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2003 Mar 05
IPv4...NAT...etc ...Asterisk is a natural extension of the NAT transition/evolution and helps to negate any need for IPv6... Jim Fleming [1]========================================================== ----- Original Message ----- From: "John L Crain" <crain at> To: <sanog at> Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 5:00 PM Subject: IPv4 Addresses update > > Dear Colleagues, > > As you may be aware the Regional Internet Registries have been active > with the "Early Registrations Transfer [ERX] Project". As par...
2020 Nov 12
[IANA #1182277] Port Number (3493) Modification
I would like to suggest that if we modify the IANA registration of nut/3493, we do it formally using the official IANA form , and that we agree on the form contents before submitting it. For example, who is the new assignee and who is the new contact? The last thing the IANA service...
2003 Aug 20
Strange happenings
Just idly watching * in console mode and saw that someone from tried to register with my *. whois gives:- OrgName: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority OrgID: IANA Address: 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330 City: Marina del Rey StateProv: CA PostalCode: 90292-6695 Country: US NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: RESERVED-50 NetHandle: NET-50-0-0-0-0 Parent: NetType: IANA Reserved Comment: RegDate: Updated:...
2005 Sep 06
Paranoid Firewalling I got to thinking that there is really no reason for *any* traffic to hit my servers that comes from anywhere outside North America. So I wrote the perl script at the end of this posting to extract selected IP ranges posted at and convert them into iptables rules blocking any traffic from those ranges. I'd like comments on this. I know it's not perfect as there are both corporate and 'various registries' address ranges that aren't covered but it's a start. Since my company web site is host...
2003 Sep 08
is one of my hosts a scanner?
...1121328108 54731740> (DF) 21:30:33.196247 > P 25:30(5) ack 141 win 57920 <nop,nop,timestamp 54731757 1121328108> (DF) 21:30:33.427044 > R 141:141(0) ack 30 win 5792 <nop,nop,timestamp 1121328130 54731757> (DF) iana says port 2703 is sms-chat. google for "sms-chat protocol" produces two hacker texts in deutsch, which i tried to wade through but it was a lot of cryptic twisty passages. sms seems to be some sort of microsloth protocol. and, from samba-land docs "The version of netmon that sh...
2020 Nov 05
IANA ups/401
IANA ups/401 was registered by Charles Bennett for "Uninterruptibe Power Supply" but I have been unable to find any details of any protocol that might have been developed. The IANA ups/401 contact address corresponds to Charles Bennett's employment by Ohio University as an IT t...
2014 Nov 03
nut & SNMP: official IANA Enterprise-ID
Hello, I am in the process of enhancing the work of Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca ( For that matter, nut needs an official IANA enterprise-ID. Currently Luiz is using the enterprise-ID from his employer, which is obviously not a good idea. Does anybody mind if I apply for a ent.-ID for myself and assign nut a sub-ID from my ID given by IANA? Any better ideas? Regards Reinhard -- Reinhard Kuss, office <at> edv-...
2002 Jun 04
IANA Reserved Addresses Tool
Andy Wiggin has contribued a Python program that reads and creates a list of reserved subnets suitable for inclusion in /etc/shorewall/rfc1918. The list produced by Andy''s program will be included in the rfc1918 file included in version 1.3.2 (it''s available now from CVS). Tha...
2015 Jan 13
opus Digest, Vol 72, Issue 4
...text/plain; charset=UTF-8 > > Hi All, > > On the Xiph Wiki page at: > ... > Could somebody more knowledgeable than me > please review this. Thanks to Rillian for updating the Wiki. Is somebody talking to IANA about replacing RFC 5334 to add Opus to the MIME type audio/ogg? This needs to be done, and I note that draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06 states: "11. IANA Considerations This document has no actions for IANA." Regards, Martin -- Martin J Leese E-mail: martin.leese stanfordalumn...
2014 Dec 02
Adding extra fields from an external source
Hi, I have an existing (Open)LDAP which I'm using with dovecot and I would like to implement quotas. I have global quotas working, but I would like per user quotas similar to what is described in the wiki ( My problem is that there is no obvious attribute in the schemas shipped in the RHEL/Centos 6 to hold the quota string.
