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2017 Nov 02
low end file server with h/w RAID - recommendations
Richard Zimmerman wrote: > hw wrote: >> Next question: you want RAID, how much storage do you need? Will 4 or 8 3.5" drives be enough (DO NOT GET crappy 2.5" drives - they're *much* more expensive than the 3.5" drives, and >smaller disk space. For the price of a 1TB 2.5", I can get at least a 4TB WD Red. > > I will second Marks comments here. Yes,
2006 May 01
Rebuilding Raid 1
Trying a different approch. Senario Raid 1 setup Bootable raid drive failed Mirror has been working for almost a month and then rebooted Now can't boot mirror drive grub not mirrored from other drive. I Fixed bootable drive. Question? Can I hook up both drives and boot fixed drive then rebuilt mirror from nonbootable drive to bootable drive? Does the raid automatically rebuilt when I
2011 May 28
Have my RMA... Now what??
I have a raidz2 pool with one disk that seems to be going bad, several errors are noted in iostat. I have an RMA for the drive, however - no I am wondering how I proceed. I need to send the drive in and then they will send me one back. If I had the drive on hand, I could do a zpool replace. Do I do a zpool offline? zpool detach? Once I get the drive back and put it in the same drive bay..
2008 Aug 18
Problem copying files to flash drive
I had an interesting experience this weekend backing up some flash drives to another flash drive on my CentOS 5.2 home desktop. My son had two 256MB flash drives and one 1GB flash drive that he wanted backed up onto his newer 2GB flash drive. I used rsync to copy the two smaller ones to the big one without any trouble, but when I tried to backup the 1GB files to the 2GB drive, I started getting
2008 Jan 15
OT: Dell BIOS and mixed drives
I have a Dell Precision 360, which has both onboard SATA and ultra ATA controllers, and I put one of each kind of drive into the bays to make an experimental machine with the xen kernel. After enabling both of drives, the BIOS recognizes each drive, but it fails to boot, giving me the message "secondary drive 1 not found". The BIOS gives me a choice of going ahead or going to setup.
2003 Jun 09
config trouble
hi all, since about 3 weeks i'm having trouble running cvs wine (no problems before). on startup it says: kde3@lisi [~] $ wine Warning: no valid DOS drive found, check your configuration file. Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry for current working directory /home/kde3; starting in windows directory. Invalid path L"c:\\windows" for
2011 Dec 11
New Guess OS Creation Problem
Hi All, I am running on CentOS Released 6.1 final. Been using and running Linux KVM quite well for quite some time, something goes wrong after I perform yum upgrade. I created new VM yesterday without any problem, same exact installation procedure, installed FreeBSD 8.2. I tried to create a new VM today after yum upgrade, it's able to detect the hard disk, when I start commit FreeBSD 8.2
2001 Mar 15
I faile to try run windows program..what i do??
I installed "codeweavers-wine-20010305-1.i386.rpm" without windows. And I did "wine config" I tried to test window program. So I downloaded "ws_ftple.exe" that is install program of ws ftp. And I installed by double-clicking form file manager of gnom. they installed. And I try to do ws_ftp95.exe that is executable program of ws ftp. But wine showed me following
2016 Oct 27
[OT] How to recover data from an IDE drive
Hello, As some may recall, I suffered a hardware failure of a 10 yr old IBM Netvista back in January. I was backing up my personal data, 'My Documents', to my CentOS server but I apparently didn't get my emails. It was a main board failure and I believe the data is still good on the hard drive. Only problem, its an IDE drive and my server and new PC have SATA drives. Is it possible
2019 Mar 01
What files to edit when changing the sdX of hard drives?
On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 05:19:49PM +0100, Nicolas Kovacs (info at wrote: > Le 28/02/2019 ? 04:12, Jobst Schmalenbach a ?crit?: > > I want to lock in the SDA/SDB/SDC for my drives > > In short : use UUIDs or labels instead of hardcoding /dev/sdX. I **KNOW** how to use UUID's ... this is NOT the reason why I am doing this! I *NEED* the
2006 Apr 11
trying to find out how much is on a drive?
