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2004 Sep 22
Problem compiling Corel-WINE
In reference to an old posting: we managed to get a copy of the final CVS Corel-WINE code. I am trying to compile it with GCC-3.3.4. I realize that this might not work as I had to hunt down three patches on Google to build GLibc-2.3.1 with that GCC version. NOTE: for those that don't know, GLibc-2.3.1 is the last version of GLibc that Corel-WINE will work with. So, I was building
2006 Mar 07
POSIX time zone codes entry for as.POSIX says this about time zone codes... Usage as.POSIXct(x, tz = "") tz A timezone specification to be used for the conversion... but it fails to mention what these "specifications" are. So far, I have tried... as.POSIX(x, tz="UTC") ... works, gives UTC times as.POSIX(x, tz="UTC") ... works, gives EST times as.POSIX(x, tz="CST") ... does NOT work, gives UTC times How do I get Central Standard Time or the US? Anybody know what the code is? Thanks. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2012 Sep 22
formtastic does not save at all
...s and jQuery ajax functions work properly. But the problem is the clicking the submit button does not do anything at all!!!! If there is an error in saving the data, it should show some kind of message in the console. But the button simply does nothing. I don''t think it matters, but the gives_controller is the following. def create @give =[:give]) respond_to do |format| if format.html { redirect_to @give, notice: ''Give was successfully created.'' } format.json { render json: @give, status: :cre...
2008 Nov 20
PV 0.9.12pre3 gives BSOD when installing in VM in Xenserver 5.
Hello, I have Xenserver 5.0. When i install a new VM with Windows Server 2003 X64 Standard (R2) and install all windows-updates, it gives me a BSOD when i install the PV 0.9.12pre3 drivers. Steps to reproduce: - Install Xenserver 5 (light/free or Enterprise/trial) - Install a Windows Server 2003 x64 R2 VM from a ISO or CD - Install all windows updates - Download the GPLPV 0.9.12pre3 .exe file to the desktop and double-click...
2008 Sep 19
Giving a domU direct access to a NIC
Hello, I am experimenting with Snort and other IDS and I would like to use Xen for these tests. This would require me to use port mirroring to sent a bunch of packets to a NIC located on my Xen machine. I don''t really know how Xen networking works, but is it possible to give a domU direct access to a NIC ? Or at least give it enough access so that it can see packets that are not for the
2018 Jan 14
Mailbox from virtual mailbox in other namespace
Hi there! I have more namespaces. One for subscription, another one "inbox", then one for the archiv and a shared and a public namespace. And than is there a namespace for virtual mailboxes. In the namespace for virtual mailboxes is one mailbox wich gives me all emails in the archiv namespace #cat dovecot-virtual Archiv/* all The namespace is normally hidden, but for debugging i make it visible. doveadm search -u jakob mailbox Real/Archiv all lists all the emails. So i want to integrate this virtual mailbox in another namespace. The n...
1999 Jun 09
summary gives inaccurate data
Hi, using R64.1 the summary function for simple statistics of a vector gives inaccurate results for the maximum. Example: summary(c(123456,1,2,3)) gives : Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max. 1.00 1.75 2.50 30870.00 30870.00 123500.00 The Max value ist wrong in a mathematical sense. I've tried with S-Plus, it gives the same...
2009 Sep 25
Cheapest Rails Hosting where they give you full access to Apache (to load modules etc)???
any pointers / suggestions re cheapest Rails hosting where they give you full access to Apache (to load modules etc)??? Can be a shared platform, however not sure if there is a shared platform type hosting service where they do give you such access?
2015 Jun 01
Dovecot 2.2.16: disappearing messages, mismatched summaries, duplicated messages, excessive full re-downloads
Il 20/05/2015 10:44, David Gessel ha scritto: > Is there a way to completely disable caching on dovecot? Yes: mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:INDEX=MEMORY -- Alessio Cecchi
2017 Jan 24
Linking Linux kernel with LLD by changing the tokenizer rules as >follows. > > [A-Za-z_.$/\\~=+[]*?\-:!<>][A-Za-z0-9_.$/\\~=+[]*?\-:!<>]* > >or > > [0-9]+? After more investigation, that seems will not work so simple. Next are possible examples where it will be broken: . = 0x1000; (gives tokens "0, x1000") . = A*10; (gives "A*10") . = 10k; (gives "10, k") . = 10*5; (gives "10, *5" "[0-9]+" could be "[0-9][kmhKMHx0-9]*" but for "10*5" that anyways gives "10" and "*5" tokens. And I do no...
