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2010 Oct 24
Installing multiple wine version from Ubuntu Repository?
Probably I should ask this question to Ubuntu forums, but nevertheless... Is possible to install multiple concurrent version of wine from the wine repositories? Reasons to prefer this to building from sources should be obvious, I suppose: easyness in regression testing, compatibility, installation/removing... I've tried looking to the build scripts of deb files, on the eventual possibility of creating a personal PPA, with different wine install paths (ie: /opt/wine-1.2, /opt/wine-1.1.44, etc. ) and different executable name ( /opt/wine...
2006 Feb 25
[Half-OT] PDA Clients and Rails
Hello! I''d like to gather some points about running a rails application on a PDA. As a condition I''d like to use Palm and Windows Mobile based PDA to target a huge user audience (this could be become difficult I know, only Windows Mobile for the start is although okay). I googled the last weeks and found out that there were only a few web browsers out there. E.g. Mozilla
2012 Oct 19
Understand include exclude script
hi i use a script to backup my homedir, that work but there are somes things i don't really understand. here my script rsync -arv --delete --prune-empty-dirs --include-from=include.txt --exclude-from=exclude? /home/bob /media/usbkey include.txt file + .Skype/*** + .local/ + .local/share/ + .local/share/local-mail/*** + .mozilla/*** - .** exclude.txt file Desktop/ Download/ .* I have a
2006 Sep 04
SPITS 0.0.9b
...working on a PHP-based project (SPITS). The aim of this project is to easly create a shaping script, using a web interface, without needing to know tc and iptables command line options. As the project is now in beta stage, soon a CSS stylesheet will be made, but i''m more interested in the easyness of the interface. Cosidering some of you have enoungh knowledge about tc qdisc/classes and iptables, i want you people to give it a try to SPITS. Only few qdisc types are available now, and 2 ip tables matches. I intend to make SPITS able to import qdisc types and iptables matches via xml...
2006 Jul 04
Any CMS for Ruby on Rails..
Well i want to make a photography community site on the lines of ,, Where the community votes for every subbmission from a artist and can comment (like a forum).. Now gfxartist has used probably SMARTY,php,and their own CMS. terminus used Drupal,Gallery 2.Some one tells me that this combo is heavy on resources and slows down sites.
2013 Apr 24
WARNING to those running Samba on OpenIndiana or other Illumos based systems with > 16 groups
Just a heads-up, because this bug took me absolutely ages to chase down, and I want to save others the same pain. Samba is perhaps the most prominent reason why you might find a user in more than 16 groups on a Unix system, and so this bug may at first appear to be a 'Samba issue' (that certainly is why it found it's way to my attention :-) In
1998 Aug 25
Named Overflow Concern - SUMMARY (fwd)
...e knowledge of computer security that was >needed in the past. They seem to be mainly scanning for Named/Imapd etc. > >Named is a very over-exploited vulnerability due to the fact that so many >servers are actualy vulnerable to it when running RedHat Linux boxes and >also due to the easyness of use, nothing complicated about its use.. > >localhost:~# named >robo - dns IQUERY remote buffer overflow for intel linux >nimrood 5.16.98 >connecting...connected. >testing for vulnerability...vulnerable. >sending exploit code...1560 bytes sent. >bash# > >A...