2006 Oct 11
user address format
...has the user. I don't want to specify fot each user 2 lines like this in extensions.conf because if I have let's say 200 user-agents, it will be quite time-consuming to introduce/change user info or make some modifications to the dial plan: This would be the current solution (user pianas must have address 102): === Settings in sip.conf for user pianas === [pianas] type=friend username=pianas secret=somepassword context=input ; see below the input context callerid="Paul Ianas" <102> host=dynamic nat=no canreinvite=yes qual...
2006 Oct 11
MGCP stuff
...tains my telephone number, etc (this is the provider's problem). The question: is this possible with Asterisk? Where can I find some documentation for configuring mgcp.conf? The documentation (Asterisk: The Future of Telephony) says MGCP isn't completely developed. 10q! -- Paul Ianas Programming Engineer Level 7 Software Timisoara, 59D Bucovinei phone: 0744137020 email: -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2020 Nov 11
TLS, was [IANA #1182277] AutoReply: Port Number (3493) Modification
...y > be not a bottleneck either. > > Jim > > On Wed, Nov 11, 2020, 17:28 Roger Price <roger at> wrote: > On Wed, 11 Nov 2020, Jim Klimov wrote: > > > Interesting, thanks.  > > But given the limited amount of port numbers, in IANA's shoes I'd suggest to consider enabling STARTTLS (like in SMTP) so switching into > security mode > > could be negotiated in a single-port dialog. Especially as NUT protocol is text-based similarly. > > > > Back in my ISP providering days, we ha...
2016 Sep 12
Help with failing Nut slave/client connection
Or just set up sane firewall rules to allow the two to talk, but block external traffic. I have run this way for years - all add'rs ar IANA in a subnet block, and just that block is open locally, and all other external IP's severely restricted, and NUT works great . . . - Tim On September 12, 2016 11:47:28 AM CDT, "Stuart D. Gathman" <stuart at> wrote: >On Mon, 12 Sep 2016, Jonah Naylor wrote: >...
2006 Oct 24
UA - number assignment
...and, as I figured out, it is not possible to tell Asterisk the number the user has. The question is: how can I assign a number to a user in Asterisk? One solution would be to define two rules in extensions.conf : exten => 102,1,SetCallerId,${FWDCIDNAME} exten => 102,2,Dial(SIP/pianas) these would tell Asterisk that user pianas has the number 102. Is there any other solution for my problem? (a database for example). Thank you. -- Paul Ianas Programming Engineer Level 7 Software Timisoara, 59D Bucovinei phone: 0744137020 email: ----...
2004 Nov 12
Automate IANA Reserved Addresses Tool
Hello all, The reserved addresses list seems to be in flux more lately. Since I have several servers that all run Shorewall, updating /etc/shorewall/rfc1918 has become a little tedious. I put together a shell script that can download the latest file, write a new /etc/shorewall/rfc1918 and restart Shorewall. I run this from a cron job and now don''t have to pay
2014 Dec 02
Adding extra fields from an external source
...a > ( - I'd rather have > something a bit more official). If there is a recommended schema that > you guys use which is stable and works well I would like to give that a > try. Nobody registered Dovecot attributes with IANA, because IMHO it is quite implementor-specfic. Because of that, there cannot exist anything "official". How many quota rules do you have? Others may have plenty more, ... . But maybe, an Dovecot arc would help some people. However, see
2014 May 14
Update on sshfp 4
The IANA has pre-allocated id 4 for ed25519. If waiting on the IANA were a reason to delay applying the SSHFP_KEY_ED25519 patch, it needn't be any longer. I've proposed un-reserving hash type 0 to be a "NULL hash", for those who'd rather publish the public key unhashed. Even if zero...
2004 Dec 19
Shorewall 2.2.0 RC1 Problems Corrected: 1. The syntax of the add and delete command has been clarified in the help summary produced by /sbin/shorewall. New Features: 1. TCP OpenVPN tunnels are now supported using the
2014 Feb 24
[RFC, PATCH] core/pxe: Add architecture-specific discovery request for PXE config file
...e boot images and config files), this means we cannot use the autodisovery mechanism without having prior knowledge of a MAC/IP/uuid-to-architecture mapping. This change introduces an additional step to the autodiscovery process, using a name based on the client machine architecture. I use IANA's mapping of processor architecture types to DHCP option codes[1] to define the available client architecture identifiers. The identifier is converted to lowercase hex, and prefixed with "arch-". So, for an x64 EFI machine (identifier 0x00 0x77), the discovery process will be: ...