2013 Nov 09
Learning Ruby - Don't give up
An article for those starting learning Ruby Learning Ruby - Don''t give up<> -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to
2018 Jun 18
Giving a hand to Nouveau
Hello everybody out there! Well, I just subscribed to this mailing list, so I guess I should introduce myself, at least giving relevant information about me concerning the development of Nouveau. You can call me a scientist, and I am doing simulation code. Therefore, my experience in coding is about high performance computing and scientific visualisation–and also about teaching. I have some
2004 Apr 04
Can I give more bandwidth to a specific URL
Hi all, Can I give more bandwidth to a specific URL. Regards Abdul Khader __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Small Business $15K Web Design Giveaway _______________________________________________ LARTC mailing list /
2005 Apr 05
R can not show plots (in Mac OS X terminal)
Dear all: I am a newbie in Mac. Just installed R and found R did not react on my command plot (I use command line in terminal). It did not give me any error message, either. All it did was just giving out a new command prompt--no reaction to the plot command. I suppose whenever I gives out a command of plot, it will invoke the AquaTerm for a small graph, as I experience in octave. What can I do for it? Many thanks, Minyu Chen
2017 Oct 06
ACL permission: give permission to move email into different folder
On 06.10.2017 12:42:22, Aki Tuomi wrote: [..] >> >> Maybe it is not possible with Dovecot? >> >> Many Thanks >> >> Davide > > Just give the relevant permissions to the user, and it also requires > that the target directory is writable by source user. > > Aki Oh, excuse me for the (most probably) silly question, but where I could give to my
1997 May 05
R-beta: R 0.49 -- "funny" bug: beta(.) gives lbeta(.); lbeta(a,b) gives a
[I send this to R-help, since the bug may affect users..] The beta(.) and ln(beta(..)) functions are not giving proper results in R-0.49. This does NOT affect usual beta-distribution calculations, since the internal beta(.) and lbeta(.) are okay. beta(1,2) [1] -0.6931472 exp(beta(1,2)) [1] 0.5 lbeta(3,4) [1] 3 ------- For R-devel'ers : Using gdb clearly shows that beta(.) really
2010 Aug 25
How to give write access to a folder ?
I just switched my username on ubuntu from Custom to administator user , im right clicking world of warcraft folder and choosing Permission , then im trying to give write access , but when im selecting it , it goes right back to : --- . When im trying to start WOW its telling me that i need to give write access to this folder :/ A little hint would help a lot !! Thanks in advance :)
2010 Dec 05
Windows ACL's on SAMBA file server
I have a Samba 3.5 server running on Ubuntu 10.10 I'm have it the server on my Windows 2003 Domain but am having trouble setting up the ACL's. I can set some of my ACL's for users but it doesn't alwasy stick and apparently giving a user the modify right automatically gives them Full user rigths. This is probably related but it refuses to let me give any of my domain users any access rights to files or directories. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas how to solve my ACL problem?
2013 Oct 07
Replication: long detalys
Hello everybody, I am running dovecot 2.1.7 on Debian Wheezy on two servers with replication set up, MTA is postfix. The idea is to have a redundant mail system so that when one server fails, users can continue using the other server (failover of POP/IMAP through DNS redirection). Servers are called srv06 and srv07: Below is the dovecot config, both servers have identical config, only
2005 Aug 24
SIP Registration --Giving up forever after very short network outage.
I'm looking for some help in how to keep asterisk from doing this. If we loose Internet or routing to our upstream provider even for only a few short minutes asterisk quickly gives up & never tries again. I have to do a manual reload to get it to register with my sip provider(s) again before incoming calls are accepted. This is really bad as it causes us to loose the ability to get incoming calls now & then. Not at all what we want in a phone system. How can I get...