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2010 Jun 09
question about "mean"
Hi there: I have a question about generating mean value of a data.frame. Take iris data for example, if I have a data.frame looking like the following: --------------------- Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width Species 1 5.1 3.5 1.4 0.2 setosa 2 4.9 3.0...
2013 Mar 02
caret pls model statistics
Greetings, I have been exploring the use of the caret package to conduct some plsda modeling. Previously, I have come across methods that result in a R2 and Q2 for the model. Using the ''iris'' data set, I wanted to see if I could accomplish this with the caret package. I use the following code: library(caret) data(iris) #needed to convert to numeric in order to do regression #I don''t fully understand this but if I left as a factor I would get an error following the...
2012 May 05
what is Non-numeric argument to mathematical function in prediction ?
Hi, I tried to use naivebayes in package ''e1071''. when I use following parameter, only one predictor, there is an error. > m <- naiveBayes(iris[,1], iris[,5]) > table(predict(m, iris[,1]), iris[,5]) Error in log(sapply(attribs, function(v) { : Non-numeric argument to mathematical function However, when I use two predictors, there is not error any more. > m <- naiveBayes(iris[,1:2], iris[,5]) > table(predict(m, iris[,1...
2010 Mar 14
Error in object$tables[[v]] : subscript out of bounds
Hi, Could you please tell me how I correct the following error message? “Error in object$tables[[v]] : subscript out of bounds” This is the code: library(e1071) data(iris) attach(iris) class_label <- names(iris)[1] myformula <- formula(paste(class_label,"~ .")) mymodel<-naiveBayes(myformula, iris,cross=3) predict(mymodel,iris) ##Error in object$tables[[v]] : subscript out of bounds Cheers, Amy _____________________________...
2003 Jan 07
Extracting means for given strata from dissimilarity object
Is there a way of extracting mean distance or dissimilarity for a given strata from a ''dist'' or ''dissimilarity'' object, e.g. extract mean distances for each species in Anderson''s iris data? data(iris) iris.dist<-dist(iris[,1:4]) then what? Mikkel Grum, PhD Genetic Diversity Scientist International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) Sub-Saharan Africa Group *** PO Box 30677 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 2 524505(direct)/524500(IPGRI) Fax: +254 2 524501(IPGRI)/...
2008 Feb 25
To get more digits in precision of predict function of randomForests
Hi, I am using randomForests for a classification problem. The predict function in the randomForest library, when asked to return the probabilities, has precision of two digits after the decimal. I need at least four digits of precision for the predicted probabilities. How do I achieve this? Thank you, Nagu
1999 Oct 25
trouble reading in datasets
Dear All, I was trying to follow some of the examples in Venables and Ripley "Modern applied ... with S-plus" I have downloaded a copy of the iris data set and loaded into R. : however I cannot use the apply command (from p47): > apply (iris, 2 ,mean) Error in sum(..., na.rm = na.rm) : invalid "mode" of argument > apply (iris, c(2) ,mean) Error in sum(..., na.rm = na.rm) : invalid "mode" of argument also >...
2010 Apr 06
checking bivariate normality
x <- iris$Sepal.Length[1:50]/iris$Sepal.Width[1:50] y <- iris$Petal.Length[1:50]/iris$Petal.Width[1:50] I want to check whether (x,y) follows a bivariate normal distribution or not, using density plot or scatter plot. Is it possible to plot a bivariate density in R. I cant find any. Arindam...
2005 Jul 06
Help: Mahalanobis distances between ''Species'' from iris
Dear R list, I''m trying to calculate Mahalanobis distances for ''Species'' of ''iris'' data as obtained below: Squared Distance to Species From Species: Setosa Versicolor Virginica Setosa 0 89.86419 179.38471 Versicolor 89.86419 0 17.20107 Virginica 179.38471 17.20107 0 This distances above were obtained with proc '...
2001 May 08
Config error - please help-continue
...d ping to from client machine I got the following in syslog: May 8 08:55:54 ns tinc.vpn_net[726]: Sending packet of 100 bytes to US_VPN (x.x.x.x - inetIP) May 8 08:55:55 ns tinc.vpn_net[726]: Incoming data socket error: Connection refused tcpdump -i tap0 gives this: 08:49:13.919331 > icmp: echo request 08:49:14.919323 > icmp: echo request 08:49:15.919327 > icmp: echo request 08:49:16.919334 > icmp: echo request 08:49:17.919323 > icmp: echo request 08...
