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2017 Jun 19
0 crashing at random
Dear all, I am using the "" function from the "quantreg" package. I have two problems with it. First (less importantly), it gives an error at its default values with error message "Error in if (n2 != length(r)) stop("R and r of incompatible dimension") : argument is of length zero". I solv...
2001 Aug 28
df not showing ext3 partition
Is there an updated version of the fileutils df that will show mounted ext3 partitions? I''m using fileutils-4.1. -- Curtis Hogg [] ---------------------------------------------- T-shirt Of The Day: I''m the person your mother warned you about. ---------------------------------------------- Email 1 - Email 2 - WWW - [in transit]
2018 Jan 29
Replacing a third data node with an arbiter one
On 01/29/2018 08:56 PM, Hoggins! wrote: > Thank you, for that, however I have a problem. > > Le 26/01/2018 ? 02:35, Ravishankar N a ?crit?: >> Yes, you would need to reduce it to replica 2 and then convert it to >> arbiter. >> 1. Ensure there are no pending heals, i.e. heal info shows zero en...
2001 Sep 06
Changing root journal data mode
Hi, I''m running 2.4.9-ac7 with ext3 compiled in, and I ran across this problem. Now that I look back, it makes sence, but it wasn''t obvious at first... I wanted to change the journal mode on my / partition, so I changed my fstab to: /dev/hda1 / ext3 defaults,errors=remount-ro,data=journal 0 1 as well as several other partitions, and rebooted. After rebooting
2006 Jun 19
Problems loading Rails-generated pages in Flash using IE? if I run the movie with IE. This problem isn''t happening in Firefox, or any other browser I can see, and, surprisingly, it isn''t happening in IE 7 Beta 2, either. We''re using Flash player 8. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a workaround? Thanks, Brian Hogg -- Posted via
2001 Sep 03
ext3 and df don''t agree ?
I''ve taken my RH7.1 system, rebuild kernel (2.4.9 with ext3 patches) and followed the ext3 instructions to install. Everything seems to work OK but - df -k doesn''t list the ext3 partition (my root partition). Is this a known problem ? If not, how best can I gather diagnostics to identify the source of the problem ? Thanks -- Philip Nelson (