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2006 Aug 25
Quickie : unload library
Dear list, I know it must be obvious and I did my homework. (In fact I've RSiteSearched with keyword "remove AND library" but got timed out.(why?)....) How do I unload a library? I don't mean getting ride of it permanently but just to unload it for the time being. A related problem : I have some libraries loaded at startup in .First() which I have in .Rprofile. Now, I exited R
2008 Mar 13
Warned about these "three little maids"...
...c install other than the bits and bobs needed to run the R Commander package and its plugins. I did, however, use the ctv library to add the Graphics view. When I reached the end of the install (a somewhat drawn out exercise as I haven't jumped into a high speed hookup yet) R warned me that gtkDevice, RGrace, and xgobi were not available. I use the Ontario, Canada mirror and they are indeed not listed among the install choices. A quick search on the names and I get the impression these three are not available for the Windows platform. Correct perception or no? Do I need them for a windows...
2005 Dec 05
Mass 'identify' on 2d-plot
Hello, dear R-users. I have 2-d dotplot with two variables: x, y. Dots on this dotplot are grouped in human-recogniseable areas. These areas are not round-shaped nor oval-shaped. They are free-form, but still recogniseable by an operator. What is ability in R to graphically (per mouse) define some area and to select all the cases felt in it? 'identify' is OK for 5-10 cases, but what
2003 May 28
(no subject)
...20) is still available; see below for URLs. Quantian differs from Knoppix by adding a set of programs of interest to applied or theoretical workers in quantitative or data-driven fields. The added programs include o R, including several add-on packages (such as tseries, RODBC, coda, mcmcpack, gtkdevice, rgtk, rquantlib), out-of-the box support for the powerful ESS modes for Emacs as well as the Ggobi visualisation program o Octave with add-on packages octave-forge, octave-sp, octave-epstk, matwrap and Inline::Octave o Maxima, including the x11 front-end and emacs support o the Gnu Scien...
2004 May 11
installing mgcv (Knoppix/Debian unstable)
Just in case anyone cares or is hitting the same problem: to install current mgcv (1.0-5) on 1.9.0 on Knoppix/Debian unstable I had to: # cd /usr/lib # ln -s /usr/lib/atlas/ # ln -s /usr/lib/atlas/ Otherwise compilation couldn't find -lblas-3 or -llapack-3 (I could have gotten away with the
2004 Feb 26
writing polygons/segments to shapefiles (.shp) or other A rcGIS compatible file
The main limitation of the shapefiles package that I put together is that it does not create shapefiles from R objects - rather it only writes shapefiles that have been read into R and manipulated within the constraints of the existing file structure. By this I mean that for example you can change the coordinates of points and write them back out. Or you can add a bunch of blank columns in the
2004 Apr 19
Size of R user base
I have been trying to determine the size of the R user base, and was asked to share my findings with this mailing list. Although I still don't have any definite estimate of this number, I do have some interesting and indicative information: 1. It appears that there are about 100,000 S-PLUS users. Rationale: According to Insightful's 2002 Annual Report, over 100,000 people use