supports it, much better caching on the nullfs layer, and proper handling of the text segments on the nullfs. Also, it should improve the error recovery and some corner cases with locking.
2007 May 22
lc shaping in- and outbound traffic on same box
I''m looking for a way to shape all traffic on a virtual vlan interface, say eth1.100 to a max of 100mbit. The box is a quagga router with eth0 on the inside and vlan interfaces on the eth1 card to our upstream partners. Each partner has his own vlan on eth1. I tried shaping but was only able to shape outbound traffic on the eth1.100 interface. Inbound shaping was also possible, but
2008 Jan 16
x509 patch for SSH
...when if there is no x509 store set up on the client, it would simply revert to the password based authentication? I have tried setting PubkeyAlgorithms ssh-dss PreferredAuthentications keyboard-interactive but with no effect, same error appears. I would appreciate your help. - -- Respectfully, Konstantin V. Gavrilenko Arhont Ltd - Information Security web: e-mail: tel: +44 (0) 870 44 31337 fax: +44 (0) 117 969 0141 PGP: Key ID - 0xE81824F4 PGP: Server - -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----...
2003 Aug 05
Problems with JAIL in 4.8R
Hi, i''ve set the outside ip for the jail..It works.. When i try to ssh to jail''ed system from the main system (in which is created jail) the connection is successful, but when i try to connect to jailed system from anywhere else i get this message: ssh: connect to host IP_NUMBER port 22: Operation timed out What can be wrong here? How to solve this problem?
2006 May 18
Overriding default DELETE behavior with logical deletes that all finders and by-id look ups automatically append "is_deleted == false" to all SQL queries for a specific set of classes (which could subclass eg "LogicallyDeletable" model super class). Any pointers on how to implement this elegantly are much appreciated. Thanks, Konstantin -- Posted via
2013 Feb 20
Ruby on Rails developer opportunity
Hello. We currently have an opportunity for a R-o-R developer to support an existing photo database. The time frame is from now until the end of June and the budget is 200 hours. The candidate has to be a U.S. citizen. Please let me know if there is an interest. Contact: Subject: R-o-R developer Thank you. Konstantine G. Boukhvalov Operations Manager, Engineering Experis: Global Content Solutions Practice Office: +1-703-245-9372 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups...
2004 Feb 13
Corrupted journal on ext3 - improve e2fsck?
...t. Since tune2fs takes negligible time as opposed to e2fsck, should not ext3->ext2->ext3 sequence be included into the e2fsck call? That would take care of the case of corrupted journal but good filesystem. At least, when the failure was caused by the journal and not the system itself ... Konstantin __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance: Get your refund fast by filing online.
2006 Dec 06
Debugging high CPU with Mongrel
I''m running a site that gets ~30k to 40k page hits per day. In the last 4 days my mongrel processes have been jumping into high CPU usage a couple of times a day to the point where my site becomes unresponsive (database on a diff machine with no load). The only way for me to resolve the problem and reduce load on the machine is to delete my rails cache directory (I have plenty of space
2006 Apr 11
FreeBSD 6.0 panics - sbdrop
...89 p = (struct proc *) 0xc19b0624 #11 0xc0894a1c in fork_trampoline () at /usr/src/sys/i386/i386/exception.s:208 No locals. I hope that helps. If you need further information or if you have some hints or directions for me, please send me a mail. -- Best regards, Konstantin Saurbier ------------------------------------------------------ Konstantin Saurbier Tel.: 0521 106 3861 Computerlabor Mathematik U5-138 Universitaet Bielefeld Universitaetsstr.25 33501 Bielefeld email: saurbier@math.uni-bielefeld.d...
2006 Aug 10
Getting "Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails." from one client
...Does anyone have any clue as to what may be causing this, and is it possible to actually log the HTTP request details to a log file? I tried running Mongrel with -B (debug) but found not much useful info in the debug files to explain this behavior. Any pointers much appreciated! Thanks, Konstantin ???????????????????????????????????????????? Konstantin Gredeskoul Senior Software Engineer kig at Blurb, Inc. 580 California St, Suite 300 San Francisco, CA 94104 415.364.6338 (direct) 415.362.2078 (fax) ???????????????????????????????????????????? -------------- next p...
2013 Jul 22
stopping amd causes a freeze
Occasionally stopping amd freezes my system. It''s a rare occurrence, and I haven''t found a reliable way to reproduce it. It''s also a real freeze, so there''s no way to get into the debugger or grab a core dump. I only can perform the 4 seconds hard shutdown to revive the system. I run amd through sysutils/automounter, which is a scripting solution that
2010 Feb 03
Hacking source: un-forward local port? now :) Anyway, can someone explain me why such an easy thingy has not been fully implemented recently? Noone ever asked? Noone ever thought? Or it was me who searched not good enough? Anyways it is neither in stable nor in SVN releases. Dynamic un-forwarding works great in PuTTY, for instance. Konstantin.
2009 May 17
Problem with domain part in user_query in dovecot 1.1.14
...ain || ''/'' || userid as mail, ''/va r/mail/vhosts/'' || domain || ''/'' || userid as home, uid, gid FROM main.mail_base WHERE userid = ''%n'' and domain=''%d'' default_pass_scheme = PLAIN -- Konstantin <kostas at>
2013 Jul 14
(9.2) panic under disk load (gam_server / knlist_remove_kq)
9.2 PRERELEASE (today) / amd64 Hello, I''m seeing a panic while trying to build a poudriere repository. As far I can see it always happens when gam_server is started (ie xfce is running) and under disk load (poudriere bulk build) : (That is something new, the box was pretty stable) the complete crash dump (core.0.txt) is here:
2011 Jan 13
Problem: how to make users use unique passwords
...). Could someone suggest an existing tool to integrate into smbldap-passwd to prevent using similar or the same passwords? I can store password hashes somewhere, but it won''t prevent me from the problem when passwords differ just a little. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Konstantin
2006 Nov 08
Looking for new ideas to improve linux router performace
Hello, I have 2 dual CPU Xeon 3Ghz HT enabled Linux routers and each one of them serving 2 class C with pick traffic on router about 300Mbit full duplex 2 x Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82546GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 03) 1GB ram And 2 x Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5703 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 10) 1GB ram Both routers have about 600
2008 Sep 08
OpenSSH 5.1p1 - trouble connecting to ILO board
Hello, Recently, the FreeBSD base system OpenSSH was upgraded to OpenSSH_5.1p1 FreeBSD-20080901, OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007 Before the upgrade, with OpenSSH_4.5p1 FreeBSD-20061110, OpenSSL 0.9.7e-p1 25 Oct 2004 I had no troubles connecting to the ssh server built-in into the HP Proliant G5 ILO management board, authenticating by id_dsa, v2 protocol. On that board, ssh server greets with