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2007 Dec 03
procmail/formail --> Maildir
Hello List, i switched mailformat from mbox to maildir. Now i have a little problem with procmail/formail and headermanipulation of mails. Here an example: 0 * ^From.* | (formail -t -I"procmail:") >> /var/spool/mail/xxxxxx So, i can add some different headerlines for later evaluation and the result is attached to inbox. Now i have the problem that i don&...
2009 Feb 02
OT: procmail recipe question
I'm trying to use procmail and I'm having trouble getting it to set some headers. I have one mailing list that sets ?Newsgroups: in the header and I want to remove it. I have the following test recipe: :0 * ^Subject:.*\<testing * ^(Mime-Version:|Content-) | formail -IMime-Version: -IContent- If I understand it correctly, it should remove the Mime-Verion and Content headers. The recipe gets matched but then doesn't deliver correctly: procmail: Match on "^Subject:.*\<testing" procmail: Match on "^(Mime-Version:|Content-)" procmail:...
2013 Feb 25
Procmail/Formail problem on 6.3
...mail thru spambayes, which gives back a rating on spamminess. this happens, so it's not as if procmail is simply punting. that is followed by tests for which mailbox it should go into, depending on the mailing list, or otherwise who it's from. these ARE NOT working. these recipes all use formail to append a header identifying the mail folder Procmail decided to use, and then the mail is appended to the mailbox. This has been working without problem for YEARS. but now, it all ends up in my main mailbox, where only those things that fail all the filters are supposed to go. aparently all t...
2009 May 17
procmail & formail
Dear all, i have a mail server & vpopmail. Now, i want to copy from each message to a directory.i find a way to do it. i put following line in .qmail-default : |formail -X "" > ~/text.txt Of course above line is test.Given line doesn't retrieves Return* header field. My question: How i retrieve entire email same itslef? Yours, Mohsen
2009 Mar 13
procmail recipe
hi all I am trying to filter emails to a user (weather) based on the subject: :0 *^Subject:.*Weather | /usr/bin/formail | /path/to/executable *^Subject:.*Tornado | /usr/bin/formail | /path/to/executable All it does is deliver the email to the weather inbox. For testing I tried. echo 1 | mail -s "Tornado" weather Enabling verbose and log file gives me: From root at d...
2014 Aug 14
Segfault with indexer-worker using Tika/Solr
Using Dovecot 2.2.13 with Tika 1.5 on Centos 5 64bit Tika is throwing an exception for some reason, which seems to be causing Dovecot's indexer to segfault. I'm using mdbox/gzipped compressed mail and private indexes for the shared folder. I'm importing mail via formail/dovecot-lda: formail -s /usr/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda -d admin -m Public/TestSubFolder? < /tmp/Inbox.mbox dovecot -n and the GDB backtrace are attached. # find /var/mail/ -maxdepth 2 /var/mail/_public /var/mail/_public&...
2015 Oct 28
sieve vacation - 2 questions
...ns to used From-Address in responding mail. Header of a sieve-responder shows a minimal From-Address: From: <adress at> But our Users want to add a custom name which is displayed at recipient of responder: From: John Doe <adress at> In procmail this is easy with formail, how to do this in sieve? Both features we implemented because people asked about it. I should find a way to recreate this in sieve. Thanks, Hajo
2007 Aug 27
processing Dovecot maildirs with shell scripts
Hello, I have a postfix server which uses procmail as its delivery agent to deliver incoming messages to several maildirs. For several reasons, not really relevant here, I need to process/refilter/sort again the content of these mailboxes before delivering the messages to the _other_ maildirs which Dovecot sees and serves to local or remote imap users. Basically, I need to write some
2020 Jun 11
Pigeonhole-sieve auto-reply
Is it possible to have a sieve script reply with a press message to certain emails (and only certain emails) based on sieve matches? I see a lot on vacation replies, but I want something more specific. Something along the lines of procmails formail command? Everything I?ve searched for is about vacation r filing replies into the same folder as the original message.
2008 Nov 22
OT: Run Sieve On A Mailbox Manually
(Apologies for being offtopic.) The subject basically says it all...does anyone know of a tool to run a sieve script on a mailbox (in particular, Maildirs) manually? Ideally, I'd like to do it without adding a bunch of new headers to the mail. So, could I just do a find (or for-loop, if it was just one maildir) command and pipe all the mails into deliver..? Thanks, Neil.
