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2013 Jun 30
why check f_path.mnt is equal for source and dest in btrfs_ioctl_clone()?
...t change of circumstances will actually execute fine. Imagine we have a btrfs on /dev/mapper/foobar with subvols /foo and /bar. Let’s also imagine top of said fs in mounted at /mnt. In this case, a cross-subvol clone of /mnt/foo/srcfile to /mnt/bar/dstfile will succeed. However, if only the individual subvols were mounted like this: /dev/mapper/foobar on /mnt (subvol=foo) /dev/mapper/foobar on /mnt2 (subvol=bar), then a clone of /mnt/srcfile to /mnt2/dstfile will fail with EXDEV even though it is o...
2004 Jun 03
4 important bugs again <;
hello everyone, thanks to todd 1.2.21 is out :) every release getting better, i would like to get consensus on these "important" bugs: #252078 logtail: should depend on perl >= 5.8 sarge as any other modern linux distro use perl 5.8.x, it''s even inside of its base. backports are under the peril of its author if no one voices up, i''ll close that bug in the next
2008 Jan 04
Cisco 7941G-GE with Asterisk and CTPSEP odyssee
Hi list, I have bought some Cisco 7941G-GE IP phones and want to use them with asterisk. Before bying I tested the whole setup with three different models of the old 79X0 series (a 7912, 7940 and a 7960). Flashing the formerly provided SCCP-Image to SIP was no problem, but now it complains about a nonexistent CTLSEP<mac>.tlv file. Most of the howtos say something about an empty file but
2003 Oct 24
rsync -vae ssh user@host1:/tmp/dir user@host2:/tmp/
I have legitimate ssh access to two remote machines. ssh directly from either machine to the other is blocked by firewalls which I cannot control. $ rsync -vae ssh user@host1:/tmp/dir user@host2:/tmp/ receiving file list ... done rsync: mkdir user@host2:/tmp: No such file or directory rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(319) I would like this to copy