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2001 Mar 16
X forwarding from Linux -> Irix not working
...nnel 0: input drain -> wait_oclose debug: channel 0: send ieof debug: channel 0: write failed debug: channel 0: output open -> wait_ieof debug: channel 0: send oclose debug: channel 0: close_write debug: X11 closed 0 i4/o64 debug: channel 0: rcvd ieof debug: channel 0: non-open channel 0: istate 4 != open channel 0: ostate 64 != open debug: channel 0: rcvd oclose debug: channel 0: input wait_oclose -> closed X connection to pc07:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown). X forwarding is configured for both the servers and clients on both systems...and they have access through tc...
2000 Nov 22
fds closed after SIGCHLD bug still in newest version (fwd)
can someone confirm this? it does not happen on openbsd. -------------- next part -------------- An embedded message was scrubbed... From: Florian Wunderlich <fwunderlich at> Subject: Re: fds closed after SIGCHLD bug still in newest version Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 14:44:17 +0100 Size: 3926 Url:
2008 Sep 17
[Bug 1525] New: error: channel 0: chan_read_failed for istate 3 Summary: error: channel 0: chan_read_failed for istate 3 Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 4.6p1 Platform: Other OS/Version: Other Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P2 Component: sshd AssignedTo: unassigned-bugs at ReportedBy:
2011 Jul 18
SDMTools package - calculating overlap?
...r the other pair, while from the plot it looked like the first pair was overlapping better.) Can anyone please explain what''s the reason behind such a behaviour? And does anyone has a suggestion of what function could be used for a calculation of an overlap area? The problem with ''Istat'' function is also that it requires both data sets to have the same length, while I would be more interested in a function that enables overlap calculation even if data sets have different length. Looking forward to hearing from you! Have a good day. Ana library(SDMTools) a <- matrix(ru...
2012 Dec 27
Convert json data to an r dataframe
Hello to everybody, I need to convert a json dataset in an R dataframe. I suppose that I''d need to use rjson or rjsonio package. The json dataset is:,0,0,0&lang=1&tr=&te= It would be nice if someone can help me to create a function like the one below: that can applied to m...
2007 Feb 01
unexpected error message ( ...[auth.error] error: channel 0: chan_read_failed for istate 3)
Hi, when scp''ing a file from hostA to hostB I receive following error message on the server side. Message in authlog: Jan 9 15:01:32 zapphod sshd[3229]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: channel 0: chan_read_failed for istate 3 The file itself is transfered correctly, so I''m wondering why this error is being logged and what this error message means It seems that the occurance of this message is not platform specific, as I have tested it on following systems platform: SuSE SLES 9, Solaris 8 & 9 SSH versio...
2003 Jul 20
Seriously corrupt ext3 root filesystem - help?
I just came back after being out for the evening. Apparently there was a power failure long enough to discharge the UPS completely on my Linux box. After powering back up, I received notice that the / filesystem needed "manual fsck"ing. I booted off CD and attempted to fsck. Unfortunately, everything I''ve tried has proved futile and I''m _desperate_ for some help.
2000 Nov 22
openssh 2.3.0p1: chan_read_failed for istate 8
...Daten/CONFIGMAN/DATAIN/CONFIGMAN/DATAIN -va root at sysman-ftp:/Daten /Daten After some time of running rsync, I get in /var/log/warn of the ssh-server the following message: sshd[16709]: error: channel 0: internal error: we do not read, but chan_read_failed for istate 8 and the session has been broken (it breakes at different points, not always at the same position). In the mailinglist, I found a patch from John Horne (15.11.2000), which I applied. But the problem consists even with the patch, but now without the message in warnings. Now, I enabled debugging i...
2001 Jan 08
openssh-2.3.0p1 fails to transport rsync
Hi, I had previously noticed some peculiar log entries of the form error: error: channel 0: internal error: we do not read, but chan_read_failed for istate 8 in my logs. They were harmless as far as I was concerned. I checked the list archives, where the same logs have been reported and no solution was presented. Recently I tried to use rsync over ssh for backup purposes. The remote end runs Solaris 2.7 and the local machine RedHat Linux 7.0. I...
2008 Jun 11
FW: ibuf_empty delayed efd
...t; I''m not sure what is going wrong here, but could you please try a > snapshot? We fixed a long-existing race in the efd handling @ close > case and the fix may serendibitously fix your case :) > Is this race condition check the changes in channel_register_cleanup(), where c->istate and c->ostate are being interrogated? I''d really like to avoid having to add all the changes in channel.c (the queueing, changed external interfaces, etc...) if I could avoid it.