2004 Mar 26
The Status: header is forced
Hi, I started testing dovecot for our next POP/IMAP server (nearing production state), and noticed that the Status: header is always added, with a value of 'O' or 'RO'. This happens in `lib-index/mbox/mbox-rewrite.c'. This does not seem to happen in the Maildir case. Is the Status: header really needed in every case? This breaks mutt which displays mails with a
2010 Jan 12
Discard duplicate messages at delivery?
...following recipe, but I did not found an equivalent for dovecot: # One often receives duplicate messages for cross-postings to mailing # lists, or explicit replies to a post from you in addition to the # mailing list message. # # The following recipe eliminates all duplicate messages. It tells # formail(1) to keep a cache file of the Message-IDs of the most # recent messages you've received. Since Message-IDs are guaranteed # unique for distinct messages, they are ideally suited to weed out # duplicates. # :0 Wh: msgid.lock | formail -D 65536 .saves.msgid Thanks, -- Nicolas
2007 Jun 07
procmail, and the care and feeding of mailing list content received easy enough to tune them out: 1. Install procmail; yum knows how 2. Add a mark and drop ruleset [herrold at new .procmail]$ cat ~/.procmail/killfilerc # # mark them :0fh ^ *List-Id:.*centos\.centos\.org ^ *Subject:.*CentOS Based Linux Firewall Document *!^X-brand | formail -A "X-brand: killfile " # and dump them :0 w * ^X-brand: killfile /dev/null 3. Integrate it in mailhandling; a fragment from: /home/herrold/.procmailrc # easy drops INCLUDERC=$HOME/.procmail/killfilerc -----------------------------------...
2012 Jul 12
ot: execute a script via email?
anyone has any tips what's best way to execute a script via email ? I have a wget script that fetches some pages, and, emails me the output, there is no paramters passed, it's all in the script I'll like to email in and action the script to get the results email -- Voytek
2009 Jun 11
How to reply to a digest
I'm receiving the centos-request in digest mode. Using Fedora 10 and Evolution. When I tried to reply to a centos-request message inside the digest, the result doesn't seem to look right. I cut/paste the proper subject line (replacing the CentOS Digest, Vol NN, Issue nn text), but some have complained that this approach doesn't allow the original question and replies to be
2005 May 30
Script to convert mboxes to maildirs?
Does anybody know of a script of a simple method of converting mbox mail stores to maildirs? I'm moving from an old pop3 system to imap and after installing about half our office with mboxes have found that mbox does not support subfolders which some people like to use. Is there any simple way of converting? I can go to each individual account and "manually" convert swaping data
2012 Feb 21
duplicates with multiple To/CC and sieve redirect copy
Hi, In one installation we are using sieve "redirect :copy" to create copy of the incoming email (local boss gets copy of its employees mails). There is a problem when the incoming email has multiple To/CC entries with local users. Multiple copy/redirects are created (one for each employee) and there are multiple copies in "boss" account. Each of this emails has the
2008 Jul 21
Deliver mail as 'read'?
I'd like to be able to deliver certain mail as 'read' from procmail. My procmail rules call deliver with -m to directly to inject filtered mail to maildir based directories. I like to keep copies of mail I've sent by cc'ing it to myself and using procmail to filter and store copies in the appropriate directory. I cannot seem to find a way of delivering cc'd mail from
2018 Feb 24
Really slow IMAP performance
Aki Tuomi <aki.tuomi at> writes: >> On 24 February 2018 at 15:47 Neil Jerram <neil at> wrote: [...] >> > Feb 24 10:24:24 arudy dovecot[1712]: imap(neil): Warning: >> > Transaction log file >> > /home/neil/dovecot-mail/.imap/INBOX/dovecot.index.log was locked >> > for 98 seconds (Mailbox
2015 Feb 14
Bug#776094: dovecot-imapd: corrupts mailbox after trying to retrieve it (fwd)
...<20150113091737.B5ADA5F8B1 at> Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 10:17:25 +0100 (CET) X-UID: 16035 Status: O a Note how the From: line has been truncated from its original state. I have been suffering from this problem for months. At first I believed it was some misbehaving procmail/formail recipe I had on the server, but that's not the case as this example shows. Thanks. -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: inbox-b.gz Type: application/gzip Size: 840 bytes Desc: URL: <