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2008 Jun 16
minimizing title''s police
in order to minimize the police of the title of my graph i tried to use: >title("nombre de fleurs donn?es journellement par 6 cereus peruvianus du 1/07/02 au 31/09/02",font=0) but this message appears: Erreur dans title("nombre de fleurs donn?es journellement par 6 cereus peruvianus de 1/07/02 au 31/09/02", : valeur sp?cifi?e pour le
2006 May 04
R pour débutant
Bonjour, Je suis actuellement doctorant (en fin de th?se) et je vais avoir besoin de me servir de R. Devant apprendre R tout seul, je suis tomb? sur un mail de vous disant que vous aviez r?aliser un tutorial sur ce logiciel pour des 100% d?butant comme moi J''aurai essentiellement ? utiliser des algo de clustering (SOM ou Nu?e dyna) sur des matrices pouvant faire 41x230 Cependant je
1999 Aug 26
How to allow write access
Good day, My smb.conf file is [global] workgroup = VIP hosts allow = 216.46.5. 127. guest account = smbuser log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m max log size = 50 security = share # username map = /etc/smbusers socket options = TCP_NODELAY wins server = wins proxy = yes dns proxy = no server string = Serveur Samba
2007 Feb 08
Re: INFOSEC 500 XP USB on Debian using nut
Hi Arnaud, Is there any news about this hardware,does nut managed it right now ? Is there any technical information to make it working on debian ? Thanks for your help, Regards, DaneZ _____ From: Arnaud QUETTE [] To: DaneZ [] Sent: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 09:07:03 +0200 Subject: Re: RE Fw: INFOSEC 500 XP
2008 Jun 07
Bonjour. Est-il possible de changer la couleur? sebastien _______________________________________________ wxruby-users mailing list
2002 Aug 22
revised versions of "R for Beginners" on CRAN
Dear colleagues, New versions of "R for Beginners" in French and in English are available on CRAN in the Contributed Documentation section. The document is now nearly 60 pages long, and has been completely revised. The description of "objects" and of data manipulation has been completely re-written. The section on graphics has been particularly extended, and includes now an
2000 Feb 14
par(fig) problem
...---- Mathieu Ros - 13 rue b?vi?re - 38000 GRENOBLE - 04 76 491 370 DESS ing?nierie math?matique (biostatistiques) Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l'exp?rience est le nom que chacun donne a ses erreurs. Wilde -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- r-help mailing list -- Read Send "info", "help", or "[un]subscribe" (in the "body", not...
2000 Feb 14
summary : par(fig)
...---- Mathieu Ros - 13 rue b?vi?re - 38000 GRENOBLE - 04 76 491 370 DESS ing?nierie math?matique (biostatistiques) Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l'exp?rience est le nom que chacun donne a ses erreurs. Wilde -- original posting : -- hello R-users, I'd like to plot four graphics on the same page but with different sizes. I've tried to use : par(fig=c(0,0.5,0,0.6)) plot(fig1) par(fig=c(0.5,1,0,0.6)) plot(fig2) etc... but when a figure is plotted, it erase the previ...
2010 Mar 27
Error - pairs cointegrated trading
...ello guys, I''m trying to do a pairs trading cointegration analysis on two stocks (AXAP and AXANY), but I get an error that I don''t understand... Here''s my code: setwd("S:/Users/Alexis/Desktop/Essai") #chemin du dossier contenant les donn?es donnees <- read.csv("Data_R.csv", head=T, sep=";", stringsAsFactors=F) library(xts) dates <- as.Date(donnees[,1], format="%Y-%m-%d") AXAP <- xts(donnees[,4], dates) AXANY <- xts(donnees[,5], dates) t.xts <- merge(AXAP, AXANY, all=FALSE) t <-
2009 Jul 20
No subject
...SNIP... cat /proc/interrupts=20 CPU0 CPU1 =20 0: 83 0 IO-APIC-edge timer 1: 2 0 IO-APIC-edge i8042 3: 100887 0 IO-APIC-edge serial 7: 0 0 IO-APIC-edge parport0 8: 3 0 IO-APIC-edge rtc 9: 1 0 IO-APIC-fasteoi acpi
2007 Dec 28
checklistbox/html windows
...sible de ne pas afficher "ART_MISSING_IMAGE", quand le format d''image n''est pas pris en charge. Si je pose cette question, c''est tout simplement que quand j''affiche une page avec "htmlwindow" et que "ART_MISSING_IMAGE" apparaît, celà donne un peu l''impression que l''application n''est pas fini. En fait je pense que cela aurai été une bonne idée de ne pas afficher cette image quand certain formats d''image ne sont pas pris en charge. Voilà les options qu''il me manque pour que je puisse mettre...
