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2006 Feb 06
fcgi to run cgi scripts Perl application called through CGI. I tried to find pointers on how to set fcgi to run both rails dispatcher and other cgi scripts in a different virtualhost, and I didn''t find anything. Would anyone be so kind to show me where to go, or tell me how to configure fcgi? Thanks a lot. Ezra Here is my current config file: server.document-root = "/opt/webspace/mysite/public" server.port = 80 server.username = "apache" server.groupname = "apache" server.modules = ("mod_rewrite","mod_redirect","mod_fastcgi",...
2006 Jan 04
Query Mixin by Duane Johnson
Hello At the start of October, Duane Johnson announced the Query mixin plugin on this list. The code was attached to the announcement email. Unfortunately, I''ve not been able to locate the attached code. Goggle has not helped me this time. Could somebody forward it to me? Thanks in advance Harvey This e-mail has been scanned for all viruses by MessageLabs.
2006 Jan 31
A dumb question on extracting a value from a hash
Hi, I have the following code fragment; @comm_type = Communication.find_by_sql(''select id from communication_types where upper(description) = "EMAIL"'') Which results in >> @comm_type => [#<Communication:0x39a0f60 @attributes={"id"=>"4"}>] But when I try to test an ActiveREcord against this it doesn''t work;
2008 Jun 01
Is Ezra''s RESTful recipe needed anymore?
Hi all, In the recent Advanced Rails Recipes book, Ezra states that Rails needs a little bit of adjustment for its restful routing to work with Facebook. He suggests created an initializer named facebook_overrides.rb and adding this code: But I was just testing restful routing without that code, and Rail...
2006 Feb 24
[JOB] at
...ted to apply, this has been an excellent job for me and I have really enjoyed it. I just need to move on because my wife if going back to grad school and there isn''t a school here that offers what she needs. Anyway, we now return you to your regularly scheduled railing ;) Cheers- -Ezra Zygmuntowicz Yakima Herald-Republic WebMaster 509-577-7732
2006 Jan 10
problems overriding module with plugin
Hi I am trying to create a plug-in to fix the error in the rails core produced by the multiple delete on a HABTM relationship. I have confirmed that my plug-in is being included into the base during runtime however the code does not seem to be overridding the base class. module ActiveRecord module Associations module ClassMethods def has_and_belongs_to_many(association_id, options =
2005 Dec 29
help with installing login_engine
Hello, I did a script/plugin discover then script/plugin engine then script/plugin login_engine The discover worked, but I get engine and login_engine not found. I am using a Mac Thanks Frank
2006 Feb 15
STI Question
Hi everyone, I have 3 types of people (for now): Staff Faculty Students To break them up into classes, but keep them in the same People table, I''ve broken them up like so (code and ''ends'' snipped): class Person < ActiveRecord::Base class Employee < Person class Staff < Employee class Faculty < Employee class Student < Employee So, when I insert
2006 Feb 15
Rubuntu Live CD for Rails
...s wondering what extras people would like to see on this distro. What editors with what configurations? What other tools do people really like for rails development on a debian variant? Anything at all you would like to see that I might not have considered already? Other thoughts? Thanks- -Ezra Zygmuntowicz Yakima Herald-Republic WebMaster 509-577-7732
2006 Feb 02
basic ''find'' question
I am struggling to understand the methodology here... I have a find.rhtml <%= start_form_tag :action => ''list2'', :first_name = client %> <%# render :partial => ''form'' %> <p><label for="client_first_name">First name</label><br/> <%= text_field ''client'',
2006 Jan 06
How do I write a generator?
I''d like to take some advice and write a generator to change the scaffold.css. How do I do that? I looked on the wiki and googled it but have not found anything yet. Any help would be much appreciated. bruce
2006 Mar 22
Problem with ACL plugin system
Don''t know if anyone else has experienced this but I''m having a problem with the access_denied method in Ezra''s ACL access control plugin. It''s working fine (in conjunction with acts_as_authenticated) until it comes across a user it denies access to, in which case it throws the following error: NoMethodError in Admin#index protected method `access_denied'' called for...
2006 Sep 01
Worker suicide
Hi the list people, hi Ezra, I just read from this message that BackgrounDRb will offer a way to kill a worker from within itself. As this message is from 7/25, I wonder if this feature has been added since. If not, is there...
2006 Jan 31
ez_where plugin updated features. Look at the test suite for more syntax possibilities. There have been many additions since my last release. Fabien Atelier has been working on this with me and has added a bunch of great code. You can get it from here: http:// ez_where/ This is a request for feedback. I want to solidify the api soon so suggestions are welcome. Here''s a snippet from the README: Welcome to the new improved ez_where plugin for rails. This plugin is meant to be used as a nice ruby like...
2006 Jan 23
OT: Problem rotating logs with lighttpd
Hi everybody, this is a little OT. We are using Lighttpd as a webserver for Rails. Our problem is that when we rotate the logs everyday at the end of the process, lighttpd stops writing the logs. To solve this we have to restart the server manually each time. We use a common Debian, lighttpd-1.4.7, Rails 1.0 and fcgi-2.4.0. I have tracked the lighttpd bugs, and I haven''t found
2006 Jan 09
Noob, installing rails on a goDaddy virtual server?
Hi, I''m completely new to all of this. Not even certain this is an appropriate forum for an installation question. I''m just about to plunk down some money to get a virtual server. In looking over the list of isp''s elsewhere on this site, goDaddy isn''t mentioned - probably because they don''t offer rails as a standard distribution. There are some
2008 Feb 18
Calling a controller inside a module
I tryied everything: :controller => ''MyModule::Core::Controller'' require ''MyModule/core/controller'' include MyModule::Core But nothing works !!! Question is very simple: How to call a controller that belongs to a Module inside the router.rb file? This cannot be that difficult! Thanks! -Sergio -------------- next part -------------- An HTML
2006 Feb 19
building multiple find conditions
I am trying to allow for AND type ''find'' but to allow for simply a single set of find criteria. controller code... @vw_string = @vw_string1 = @vw_string2 = @vw_string3 = [] if params[:beg_intake_date] != "" then @vw_string1 = ["intake_date between ? and ?", params[:beg_intake_date], params[:end_intake_date] ] end if
2006 Jul 24
Mongrel + BackgrounDRb + File Column = Upload Progress Bar?
Hi there, I''ve been digging around trying to find some information (mostly examples) on how one would handle a progress bar upload using BackgrounDRb and File Column. I did read and Ezra''s blog of course, but I still have a few questions. I made a simple upload form (as a test) that is submitted to the "upload_song" action. def upload_song @song =[:song]) @song.member_id = session[:member_id] redirect_to :action =&gt...
2005 Dec 18
could you give me a hand?
hi. i try to record a global array to save on-line member. it''s put this array in controllers/application.rb or not? my code like this: $online_users = and each member sign in will add himself to $online_users. miss something? all regards -- Posted via