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2005 Aug 25
Dell 2850 anyone ...
Can anyone comment or share experences with using Dell 2850's with Asterisk. Proposed config is 2850, 2 x 3.6g procs, 2 g's of ram, 4 x 36g 15k rpm drives raid 10, Digium TE411P ( the echo cancelling cards ). Expected load is 1 or 2 pri's (most likely 1 ) 100 Polycom phones on the local network, 15 phone on a remot...
2005 Apr 18
HTB stalling
Hi Couple months ago I started to have a strange problem with HTB. My setup is Fedora Core 2 + Pentium 2 233 + 128 MB of ram and its serving as a router. For some time since going to kernel 2.6 my HTB QoS Stalls for couple seconds, every couple minutes. If the connection load is bigger the stalling is more frequent and takes longer. I isolated the problem to be with HTB (CBQ works fine). The
2006 Aug 09
Hi, Anybody has experency with, i am see this gateway because i from latin america and i need a payment gate wich send me my money by check So if anybody to know about other gateway send checks please let me to know too Thank you -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed......
2014 May 04
blazer_ser: UPS behind seriell ethernet converter converter (Brainboxes ES-246). I've set the converter to 2400 baud, 8N1, no flow control. On the linux side I started socat and blazer_ser. All I got are timeouts after 12 seconds. I can see network traffic with tcpdump but I've no idea what to do to get this working. Does anyone have experencies with blazer_ser and a remote UPS connected via seriell ethernet converter? Many tanks. Meinhard
2015 Jun 29
Re: [PATCH v2 1/9] build: Remove ./configure --enable-valgrind-daemon.; instead be modified in a future commit. > --- I understand you don't like how it is currently done (and I might agree); OTOH, some of the stuff here could still be used when trying to valgrind the daemon within the appliance. Can you please leave this commit aside for now, while I'm expermenting with a simplier valgrind mode for the daemon? Thanks, -- Pino Toscano
2003 Dec 08
trouble with predict.l1ce
Dear R-help, I am having trouble with the predict function in lasso2. For example: > data(Iowa) > l1c.I <- l1ce(Yield ~ ., Iowa, bound = 10, absolute.t=TRUE) > predict (l1c.I) # this works is fine > predict (l1c.I,Iowa) Error in eval(exper,envir, enclos) : couldn't find function "Yield" And I have similar trouble whenever I use the newdata argument in prediction. thanks in advance, Clayton [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 May 16
Aastra SIP phone regisration problems
...hones that are loosing registration. On the phone gui it says 408 as the registation error after a minute or say they register. In the cli it eill say the phone is now unreachable then it will show it registering then available. At first they did it every hour all the phones. After messing with the experation it does it every 15 nin. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? I tried a debug on the phone in the cli but I ended up with over 100 pages of text. Via sip show debug peer 2000 or something like that. Respectfully Michael D Mosier Ftoc Certified -------------- next part -------------- An HTM...
2004 Aug 11
a few question about asterisk
...ith intertel that runs on windows that you just drag the call coming in to the exten its going to) is there a software for asterisk that can do this? 3. Is there a way to cut off the voicemail light after it sends the message to your email account? The phones are Cisco 7960 Also has anyone had any experance connecting Asterisk to a rolm switch? Any help would be great. Anthony Brassfield <> -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Feb 02
Borland Database Engine related installer issue (Portal GT-D)
...ed. The console doesn't display any messages at all, which is somewhat unusal. The installation continues and appears to succeed but the application does not successfully run (unsuprisingly). Anyway, I am interested in getting this to work and I am open to suggestion as to how to proceed and experement. Thanks, wine is a really interesting project I would like to learn more about!
2006 Jun 12
use AT320 international call
...ers "0xxxxxxxx" unsent. The handset had its dial plan disabled. It configured to use iax protocol. My extensions.conf has this: exten=_01186.,1, dial(SIP/<voipprovider>,60) and it works fine with other iaxy and Cisco ATA. Anyone encounter this symptom? Can you share your experience? Thanks, Min
2011 Jun 24
understand GEE output for wald test
...vector to use for a WALD test. I was wondering if someone could help me understand the GEE output, the programmers comment, how L was determined, and its use in the WALD test. I have tried looking online but unfortunatly have had no luck. Thank you so much! fit=gee(foci~as.factor(time)*cond,id=exper,data=drt,family=poisson(link = "log")) Beginning Cgee S-function, @(#) geeformula.q 4.13 98/01/27 running glm to get initial regression estimate (Intercept) as.factor(time)24 3.051177 -2.705675...
