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2017 Jan 04
Formulating Advanced Queries with Xapian-Omega
...;. > b. Apart from 0 or more and single char options are there any other > options ? Not that are currently implemented on that branch. > Were you suggesting that one possibility would be trying something > similar to : > > isbn:?-???-?????-? as a very loose general query for ISBNs ? > > (so long as the option is enabled). It seems you must be talking about the query the user would write here, but then I'm not sure what the "isbn:" prefix would map to. But yes, that's the sort of pattern you'd have to use. One wrinkle with this is that (assumin...
2004 Sep 17
msaccess db corruption
Ok, I've tried all the "common" fixes, such as turning oplocks off on the share. Twice a day the database has to be repaired. running samba-3.0.7-2.FC2 Here's the pertinent section: comment = Aeries path = /home/aeries valid users = @aeries read only = No create mask = 0770 directory mask = 0770 inherit permissions =
2016 Dec 29
Formulating Advanced Queries with Xapian-Omega
...s this still currently limited to these two characters '*?' ? b. Apart from 0 or more and single char options are there any other options ? either via Omega, formulating an appropriate query for CGI or via Xapian. Rearding the question in relation to Text Patterns The reference to ISBNs was of course merely a simple example, but it could be any other typical pattern of letters, numbers and separator characters. Were you suggesting that one possibility would be trying something similar to : isbn:?-???-?????-? as a very loose general query for ISBNs ? (so long as the option i...
2004 Sep 22
Winbindd on FreeBSD 4.10 Help
All, First off I would like to say the book "The Official Samba-3 HowTO and Reference Guide" is awesome I purchased it off Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Ok now on to my problem. I have samba installed and configured and joined the domain no problem. When I run wbinfo -u I can see my domain users, when I run wbinfo -g I can see all my domain groups, BUT if I run
2004 Sep 14
Access from Windows to Samba/LINUX
Hello, I am configuring PCs on Windows W2K to access to a LINUX Server where Samba is mounted Is-it possible to do this ? Directory_1 : Browseable (then visible with the Network Favorits) -Sub_Directory_1a : NOT Browseable (unvisible) BUT Writable -Sub_Directory_2a : " " " If not, then just this ? Directory_1 : NOT Browseable (unvisible) BUT Writable
2005 Jan 05
ISDN/SS7 book?
hi some time ago, I asked the list of a good book for learning ISDN and SS7. I don't need to know how to write a channel driver or something; I just want to know more about the possibilities and what's really sent back and forth. I was told the book "ISDN and SS7: Architectures for Digital Signaling Networks" by Uyless Black (ISBN 0132591936) was a good choice, but this
2008 Mar 16
include a page in another
Hi, for my isbn plugin, I''m wishing to incldue generated isbn pages in caller pages (the ones with <isbn value=""> tags). But I want my isbn page to be processed before for its tags to be transformed (like the relocatable or other ones). Besides, i do not want its header to be included. Is there an easy solution for that, or should I do the work myself ? -- Nicolas
2005 May 27
performance on small files transfers
Hi all, I'm confused of small files (no bigger than 50k ) transfers speed through samba,which is very slow on my machine. Bellow is a real case, -- SuSE professional 9.2, kernel 2.6.11,Samba 3.0.14a,reiserfs -- Dual AMD Opteron,4G mem,Giga byte LAN -- 2 raid 5 make up of 16 SATA hard disks -- set readhead to 1024 I tested raids speed using bonnie++ and get 450 Mbytes/s at 16GB
2005 Apr 21
samba 3.0.13 tries to find SID of User as sambaGroupMap
Dear List, while debugging the problem that users cant change file acls from windows clients, I found out that Samba (ver- sion 3.0.13 on debian sarge) tries to look up the SID (of the user who should be added to the acl) as a sambaGroupMapping in the LDAP. Does anybody can tell me: - why samba tries to match a SID of a user as a GroupMapping? This will never work as a user can never be a
2005 May 17
Samba compatibility with NetAPP filers.