2003 Nov 03
relier linux mandrak9.1 à WinXP par smbmnt
Bonjour, J''aimerais relier mon PC (linux mandrake 9.1) avec Win XP par samba. J''utilise la commande smbmnt avec le chemin sur la machine windows et l''endroit ou je veux monter chez moi mais il me rend une erreur que je ne comprend pas ?tant donn? que je suis tout nouveau dans le monde linux : "Failed to find real path for mount point" Merci
2012 Apr 06
Compatibility problem with R-2.9.0 and R-2.14.0
Hello all, Using classical glm function with binomial family, I experienced a problem when using predict() over a glm object. I found that family objects built on R-2.14.0 contain elements like : .Call(C_logit_link,...) But on R-2.9.0, the object C_logit_link can not be found. Instead, this prior version used to call more simply : .Call("logit_link",...) which causes no problem. Is
2013 Mar 19
ssha passwords in samba4
Hi, I have to bring samba4 as a DC in my setup which currently runs zimbra mail server, I need to migrate all the users with their passwords to samba4. I am able to extract the users and their ssha encrypted passwords, But am unable to set the passwords of these users as ssha. I really don''t want to reset the passwords of all the users. Can anybody tell if/how i can set the passwords
2007 May 15
Trouble with "require" and FastCGI
I didn''t mention in the subject that I''m using Firebird because I''m hoping non-Firebird developers will read this since there only seem to be about four people using Rails with Firebird. First what works for me - WinXP/Rails/Apache/FireRuby works great. I''ve also got WinXP/ Rails/Apache/FastCGI working well. When I mix FastCGI and
2017 Jul 21
Problem with mclapply in package parallel
Dear fellow R users, I am experiencing some problem using function mclapply from recommended R package parallel. This problem is a bit "deep in source code" (maybe r-devel list would be more appropriate ?). Actually, I have noticed on a specific Linux HPC system that the various readChild() calls in mclapply did not end the children processes, as would be expected (ie compared to what
2009 Aug 27
Digium Echo cancellation.
hi all, any one know, about echo cancellation with digium card, is it actually needed or it okay if we dont purchase because it increase price which half of new card, regards Dhaval -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2011 Mar 15
Problem with nls.lm function of minpack.lm package.
Dear R useRs, I have a problem with nls.lm function of minpackl.lm package. I need to fit the Van Genuchten Model to a set of data of Theta and hydraulic conductivity with nls.lm function of minpack.lm package. For the first fit, the parameter estimates keep changing even after 1000 iterations (Th) and I have a following error message for fit of hydraulic conductivity (k); Reason for
2003 Oct 26
linux-xp x509 ipsec connection
hi, I can''t get a freeswan 2.02 ipsec x509 connection at work can somebody help me? ************************************************************************************* global situation ************************************************************************************* the linux gateway (chivas) is a single machine with a local net, a dyn IP via a
2006 May 17
QueryParser lowercase / uppercase and stemming
Hello. There are several problems I couldn''t find a solution. 1. QueryParser does not perform stemming I am working with PHP5 and use the xapian wrapper written by Daniel Ménard I build a query using parseQuery. Output of the parsed query shows that terms are not stemmed, although a stemmer is set ( see code snippet) # create a XapianDatabase object to search in $db = new