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2006 Jan 23
ActionRecord: how to update many records in one statement
Hello, I am trying to edit and update all records of table ?intersts? (id, name, description) on one page and has no good idea how to do it right, when updating one record per page it?s ok The question is: what statement instead Interest.update_all(params[:interest]) in controller need to use to successfully update the database table by data passing to controller in parameter ?interest??
2010 Apr 02
App_Controller and partial issues with has_many through
I have a User model, a Post model, and an Interest model: User has_many posts through interests User has_many interests, dependent destroy Post has_many users through interests has_many interests, dependent destroy Post has_many interests Interest belongs to Post Interest belongs to User Application_Controller is as follows: class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base before_filter
2006 Jun 15
ruby/rails users in Ireland - interest in forming a user group?
Hi all, I''m interested in starting a ruby/rails user group in Ireland and I''m trying to gauge the level of interest. So if you''re interested please get in touch (aidanf at I would also appreciate any suggestions/pointers about starting/organizing a user group. cheers, AF -------------------------------
2008 Dec 11
serialize array finder
Hello, Not sure if this is even possible/practical but I''d like to serialize an array to a string field like this and then be able to match against it. User.find(:all, :conditions => ["interests in (?)",current_user.interests) Am I better of not denormalizing? How would this be done with ordinary A/R relationships because I''m not looking for an exact
2006 Aug 01
Rails on .NET,1759,1996960,00.asp?kc=EWEAUEMNL080106EOAD Just saw this and thought it was interesting...
2008 Jul 14
ROR job opening.
Hi, I have a job opening which is for the newest technology "Ruby on Rails", 15000/- per month for freshers.Not much interviews . Job shall start in a few days.Hurry. Get back to me if in case you are interested. Rest is my responsibility. Revert back if really interested . -- CJ(JON)
2004 Oct 19
new intrusion detection system
...ounts its score generated by the tests. Therefore, the purpose of the IDS is not to monitor the network traffic, but rather to monitor the process activity. The current system status is a "working prototype" - it is not ready for production usage, but it may serve as a good base for an interesting research. If you are interested in this topic, please read the details here: Thanks, Tomas
2007 Sep 27
GSSAPI Key Exchange Patch for OpenSSH 4.7p1
...i-homed hosts, where each interface has a unique name (#928) ( bug numbers are in brackets) There are no code changes since the previous release. As usual, the code is available from I''m also interesting in hearing from people who might be interested in testing some new cascading credentials delegation code. When you renew your Kerberos credentials on the client, this code will automatically propagate these renewed credentials to the server, allowing the seamless renewal of credentials acro...
2004 Jul 05
Failing on reading a "slightly big" dataset
I have a file with 4 columns per line, all pipe delimited. $ wc -l cmie_firm_data.text 89325 cmie_firm_data.text $ ls -al cmie_firm_data.text -rw-r--r-- 1 ajayshah ajayshah 4415637 Jul 5 15:25 cmie_firm_data.text $ awk -F\| ''(NF != 4)'' cmie_firm_data.text $ head cmie_firm_data.text All figures are for the year 20030331||| Company|GVA Less Interest (Rs.
2006 Jan 08
rCalendar Project
Railoholic-Anonymous Members: I am tooling around with the idea of forming a project which would create a calendar plugin/engine with the following features: 1. DB schema mapping all necessary iCal (RFC-2445) fields. 2. Probably utilizing either vpim (, or iCalendar ( (First choice would be vpim since some attendee functionality requires vcard
2018 Feb 06
Interest in a Debug Info BoF at EuroLLVM?
Hello debug-info fans, There has been a lot of activity in the debug-info area lately, and I was wondering if there's interest in a BoF session this April. Alternatively we could just have a hacker-lab table again, which worked out pretty well at the last US meeting. Some potential discussion topics for the BoF/table could be: * Improving debugging of optimized code ** Defining what -Og
2008 Aug 19
Interested in helping Nouveau
Hi everyone, I know there''s a TODO page on the wiki, but it''s kind of old (may), and it doesn''t really indicate priorities. So I thought I''d list my skillset and interests here, and let those who are experienced with nouveau development point me to a good place to start. I''m currently running a P4 (presler) with a GeForce 6600. The family gaming
2007 Jan 01
Another "how do I spec this?"
I wanted to add a convenience method on my User class to see if he was already signed up for a tournament. Here''s my spec context "A User signed up for one tournament" do setup do @t1 = false @t2 = false @user = false @user.registrations << =>
1999 Nov 05
library maps for R
Anybody interested in the S maps library for R? I have ported a limited version of the software for a Unix platform, and would be happy to make it available for anybody interested. If there is a lot of interest then I will submit it to CRAN. I know that Ross Ihaka is working on a new version for R, which does not have some of the limitations of the original S version. My version does not do
2003 Nov 20
interested in others' pre-7 NBP experience
...client using either PXE version 2.0 or version 2.1. But invoking pxeboot.0 from PXELINUX causes a stack dump from pxeboot, and so far we haven''t been able to discover the cause of the stack dump. I''m trying to get more information from the pxeboot side, but it would be very interesting if we could discover the difference between how a normal PXE client invokes an NBP and how PXELINUX invokes an NBP. Regardless of what happens, I''m very interested in your experience invoking another NBP from PXELINUX. And of course if I can help you, feel free to ask... -Chris
2012 Oct 16
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2018 May 22
Interested in contributing
...llvm. I am interested in contributing to llvm. Can you > guide me from where should I start? A good place to start is the Kaleidoscope tutorial: It shows how to build a simple JIT compiler using LLVM. From that, maybe you'll find something interesting to look at in LLVM's code, or a bug, improvement, etc., and suddenly you're contributing :-) Cheers, Hans
2007 Apr 20
Developing Marketing materials ...
Hi, I am working on developing a professional Marketing Materials for my systems. I plan on using a very good(expensive) company to do that so splitting the costs with several people would be nice. Let me know if you are interested on taking part in it. robert -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2008 Feb 02
deep test with rspec?
All, Has anyone on this list tried to use DeepTest[1] with rspec? My initial attempts have failed so I would be really interested if someone has figured it out. Thanks. -Ben 1.
2005 Dec 28
Sortable - can we make one or more elements in a list sticky?
In a sortable list, is there a way to say, pass a className whereby some of the elements in the sortable element would not become draggables/droppables? If not, it seems like it could be implemented similarly to the handle option.. Any interest? Also - I submitted a patch that adds the option "delay" so that draggables in a Sortable won''t truly become activated until after