2006 Mar 17
pxelinux: Using just pxelinux.cfg/default
Hi friends... I am using pxelinux but it is so slow when I don't write MAC addresses in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf so How do I can use pxelinux.cfg/default directly and not have to wait? A lot of thanks. {pepo} -- Linux User Registered #232544 Jabber : pepo at ICQ : 337889406 GnuPG-key :
2003 Sep 18
[Bug 674] permanently_set_uid() doesn't work on BSDI 4.0.1
...ReportedBy: jsr at On BSDI 4.0.1, sshd answers the port but closes the connection before negotiation is complete. Replacing the permanently_set_uid() function in uidswap.c with the one from 3.6.1p2 fixed the problem for BSDI. harry:/home/u/jsr/development/exper/openssh-3.7.1p1(8)# ./sshd -d debug1: sshd version OpenSSH_3.7.1p1 debug1: private host key: #0 type 0 RSA1 debug1: read PEM private key done: type RSA debug1: private host key: #1 type 1 RSA debug1: read PEM private key done: type DSA debug1: private host key: #2 type 2 DSA debug1: setgrou...
2005 Oct 07
MINNESOTA: TwinCities Asterisk Users Group - Saturday 10/8/2005
...of Hwy 77 (Ceder Ave). Meetings are held at Sound Choice Communications LLC... This month, we'll take a look at 'Asterisk Real-Time'. Running Asterisk configurations from a database. Please share your experences with us. We are always looking for help with meeting topics. If you feel like taking the lead, please do and simply let me know if you need anything. Meeting starts at 11:30am and parking is available in the rear of the building. Runs about 2 hours or less, and we'll order Pizza to the...
2008 Aug 05
Mouse behaves drunk using Wine
...SE > General > Pointer Speed > Sensitivity to the rightmost settings while Acceleration to the right of the middle. I didn't think I should have to set sensitivity so high, but that's working well for Ubuntu. I'm a newbie Linux user and newbie to Wine. Have MCSE and years of exper on Windows dating to Win 3.1. Longtime WoW player, so I know a couple of tricks using the tab key to select a new target etc, but the mouse behavior is a show stopper. I find myself using a jerking fashion to make the mouse show up in the middle of the screen, then have to move the mouse ever so...
2010 Dec 23
could someone help me make a japanese game run? game.exe' or 'winefile -> move file to c:\somewhere -> double click game.exe'. i've google out it seems i'd change locale of my system to got it streight? is it true? and i think i'v been an linux cowerd to challenge any locale change for the total year's linux experence.. if i had to configure my locale, how to do it to make change with limited effects only to the-game-running-on-a-Wine-instance? that, i want keep machine-wide. thanks in advance.
2011 May 23
Compatibility with Parallels Virtouzo
Hi, will libvirt work with the commercial parallels virtuozzo, too? Cause the linux version of virtuozzo is based on openvz, which ist supported by libvirt. Does someone have some experencies with that? Thanks for any feedback, Andreas -- SysEleven GmbH Rosenthaler Str. 34/35 10178 Berlin Firmensitz: Berlin Registergericht: AG Berlin Charlottenburg, HRB 108571 B Geschäftsführer: Marc Korthaus
2005 Jul 27
Accounting Proxyarp users !!?
Hi Folks, Can i account proxyarped pc´s ?? Like know how much web traffic passthru a specific person ip using shorewall ? So i can know how much bandwidth that specific IP EAT ? Thanks alot Carlos Arnt ------------------------------------------------------- SF.Net email is sponsored by: Discover Easy Linux Migration Strategies from IBM. Find simple to follow Roadmaps, straightforward
2013 May 10
PGLM Package: Starting Values for Within-Model
I am currently using the PGLM package and I would like to implement a within-model. Unfortunately, I do not succeed as I am not a big expert in panel regression. I am using the example data set from the PGLM package: library(pglm) data('Unions', package = 'pglm') anb <- pglm(union~wage+exper+rural, Unions, family=binomial('probit'), model="within", method = "bfgs", print.level=0, R = 5,...
2008 Oct 01
Software patents (was G723 on asterisk 1.4.1)
On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 6:34 AM, Andrew Joakimsen <joakimsen at> wrote: > On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 11:34 PM, Tilghman Lesher > <tilghman at> wrote: >> It is completely illegal in any country that recognizes patents. > > You mean countries that recognize software patents, right? As resident of country where the file is hosted - yes we