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2009 Aug 31
Wine doesnt like my videocard drivers. Please help!
...d i have Nvidia GeForce 9800GT with Nvidia driver version 185.18.36 on ubuntu jaunty When i try to run games thru wine, i often get messeges about my videocard having to low memory or that i dont have direct3d, hardware 3d acceleration etc etc... I have installed many things thru winetricks such as DriectX 9, .NET, VB etc etc Still Wine doesnt get my videocard drivers... I even tried to install windows drivers from nvidia into wine, just for the sake of it. It didnt work Im new to linux and my ubuntu installation is not very old, max 1-2 weeks. Am i missing something here? Games like Warcraft III,...
2004 Aug 03
Video Codecs, Video Editing and Wine
...'s Guide" describes msvfw32.dll as a "32-bit windows video system." With the knowlege that I gained about MPEG2 codecs, is it a good assumption to say that the dll's I just mentioned are MPEG1 codecs? The "Wine Developer's Guide" describes d3d*.dll as "DriectX/Direct drawing libraries." I have concluded that d3d8 would imply DirectX8. Is that correct? The [mci] portion of the wine system.ini file contains the line: MPEGVideo2=mciqtz.drv Is this an MPEG2 codec? If so, I don't know how to point Edit Studio to it. Any pointers? In the...