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2002 Jan 30
mosaicplot(formula, data)--- bugged?
I have been tinkering with mosaicplot() and friends as a way of learning R. As part of this, I've written a pair.table() method for mosaic matrices, and would like to extend mosaicplot to work with loglin and logln (MASS) objects. I'm using R 1.4.0 on Win 98. I've been trying to figure out the formula interface, and think there's a bug, but not sure how to find it, yet alone fix
2011 Feb 18
How to change dataframe to tables
The data is in the attachment. What I wanna get is: , , Sex = Male Eye Hair Brown Blue Hazel Green Black 32 11 10 3 Brown 53 50 25 15 Red 10 10 7 7 Blond 3 30 5 8 , , Sex = Female Eye Hair Brown Blue Hazel Green Black 36 9 5 2 Brown 66 34 29 14 Red 16 7 7 7 Blond 4
2012 Jul 11
[Bug 51962] New: Raz's eyes flicker in Psychonauts on nv50 Bug #: 51962 Summary: Raz's eyes flicker in Psychonauts on nv50 Classification: Unclassified Product: Mesa Version: git Platform: Other OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: medium Component: Drivers/DRI/nouveau...
2009 Mar 23
Bird''s Eye integration in Mapstraction
Are there any plans to integrate Virtual Earth''s Bird''s Eye view to mapstraction? I tried an "integration hack" but then found out that there are too many issues involved (check whether birds eye is available for the current map area, disabling zoom controls,...). Has anyone else tried it? Franz
2009 Jan 30
feature idea for wine : stereo 3D
...n: - perception of photo manipulation - more tangible representation of goods (ebay) - ability to recognize more things in a stereo photo than would be possible in 2D. - ability to stop time and observe imperceivable things like water suspended in air - ability to see mountains that appear to our eyes as flat in 3D as if looking at a model in clay. - perception of reflections: glass, water, smoke, anisotropical effects like glitter, brushed metal, suede. - the perception of increased resolution due to the added resolution of the combined imagery. Wine could bring this to anyone regardless of...
2006 Jun 13
changing the eye candy on the default screensaver
Has anyone already worked out the files involved in changing from the rather pedestrian screensaver to some more pleasing eye candy like Fedora Core 5 uses? thnx/ldv
2012 Sep 15
[Bug 54970] New: EOG Eye of gnome shows black stripe in pictures with nouveau driver Bug #: 54970 Summary: EOG Eye of gnome shows black stripe in pictures with nouveau driver Classification: Unclassified Product: xorg Version: 7.6 (2010.12) Platform: x86 (IA32) OS/Version: Linux (All) Status: NEW Severity:
2006 Sep 14
Eye candy...
Some new eye candy... -hpa
2011 May 27
if you don't give yourself annoyance, others also can never
yes, I narrowed eyes and see the world again. I's eyes narrowed, at present of scenery was draped one hazy cloak, a fairly beautiful come out in the wash. As long as the phenomenon don't essence, some things, some things, some people don't need to see as well, as long as I see things scenery beautiful that...
2006 Aug 07
AWDwR typography question
So, I''ve been listing to stuff folks have been saying about the Bookman font we use. Most people like the font, but some feel there aren''t enough words/line, so your eyes move too much. So, I spent the weekend playing with typography, and I''ve come up with a compromise. The thing is: it looks good to me, but I don''t want to mess up the read for others if it doesn''t work for them. So, I''ve put up a couple of pages using both...
2013 Oct 20
Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 on Debian
Hello, I am currently running Dovecot 2.1 on current Debian and need to upgrade to 2.2 to use the replication features. I understand that I therefore need to compile Dovecot myself. I am using a MySQL database for users authentication, therefore I need to compile Dovecot with mysql support: *./configure --with-mysql* Unfortunately this terminates with: *configure: error: Can't build
2015 Jan 17
How to install libquicktime on CentOS 7 in one (or two) line of command?
Greetings, ----- Original Message ----- > Yeah, there are a lot of possibilities to my problem. But it is harder > to verify a hypothesis than coming up with one. So, do you have any > specific commands for the verification purpose? I'm not sure what you mean by "specific commands for verification process". Step 1, delete the troubled package and erase it from your
2006 Apr 26
2 analogue ports on an Alcatel PBX patched to 2 FXO ports on my *
Hello, I have 2 analogue ports on an Alcatel PBX patched to 2 FXO ports on my <mailto:*@home> *@home 2.8 running on top of CentOS. Both FXO Ports are on ONE Digium card. What I would like is: If someone calls extn 281 on my Alcatel PBX it is routed through to Extn 233 on my * thruogh FXO port/module 4 If someone calls extn 282 on my Alcatel PBX it is routed through to Extn 234 on
2012 Oct 22
[LLVMdev] Does someone still keep eye on MC ARM EHABI?
Hello > My question is, to avoid duplicate effort, > does someone take charge of this part? or > does anyone is already implementing this currently? > > BTW, any suggestion on this effort? I'm very appreciated! There are several directions here: 1. Binary emission. Right now MC layer is text-only and depends on assembler 2. Correctness issues. It's believed that unwinding
2012 Oct 22
[LLVMdev] Does someone still keep eye on MC ARM EHABI?
Dear Renato and Anton, Big thanks to your help. Those references are very helpful! BTW, After I applying this patch from Logan Chien, I pass some examples on ARM assembly emission. It seems good to me. For object file emission, The first thing is making MC generate correct .ARM.exidx and .ARM.extab. I will keep tracing that.
2006 Jun 05
Extra pair of eyes for VersionCamp
I''m just wondering if someone is willing to check out a little tool I''ve been working on last 3 days after work called VersionCamp. It''s basic function is to transfer SVN changeset logs into BaseCamp as messages. It''s also meant to be a frontend for a Basecamp project. Displaying the changesets, milestones and tickets(Ticket adding not done). And also
2006 Apr 18
Hello Fellow Users, This is my first post so please be kind :-) I am using asterisk@home <mailto:asterisk@home> with freePBX talking to an Alcatel 2400 analogue port via a Digium TDM01B - 1 FXO card I can make calls into the asterisk by dialling the asterisk extn number from the 4200. I can dial extns on the 4200 from asterisk by dialling 9(4200extn number) if I don't have any
2004 Feb 06
Something to keep an eye on (perhaps)
As seen on the wx-dev mailing list yesterday:
2006 Mar 31
AAARGH! Need some fresh eyes to look at this pls
I just switched my rails app over to production mode, couldn''t get it working, switched it back to development mode, and now nothing gets outputted in the browser. I''m sure I''ve missed something in the configs. Setup: Lighttpd/SCGI on WinXP, Rails 1.0. Environment.rb: ENV[''RAILS_ENV''] ||= ''development'' require
2009 Oct 24
Running SSH on a different port
HI All, With my new firewall in place, it has opened my eyes to how much traffic gets blocked in a single day and also what are the most active rules. I get *a lot* of requests for port 22. How does one switch ssh ports? What is a good port to use? What ramifications does it have when I need to ssh in? Is it as simple as ssh user at hots:port? Best...