We are running scripts using smbclient to get some data of NetAPP filer and we run into the output below. After doing some digging, I found that there is a incompatibility between NetAPP Data ONTAP OS and samba. Is this still the case or there is a fix for it. We are running 3.0.10 Any ideas would be great George Client started (version 3.0.10). Connecting to at port 445
2004 Aug 26
Disaster recovery on PDC
Hi all, I search about disaster recovery, but I can't understand how to proceed... I perform backups on my PDC (data and configuration). My question is about secrets.tdb: according some docs, I can't install a new server and just put the secrets.tdb on samba configuration directory, because the SID it's specific. If I don't repair this file, the domain SID will be change and the
2010 May 11
R 2.11 on Ubuntu 9.10 does not complain abt unexisting objects
Hi I recently updated to R 2.11 and see a strange problem. When run into the console, R does not warn when calling an unexisting object, see below. I don't know if this is related, but I am not able to run the R CMD BATCH properly... Did someone see a similar problem? Which information can I provide more on this problem? Thanks for help! Matthieu $R R version 2.11.0 (2010-04-22)
2013 Apr 03
[LLVMdev] recommendation books on code generation?
"David Tweed" <david.tweed at> writes: > I don't know of a book, but as a suggestion: is there anyone who's > teaching a course on compilers using LLVM who has the lecture notes > (or even better actual lectures) online? The LCC book (A Retargetable C Compiler: Design and Implementation [Addison-Wesley, 1995, ISBN 0805316701, ISBN-13 9780805316704]) has
2006 Nov 28
find_by_contents never finds anything on my model
Hi, Let me preface by saying I am very new to ferret and aaf. Anyhow, I''m using the aaf plugin on a model named Book. This model isnt a typical rails model in the fact that it doesnt have an "id" column as its primary key but instead has a string column named ISBN that is used as the primary key. When I try to search for anything in the model using find_by_contents it never
2004 Jul 07
Hi! Please, can i use Samba like BDC in my network? thanks, Avellar
2012 Oct 22
[PATCH] memdisk: adjust order of DPT values in mstructs.h
This is a resubmission of my patch sent Jun 18, 2011 since it does not seem it was accepted. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong in how I am submitting this patch. Thank you. The below patch will swap order of sectors/track with bytes/sector to match diskette parameter table order (as pointed to by INT 1Eh). References: (additional ones available if necessary) 'System
2005 Apr 12
Samba question
1. Does anyone know what may be happening here? When I try to map a drive from a PC, I get the following error: "The account is not authorized to log in from this station.". I can map the drive just fine from my PC. Does anyone know what may be going on here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2. Also, whenever I use SWAT, it takes a long time for the information to be
2005 Jan 30
How to support idmap_rid on Fedora Core 3?
Hello, Please forgive me if this has been discussed, I did not find any references when I searched. I'm trying to replace a W2K server with a samba member server in a single ADS domain. It seems that the Fedora rpms do not support idmap_rid so I am trying to compile from the Fedora SRPM. After following the docs for building and configuring idmap_rid I get no ADS users from `getent
2007 Dec 24
[new user] some features requests ...
Hi, After many tries, i''ve decided to give up dynamic websites, which definitely do not match my needs, and instead replace my blog by a webgen site. I''ve however some unanswered questions. 1) RSS One of the main interest of dynamic website is the ability to provide user a view to last updated pages, thanks to RSS. Is there a way for webgen to generate a RSS file from last
2005 Jul 01
Domain Users and smbldap-useradd
I noticed that when I create users with smbldap-useradd, the default group is "Domain Users". Is this the best user/group default setup for Samba/LDAP? I'm more familar with the unix user/group setup like max/students or max/faculty. Does the user group have to be "Domain Users" when using Samba? Thanks, Yasee smbldap-useradd -m -a username