2000 Nov 08
internal error: we do not read, but chan_read_failed
...* be some more data waiting in the pipe. * djm - This is no longer true as we have allowed one pass through * the select loop before killing the connection */ if (c->ostate != CHAN_OUTPUT_CLOSED) chan_write_failed(c); if (c->istate != CHAN_INPUT_CLOSED) chan_read_failed(c); s->chanid = -1; The output from the server when copying a file from one system to another using scp gives: debug1: channel 0: close_write debug1: Received SIGCHLD. debug1: tvp!=NULL kid 1 mili 100 debug1: session_by_pid: pid 2...
2004 Feb 10
Evaluating R. I need to open "a dataset".
...rror: Error: cannot allocate vector of size 214 Kb In addition: Warning message: Reached total allocation of 446Mb: see help(memory.size) Thank you for any advice. Diego Moretti -- ============================================================ Diego Moretti (dimorett at Italian National Statistical Institute (ISTAT)
2000 Nov 20
Openssh-2.3.0p1 (Linux), sftp fails with F-secure client
...SSH sftp client (FTP 4.1 Build 12). Connection is immediately terminated, with following error message in the log: > Nov 20 14:31:30 tor sshd[23159]: subsystem request for sftp Nov 20 > 14:31:30 tor sshd[23159]: error: channel 0: internal error: we do not > read, but chan_read_failed for istate 8 Any ideas? MHu
2007 Apr 03
Error messages after upgrading to OpenSSH_4.6p1
...orks fine without any issue. Please let me know is there is any fix for it. Apr 2 03:05:39 hostname sshd[7294]: [ID 800047] Accepted publickey for user from xx.xx.xx.xx port 32808 ssh2 Apr 2 03:05:40 hostname sshd[7296]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: channel 0: chan_read_failed for istate 3 Apr 2 03:05:40 hostname last message repeated 1 time Apr 2 03:05:41 hostname sshd[7299]: [ID 800047] Accepted publickey for user from xx.xx.xx.xx port 32809 ssh2 Apr 2 03:05:41 hostname sshd[7301]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: channel 0: chan_read_failed for istate 3 Apr 2 03:...
2009 Sep 17
Openssh 4.6p1 Error
Hello Sir, Could provide the solution for the below error ? chan_read_failed for istate 3 Thanks and regards Chandra Prakash Vela Global Operations - Production Engineering Services Computer Sciences Corporation India Private Limited C-24 ,Sector 58,Noida -201301 USA: 1-302-781-1010 Extn. 1957 UK: +44 (0) 870 850 3512 Extn. 1957 Australia: 1800 137 784 Extn. 1957 India: +91-120...
2009 Nov 01
need help on daylight saving time issue.
Hi, I am in Australian. Now it is daylight saving time in Australian. I have daysaving time issue on samba client as below. On AIX server, I get the following two files''s modified time via command istat. /zytest/file1 (Modified time: Fri Sep 18 12:07:37 EST 2009) /zytest/file1 (Modified time: Sun Nov 1 13:42:16 EDT 2009) On samba client Windows machine, the modified time is as follows Name Size Type...
2001 Feb 19
OpenSSH-2.5.1p1 scp hangs when scping into an RH (6.0|7.0) box
I just compiled OpenSSH-2.5.1p1 from source on my Debian potato box using: --prefix=/usr/local/openssh --enable-gnome-askpass --with-tcp-wrappers --with-ipv4-default --with-ipaddr-display --libexecdir=/usr/local/openssh/lib --disable-suid-ssh --with-pam I am running OpenSSL-0.9.5a compiled from source with: --prefix=/usr/local/openssl
2001 Nov 09
keystroke timing attack
I''m reading this fine article on O''Reilly: <quote> The paper concludes that the keystroke timing data observable from today''s SSH implementations reveals a dangerously significant amount of information about user terminal sessions--enough to locate typed
2000 Nov 07
ANNOUNCE: openssh-2.3.0p1
This is to announce the release of portable openssh-2.3.0p1. This release includes many new features and bug fixes. This is a recommended upgrade if you are using 2.2.0p1 or an older release. Portable OpenSSH is available from one of the many mirrors listed at Some of the more notable features include: - Rijndael support for SSH2. Use the
2008 Oct 13
New package: StatMatch 0.4
...without overlapping of the units. Note that some functions in ''StatMatch'' can also be used to impute missing values in a data set. Best Regards, Marcello D''Orazio -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marcello D''Orazio ISTAT (Italian National Statistical Institute) Via Cesare Balbo, 16 (1? piano, stanza 153) 00184 ROMA ITALY Tel.: +39 06 4673 2772 Fax: +39 06 4673 2955 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _________________________________________________________________...