2007 Dec 07
SQLiteDF SQLITE ERROR after attach
Dear list, i have installed SQLiteDF (and SQlite 3.5.3 too) After the suggested dataframe generation iris.sdf <- i have close R and than restart it for verify the correct load of dataframe : the file data1 is saved in the usual folder .SQLiteDF after the command : attachSdf("c:/R/Report/.SQLiteDF/data1.db","iris.sdf") R give this error...
2010 Sep 29
What's the meaning of "Species ~ ." in IRIS data
I am refering to a function call like this: >data(iris) >x <- svmlight(Species ~ ., data = iris) I tried to see the content of it by typing: > Species ~ . but it gives nothing. How can I see it''s content ? - P.Dubois
2009 Jan 05
Error : unused arguments in pairs()
Hi there, I am just starting in R and this might be a very basic question. I applied one on the examples of pairs() to my own data. The examples shows scatter plots on one side of the matrix and the correlation coefficients on the other which works well. I then modified it slightly because I want different colors in the plots. Now i am getting the error of unused arguments, because the color
2005 Feb 08
Toying with neural networks
Hello all, Ive been playing with nnet (package ''nnet'') and Ive come across this problem. nnet doesnt seems to like to have more than 1000 weights. If I do: > data(iris) > names(iris)[5] <- "species" > net <- nnet(species ~ ., data=iris, size=124, maxit=10) # weights: 995 initial value 309.342009 iter 10 value 21.668435 final value 21.668435 stopped after 10 iterations > table(iris$species[], predict(net, iris[], type="class&quot...
2007 Aug 31
Question on shardsplot
Dear All, Would you please tell me how to display the sample No. on the map ? ---Below commands don''t display the sample No.(from 1 to 150).--- library(som) library(klaR) iris.som3 <- som(iris[,1:4], xdim = 14,ydim = 6) library(klaR); opar<- par(xpd = NA) shardsplot(iris.som3, data.or = iris,label = TRUE) legend(3.5,14.3, col = rainbow(3), xjust =0.5, yjust = 0,legend = levels(iris[, 5]),pch = 16, horiz = TRUE) par(opar) ---------------- Ebi [[alternative...
2007 Oct 09
lattice/xyplot: horizontal y-axis labels with scales(relation="free")
...y-axis tickmarks. The following does not seem to work, although I think it should, going by the documentation for par. R version 2.5.1, Windows XP Prof. Thanks for a clue. Andreas Krause library(lattice) # axis labels for y-axis are horizontal xyplot(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width | Species, data=iris) # labels are now vertical xyplot(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width | Species, data=iris, scales=list(relation="free")) # still vertical despite las=1 xyplot(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width | Species, data=iris, scales=list(relation="free"), las=1) xyplot(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width | Spe...
2004 Feb 15
manova() with a data frame
I''m trying to learn to use manova(), and don''t understand why none of the following work: > data(iris) > fit <- manova(~ Species, data=iris) Error in, y, offset = offset, singular.ok = singular.ok, ...) : incompatible dimensions > fit <- manova(iris[,1:4] ~ Species, data=iris) Error in model.frame(formula, rownames, variables, varnames, extras, extranames, :...
2002 Jun 12
Bagged clustering (package e1071)
Dear all, I have a problem with the function "bagged clustering" of package e1071. When I try to run the example of bagged clustering with the iris data : data(iris) bc1 <- bclust(iris[,1:4], 3, base.centers=5) I got the following message error : Loading required package: class Committee Member: 1(1) 2(1) 3(1) 4(1) 5(1) 6(1) 7(1) 8(1) 9(1) 10(1)Error in bclust(iris[, 1:4], 3, base.centers = 5) : couldn''t find function "kn...
2013 Feb 20
duplicate 'row.names' are not allowed
I am getting an error when trying to import tab delimited .txt file saved from Excel. I have read what is posted on the forums but still am confused. I saved my Excel file (DataTestforR.xlsx) as a tab delimited txt file (DataTestR.txt) on my Desktop. In the RGUI, I tried to import the txt file and got an error > myfile<-"C:\\Users\\jpapa\\Desktop\\DataTestR.txt" >
2012 Feb 15
extraer datos de un dataframe a partir de un factor
Hola eRReros, Necesito extraer datos de un dataframe según uno de los factores. La cosa sería algo así: df.nuevo <- iris[iris$Species=="setosa"|iris$Species=="virginica",] Que me crea un df nuevo solo con las filas en que Species es setosa o virginica. El problema es que mi factor de interés tiene 22 niveles y a veces he de seleccionar 13, 10, 8 niveles o números así. Esto implica escribir un |...