I have a Ferdora 2 machine with 2 drives in it one has the OS and the main drive for our Samba server on it and the other is the Mirror drive. What I am trying to find out is how much is on the primary drive. When I use the "du" command I get a number that seems to be off. I have the mirror drive mounted to the primary drive, and it apears as though when I do the "du"
2010 Jan 16
Best 1.5TB drives for consumer RAID?
Which consumer-priced 1.5TB drives do people currently recommend? I had zero read/write/checksum errors so far in 2 years with my trusty old Western Digital WD7500AAKS drives, but now I want to upgrade to a new set of drives that are big, reliable and cheap. As of Jan 2010 it seems the price sweet spot is the 1.5TB drives. As I had a lot of success with Western Digital drives I thought
2014 Jan 04
Dell machine boots a Windows formatted FAT16 USB drive not a Ubuntu formatted FAT16 drive.
Hi All, First post and hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction for this problem. I did a bit of googling and found some hints but nothing concrete. We are using Syslinux and a FAT32 USB thumb drive (single partition) to boot a customized Debian OS which works very well with newer motherboards. However we have a few older Dell machines that simply hangs when trying to boot
2013 Oct 02
"Enterprise Class Hard Drive" - Scam Warning
Hi All, I know many of us here manage RAID on our Centos based servers so this may be of interest to us all. I ordered three new "Enterprise hard drives" this month from a well known UK online retailer. The drives arrived as new in their anti-static packaging. Before using one of the drives in a mission critical hardware raid I checked the SMART attributes and was amazed at what I
2009 Nov 10
Hey Guys, I have some questions?regarding?a new home server I am going to build in the hopefully very near future (ASAP, I just need to finish planning everything and this is the penultimate?hurdle), I will be creating a software RAID... Lets say I have three drives "knocking" around which are all 1TB SATA II drives but each made by a different manufacturer. I am going to guess that
2005 May 18
Trouble mounting a second drive
I am tying to mount a second hard drive to my server with CentOS installed on the primary hard drive. I need to get some data off of the drive. It also has Linux installed on it. It was the primary hard drive on the system it was installed on. When I set it up as the second disk it will not boot the drive because it has /boot partition on it. So it conflicts with the /boot partition on the
2008 Feb 12
Question on failing hard drives
In my Cent OS machine, I have 3 hard drives, an 80, and two 200gig hard drives. One of the drives is obviously starting to fail, but I'm not sure which one. Is there a command line command in Linux that will check the drive integrity on all the hard drives and tell me which one is going bad? Thanks Jim
2017 Jan 20
CentOS 7 and Areca ARC-1883I SAS controller: JBOD or not to JBOD?
On Fri, January 20, 2017 5:16 pm, Joseph L. Casale wrote: >> This is why before configuring and installing everything you may want to >> attach drives one at a time, and upon boot take a note which physical >> drive number the controller has for that drive, and definitely label it >> so >> y9ou will know which drive to pull when drive failure is reported. > >
2012 May 07
Win32 syslinux needs to support mount points, disk numbers or volume names in addition to drive letters
As you know, the Linux version of syslinux supports mount points. But for the Win32 version, it only supports drive letters as in: syslinux ?ma e: However, drive letters are not always available, such as drives mounted to NTFS folders. In order to install syslinux to these drives, future release of syslinux should support using mount points as the drive spec; or alternatively, support disk
2014 Aug 18
[PATCH] drives: fix deletion of servers on error
Make sure to not skip any of the created server, and to always free the "server" array. diff --git a/src/drives.c b/src/drives.c index 4bd8328..85c1495 100644 --- a/src/drives.c +++ b/src/drives.c @@ -743,8 +743,7 @@ parse_servers (guestfs_h *g, char *const *strs, for (i = 0; i < n; ++i) { if (parse_one_server (g, strs[i], &servers[i]) ==